eugene flash thompson

why does no one talk about flash thompson?

you all know him as school yard bully to peter parker.

but what about the abused child?

how about friend to peter parker?

or the soldier who lost his legs?

the drunk going nowhere?

and the hero who emerged?

and what about the mother fucking guardian of the galaxy?

and we can’t forget, the founder of the spider-man fan club

Flash Thompson: bully or just jealous

One thing I always wondered was why does Flash hate Peter so much? Some they say he’s a popular kid who picks on less popular weaker kids but is it really that? Was he a rich kid with parental abuse? Does he want Peter to be more like him? In the early 60s, him and his friends invited Peter sometimes to events while still mocking him. Does he known that peters parents were involved in conspiracy and were considered traitors to the United States(for some time). Is that why he takes the anger out on him? Please tell me why he picked on Peter when he clearly wasn’t a problem for him nor was he getting less attention because of Peter.

There have been three potential explanations presented.

Web of Spider-Man #11

Amazing Spider-Man #372

Spectacular Spider-Man #-1

First of all Flash being on Carol’s side is dumb because he’s only on that side because Peter is on her side and Peter being on her side is dumb.

Second of all how charming for Bendis to insult people who are criticing Miles by making Flash their mouthpiece…even though yes actually a lot of aspects of Miles character are problematic for him being Spider-Man…such as his massive pivotal plot point involvement in a crossover event comic which fundamentally changes the Marvel Universe.

Thirdly another one of those criticisms is the over use of the Venom Blast power…which Bendis is proving right here.

Was He Hot? Very. (Peter Parker/Spider-Man Imagine)

Aunt May is more like the Civil War Aunt May, but Peter can be whichever actor you prefer. 


I hope you enjoy!!

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There was a crowd gathering in a circle and you pushed through to see what the commotion was. But what did you expect? Eugene “Flash” Thompson was, yet again, tormenting that kid, whom was coincidentally your neighbor, Peter Parker. You rolled your eyes. Bullying was so stupid. 

“Eugene!” You shouted through the endless cheering from the crowd. “Eugene!” You yelled out a tad bit louder. He pulled back his kick from Peter and gave you a look. “Did you do your homework last night? The last time you came to me for tutorials, I was greatly disappointed.” He began to babble an excuse but you just tilted your head at him, “How about we get to class? Yeah? How about it?” He rolled his eyes and muttered a whatever before hobbling away. 

You began to follow, blending away into the crowds of kids. Your friends swarmed around you, quietly praising you for stopping Flash, but you turned around to look at Peter who was curled up into a ball, reaching for his camera. As much as you wanted to turn around and help him, your friends kept you in the middle of their group, disabling you from leaving. 

When you got home, you noticed that Peter’s Aunt May was going inside their apartment. “You’re Peter’s aunt right?” You asked, your key inside your door already. She turned and looked at you then nodded. “Oh, um… Peter got beat up at school today. I just thought that maybe you should know.” 

“Did Peter get some good hits in?” She asked with a smile but in her eyes you saw the worry. You nodded. “That’s my kid.” 

As the sunset, you got ready for bed. You were putting on your pajama shirt when you heard your window open. You quickly turned and saw a man in red and blue spandex standing next to your window. Your mouth opened up to scream but then web covered the entire bottom half of your face. Your eyes widened as you backed up to the wall, tears of fear brimming in your eyes. 

The man took off his mask and you immediately recognized his face. None other than Peter Parker. “Shhh!” He tried to quiet you, his eyes as wide as yours. “I’m sorry! Wrong window!” Once you calmed, he tried to help you take off the webbing on your face. 

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?!” Your father’s voice asked through the door. 

The webbing came off and you called back. “Don’t come in! I’m changing!” He then asked what’s wrong. “I’m fine, dad! I just…. uh… saw a spider.” 

When you heard your father’s footsteps leave, you gave Peter the death glare. “You’re him!” You whisper shouted. 

“Wrong window.” Peter repeated. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I was so tired. I’ll never do that again.” 

“You’re Spider-man.” You steadily said. “But why do you let Flash beat you up like that?” 

Peter shrugged. “I mean… Just because you have powers doesn’t mean you have to use them for yourself.” You nodded, understanding.

“You save others from harm, but you don’t use it for yourself.” 

“I’ll heal eventually, anyway.” He shrugged. 

After a moment of silence, you gave him a smile. “I know we don’t know each other that well, but… can you like… swing me around the city?” Peter chuckled and put on his mask then offered you a hand. 


When the night ended, you and Peter made a pact that you wouldn’t tell anyone about him being Spider-man and that you would cover for him when needed… In return, he’d help you with school work and the occasional swing around the city. The friendship… or should we say….more than friendship… came naturally as the two of you spent more time together. 

Eventually word got around that you knew Spider-man; people saw him drop you off somewhere before heading off to defend the city. When you and Peter went to school together, people instantly bombarded you with questions. Although you didn’t answer any questions, you did answer one. 

At lunch, a friend rested her head on her hands and asked you, “Was He Hot?” 

You gave Peter a smirk as his cheeks turned bright pink. “Very.” You winked, more so towards Peter than your friend. 


Tony had just wanted to be sure his son protégé wasn’t getting in over his head. He hadn’t expected to find this!


“And how did this even happen! Happy, you’re supposed to be watching the kid!”

“Hey, I told the kid to stay away when he first ran into Deadpool. He never brought him up again so I figured he’d actually listened for once.”

“The kid never listens!”

“Are we still just going along with the kid not being Tony’s?”


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“With great power… comes great responsibility.”

[ spiderman fancast ]requested by anonymous

john kim as peter parker/spiderman | cierra ramirez as mary jane watson

kat graham as gwen stacy | rita moreno as may parker

randall duk kim as ben parker | laurence fishburne as j jonah jameson

gugu mbatha-raw as jessica drew/spiderwoman | arden cho as cindy moon/silk | paola andino as anya corazon/spider-girl

emeraude toubia as felicia hardy/black cat | john boyega as eugene “flash” thompson | major curda as harry osborn/green goblin ii


A gymnasium packed with ecstatic fans raised their wrists to the rafters and unleashed loads of imaginary webs in celebration of Midtown Science High’s (21-5) defeat of arch rival Settlement Prep (23-3) by a score of 59-57, placing them in their first city final since 1987.

In full defiance of zealous administrators, star Midtown player, Eugene “Flash” Thompson, began the Spidey salute that quickly spread to the overjoyed fans. Teachers and coaches have reported students displaying the spider-signal since fall of last year and recently moved to ban the gesture, with one assistant principal claiming, “We will not tolerate such brazen support for wanton, vigilante criminalism.”

Despite the youthful rebellion (or maybe because of it), Flash led his team to victory, netting 26 points with 13 rebounds, including the game-winning three-pointer with five seconds to go.