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Can we just talk about the fact that Eugene Debs was arrested and then decided to run for president from jail and instead of using his name he used his freaking convict number and a million people voted for him.

all the reasons Fitzherbert P.I. ROCKED MY WORLD!!!

  • What is it with eugene and leaning against something while holding an apple??
  • The lil’ arm touch Rapunzel does when she stands next to eugene to look at the painting of robin the 11th!!!
  • ‘hold the pastry’
  • the pAIN IN HIS VOICE WHEN HE SAYS ‘so you guys AGREE with Cassandra??’
  • ‘I am capable of being more than a handsome, devil-may-care rogue. IN FACT, I can be a handsome, devil-may-care anything I want!’
  • *smugly* ‘math’
  • *later, angrily* ‘gah, math!’
  • The fact that eugene goes through every job on the job advertisement board without losing heart I mean what a guy
  • ‘impressive cobblery’ OKAY! So can we talk about the fact that eugene has talent as a cobbler and was only fired because he’d robbed the cobbler in the past…?
  • Eugene terrifying pascal awake from his nap was adorable
  • ‘no one calls me ‘genius’ and gets away with it!’
  • Literally any time eugene demonstrated his skills – cunning, agility, speed, strength, thinking outside the box/thinking on his feet… and my heart leapt <3
  • Acknowledging that he has issues with authority \o/
  • The fact that as soon as he decided to try and be a guard, he went to go and discuss it with Rapunzel! I just love their supportive relationship oh my gosh ;-;
  • The cass/eugene banter in this episode is NEXT LEVEL
  • ‘I was great in school. Easiest three days of my life!’
  • Eugene’s expression when he lines up for guard training???? The lil’ smile and the wide, hopeful eyes…………..…. I need a minute
  • ‘you’ll be sweatin’ tears and crying SWEAT’ oh my god
  • Also the green/grey (??) shirt thing that trainee guards wear? Oh gosh GOLLY does eugene look good in that
  • Just. Shorty. That is all
  • ‘You know, I’ve never said this to another man… but you have handsome teeth’ EUGENE WTF?!!?1 I am in love with this line
  • Eugene doing one-armed push ups while winking *fans self*
  • Cass and max exchanging impressed looks during eugene’s training <3
  • Cass and max getting lowkey annoyed when the captain wasn’t being fair !!!
  • Eugene doing push ups with the BIGGEST GUARD on his BACK *fans self all over again* dat boi strong af
  • Cass getting EVEN MORE ANNOYED when the guards kept playing ‘pranks’ on eugene
  • Arianna being her amazing self as usual
  • Okay but how sad eugene was when he thought he didn’t have a chance of passing the final? Like he REALLY wants to prove that he’s useful and can still DO THINGS and just… I wanna give him a hug in that scene
  • ‘you know, for someone who spent most of his life breaking the rules to get what he wants, you’re having an awful lot of trouble dealing with someone who is breaking the rules to get what he wants’ Cassandra you absolute BABE
  • Max being SUPER HAPPY when eugene sasses the captain
  • The way he dealt with those three guards at the end of the obstacle course??? Indiana jones much??
  • Ohhhh bless those other two trainees celebrating eugene’s success uwu
  • Cassandra actually looking impressed!
  • The height difference between eugene and the captain…. Wow
  • Eugene blowing off his dungeon duties (because ‘math’) so he can go visit Rapunzel ^.^
  • ‘heeyyy blondie, I see you went with the simple choice of . . . beautiful’ (and how happy that made Rapunzel!!)
  • ‘I worked it all out in the old brainium’
  • ‘why don’t you drown your sorrows in a yam’ that part KILLED me
  • ‘who wants to be a guard anyway???’ sour grapes eugene!!!!
  • Shorty just… pulling a fish out of his beard
  • Cass being on eugene’s side and deciding to help him
  • Please give me more of eugene, max and cass busting criminals together bc I loved every second of that
  • The suave af way eugene saved the painting while saying ‘YEAH, baby!’
  • ‘his Italian was TERRIBLE! Subject-verb agreement was way off!’ EUGENE KNOWS ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Honourable Professor Fitzherbert
  • I am so incredibly happy with the fact that he gets to teach ‘thinking like a thief’ to the guards and pass on his knowledge and skills and just!!! Yes!

tl;dr wholesome episode 100/10 have already watched twice

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Do you have a favorite episode as of yet? (including the movie as an episode too, if you like)

I think “The Return of Strongbow” is my favorite is far. It’s got Eugene at his most done, fantastic animation, stellar acting, Lance Strongbow in his entirety, a few sweet little New Dream moments, a hint into Eugene’s past, Eugene and Arianna having an actual conversation, proof of Arianna’s diplomacy, an Arianna x Frederic moment, Rapunzel actually getting genuinely irritated with Cassandra, then later kicking ass…

Plus, the bonus fun fact that @cnotes voiced Percival, the guy who Lance knocked out during the silhouette scene.

Best Napoleonic Facts (Part 2)

- Napoleon had a great smile (I elaborate on this on my previous post)

-’Whatever their social origin, Napoleon addresses all the Marshals as ‘Mon cousin’ (My cousin) in correspondence’ -Direct quote from Napoleon: A Life

-Napoleon was crowned on December 2 but was actually proclaimed Emperor on May 18 a few months prior to the ceremony.

- The story of the Heraldic Insignia and Official Badge of the Empire:

    +So first there was the cockerel recommended, but if not that then the eagle, lion, elephant, Aegis of Minerva, oak tree and ear of corn could also be an option. And somebody even recommended the ‘fleur-de-lis’ which was the Bourbon symbol.

   +Then the decided that the ‘flour-de’lis’ was ‘an imbecility’ and Napoleon was like ‘Cocks are farm animals ew get it away from me’. Then the Bee appeared caused they had a ‘powerful chief’ (The Queen Bee) and somebody said that they ‘could both sting and make honey’ which of course was useful.

  + Then they considered the eagle but Austria, Prussia, the U.S., and Poland already had the eagle(Mexico did not have their present flag yet), so they didn’t want to seem like they were comping another country.

  +So Napoleon chose the lion at first but then changed it to an eagle with spread wings so basically everybody loved eagles.

   +And then Napoleon chose the Bee as his personal family emblem, and basically put it everywhere (clothes, thrones, coats of arms, curtains, carpets, etc) 

-Napoleon thought 35 was old.

-Napoleon adored and doted on his step children, Hortense and Eugene. They loved him just as strongly.

-Napoleon had two crowns during the ceremony and didn’t actually crown himself with the Charlemagne crown replica (He just held it over his head for a few moments) because he was already wearing the Caesar crown replica.

-Laure d’Abrantes (Lady in waiting) said that during the coronation “The length of the ceremony seemed to weary him, and I saw him several times check a yawn.”

-Napoleon proclaimed Judaism one of French’s three official religions, saying “I want all the people living in France to be equal citizens and benefit from our laws”, but then he later supported laws that restricted Jews a bit.

-He cheated at cards and board games, he simply could not bear not winning.

Hints that Hitler’s playing Eugene (hints besides the fact he’s Hitler, I mean.)

All right. Remember the Saint of Killer’s Hell? One of the mechanics of his Hell’s replay was that the Saint - to some degree - was able to control his actions from repeat to repeat. (He says slightly different things, grabs things in a different order, etc.) 

That said, even though the Saint had minute control over his own actions, he had no control over the actions of others - he was caught in a memory, it wouldn’t be Hell if he could change it. This allows us to infer the following:

Individuals in Hell aren’t allowed to change the heart of was they say or do - but they can change the manner in which they say and do it. 

This established, let’s review some of the weird moments from Hitler’s Hell.

The interaction with the Jewish man - A Jewish man bumps into Hitler’s chair, and apologizes. Afterwards, intense music plays while Hitler glares at him hatefully. What if, in the original Hell memory, Hitler denounces the man - and fills up what we see as an awkward silence with more explicit hatred? 

Hitler’s mild reaction to Elsa condemning communists - Elsa says the communists are scum, and should be exiled. Hitler responds to this uncomfortably, and it seems to the audience (and Eugene) that Hitler is only agreeing with Elsa to be polite. What if - in the original memory - Hitler says exactly what he says here (“The communists are vermin, they will get what they deserve”) but with sincerity and frightening hostility? 

Well, we will certainly have to see. It was a nauseatingly “sweet” portrayal of Hitler, otherwise - and we know that our writers have dropped hints about Hell this early before.

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You think the writers are writing Rapunzel and Eugene relationship flawlessly? Because they seem to get along well without any conflict, which seems almost unrealistic

There’s been a little conflict so far. Not very big, yet, but Eugene gently steering Rapunzel by calling her out on her faults.

I think deeper conflict is coming, though. I feel like there will be a real argument at some point. My biggest hang up here is thinking that… I know, for a fact, that Eugene is going to propose at least twice more before she says yes, and I feel like he’ll only be able to be patient so long. When she says no again, he’s bound to get frustrated. I mean, if you were the poor orphan boy who never got adopted, wouldn’t a continued ‘I won’t marry you yet’ feel like rejection? I feel like he’ll wonder if he’s not good enough for her, or worse, if she feels like he’s not good enough.

It think it’s been smooth sailing… so far. But as I’ve said so many times before, romance is not actually the focus of this story. It’s a facet, but not the main drive. So focusing primarily on relationship troubles would make it feel like… so many other shows out there. Especially ones where that wasn’t the point at first, then it becomes the point, and the whole thing loses its way, lost in relationship drama.

So no, I don’t think the current portrayal is flawless, but I think they have a very healthy relationship and that more is coming.

Season 5 Episode 18b - Eugene, Eugene!

This was a fun one, and I’m kinda sad I haven’t watched it until now! Lila’s been pretty direct with Arnold about how she feels about him throughout the series, so I could definitely see this conversation happening somewhere during the production of the play, if it took place sometime after Timberly Loves Arnold. And the fact that Eugene’s plan actually worked and he integrated his clumsiness so well into the part…well, it was just a great episode.

Also, Rhonda was trying out for the play:

Husband brought up some good possible foreshadowing that might point to Eugene’s true intentions for having joined the Saviors. I wouldn’t have noticed this because I’m not a huge gamer, but he is. 

So, Yar’s Revenge, the Atari game Eugene plays all throughout the fate-sealing 7x11 Hostiles and Calamities. This game gets featured again and again very centrally in this episode and I don’t think that’s an accident. Eugene explains primarily what this game is about, but what isn’t directly spelled out is how the game is played. Basically, the Yar has to whittle down the barriers of the Quotile to make them vulnerable to attack. Odd, how it might very well be argued that Eugene could be doing the very same thing to the Saviors/Negan.

And, of course, the telling ‘Revenge’ angle of the motif game. Eugene gives Negan some very murderous looks throughout the episode and the fact that we revisit some central moments in his and Abraham’s friendship (’pump your breaks, red’ as repeated to Frankie, the suggestion of pouring molten metal over the walkers as per that walker that attacked him that Abraham ultimately had to save him from) seems to me all very intentional subtext to the fact that Eugene is not truly Negan. 

But I think that’s more out of loyalty to and a need to avenge Abraham than it is to the Alexandrian group, if I’m honest. 

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Mm i think the reason the fandom kind of villanizes Aurora is that she put the responsability of taking care of O on Bellamy's shoulders (like its obvious she raised them both but she did tell a 6 year old here is your sister she is your responsability) and doing that to a child is shitty. The thing is the show doesnt blame Aurora for doing that and the fandom does (cause we are trash for bellamy blake lets be honest) so thats that. Maybe im wrong and im sorry for any mistakes i speak spanish:)

I get what you’re saying (your english is fine,) not everyone is looking at Aurora and going “kill the poor! eugenics ftw!”  In fact, maybe no one is doing that. Frankly because they are diving into their black and white thinking, uncritically, without any thought about the ramifications of what they are saying. 

Here’s a problem with stan/anti culture. 

It leads people to uncritically accept black and white thinking, and not question the faves, personalities, and opinions that they’ve decided are what they like. It simplifies every situation. Villanizes anyone who is critical or negative towards their faves. Keeps everything in terms of good and evil. In many stories we see on tv, that’s fine, because they are telling a story of good and evil and there are clear heroes and villains.

In this story, and in real life, this is NOT a good way to think. It doesn’t accurately tell the whole story and it leads to bias, tribalism, inaccurate interpretations of the source material, antagonism, ship wars, false attacks.

Bellamy is their favorite. Aurora gave him an unfair responsibility, which even YOU admit did not mean Aurora wasn’t raising Octavia, and because Bellamy is their cinnamon roll who can do no wrong and deserves better, they target Aurora as the person who has harmed him and turn her into a villain. Against the narrative. Against Bellamy’s canon statements. And in a way that, well, heck people, is anti choice, anti woman, anti poor people, and freaking EUGENICS. 

And people still stand in their Bellamy-stan position, thinking this makes them righteous (watch as they bring social justice into it to defend their interpretation) while completely ignoring where their interpretation comes from and where their interpretation leads. 

All because Aurora was mean to Bellamy. Which she wasn’t, by the way. This was their life and it was oppressive, horrifying, toxic and frightening. They lived in a war zone where they could be floated at any moment, rife with deprivation and inequity, and that was before Octavia. 

So yes. Octavia’s birth made everything harder for Bellamy. Ended up killing Aurora and forced Octavia to live in a cage for 16 years. But what is the worth of a life? And when is it more important for a person to choose something hopeful and full of love, like a child, THE FUTURE, rather than make life easier?

But instead, fandom decides one character should have died to make things better for another. Fandom decides who deserves to live and who should never have been born. And which life was more important. And who the chosen ones are. And which character was evil for not following the rules and taking risky chances and protecting something she believed was precious, even if it was dangerous 

I think if we at all paid attention to Aurora, we would find a lot of resonant themes that carry through the whole show, and might actually be the point of the story. She created two of the main heroes. They continue what she taught them. 

If Aurora hadn’t told Bellamy that Octavia was his responsibility, it’s quite likely all the sky people would have been long dead. A long time ago. Like, the delinquents all killed by Trikru, and The Ark a lifeless husk filled with dead bodies. 

End of story. 

I’d actually like to add to that. Because in addition to Aurora’s part in this tale, the other mother is also the reason why any of them are still alive. Abby Griffin is the one who got them to send the delinquents to the earth. She saved her daughter from floating and discovered the earth was inhabitable. And at this point, without Clarke and Bellamy, specifically, all of humanity would now be burned to a crisp. 

Two mothers on this show who enabled our heroes to save humanity. And yet, it is precisely those two mothers who are often the target of fandom hate, and reduced to abusers, annoyances, villains. 

This show is NOT anti-mother. It portrays both of those women as heroes. The fandom does not.  Sorry kids, your anti-mother biases are showing. Read the fanfic. That shows the fandom attitudes. You say it’s because Aurora made Bellamy grow up too fast… as if that would have happened if the society they lived in wasn’t an actual dystopian nightmare. 

But no, it’s because Bellamy deserved better. So we blame his mother. 

 Check your biases. 

Real talk

If you are a science fiction writer and you are writing a story taking place in the future, please try to show Autistics still alive then. They don’t even need to be the leads, at this point just have a character reading the news and a minor headline mentions like an Autistic basketball player. Something minor. But something there.

Cuz when I read say Star Trek, and there are no Autistics in the supposedly utopian future, I get scared. Scared that the future has no place for me, that we get wiped out. To use that example, Star Trek has an event in the backstory called the Eugenics War, the fact that no Autistics seem to be around after that makes me feel small and helpless. And like so many future stories have us just not there, and that silence, especially in transhuman stories, is horrifying.

And I remember reading a science fiction book where a character had implants that caused “combat autism” like as a buff, and then I feel like neurotypicals view me as at best a tool to be extracted and exploited, but not preserved. Or maybe just as gimmicks.

So please, if you write for the future, please don’t kill us, even passively. I want my hopeful space stories to have me in them. And I know I am babbling, and I’m sorry this makes no sense, I just really don’t want to feel like the future holds a successful purge. I’d rather die.

[ Do you ever stop and think about the fact that Eugene Fizherbert  L I T E R A L L Y  D I E D  for Rapunzel’s freedom? Like not even to save her life, he died so she’d have a chance to be free and happy. And now Frederic is keeping her in Corona and Eugene is probably like ?!?!?!?! I DID NOT DIE FOR THIS?!?! bc i just thought of this and now i’m hella sad ]

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I will always have a very deep respect for Both the original movie and the series My nephew is in love with Eugene In fact he sleeps with the tangled the series Eugene plush every night and has to watch the original movie at least 20 times a day 😅😂 We also have to sing "I got a dream" ( which he calls "I got a drweam) with him to get him to go to bed at night. He was born with complications and honestly has gone through more than I've been in my lifetime But tangled brings joy to him

That is the most precious and amazing thing! ♥

When my niece was two, she had a little girl crush on Eugene. We’d quiz her on Disney characters by showing her toys and asking who that was, and I’d pull out the (old) Eugene plushy and ask her who that was, and all her bravado would flee, and she’d say in a tiny little shy voice, “Flynn…”

She loved him so much that I had to get her her own plushy because she wanted to keep mine!

i kind of wish that every single white disabled person who pulls out eugenics as a Thing that happened to disabled ppl

would clarify that eugenics is not something that just happened to ‘disabled’ ppl

(and of course you can tell based on the time period that they really only care about eugenics when it impacts other white disabled ppl).

like. i’m sorry. but eugenics started out as an ideology about racial purity and race degeneracy. white disabled ppl were considered undesirable bc they were, in part, seen as a sign that the race was degenerating.

as in white disabled ppl were a sign that white people could become as lowly as people of colour, if drastic effort wasn’t taken to ensure the race stayed pure. they were targets bc abled white ppl didn’t want to see their race degenerate to the same level as poc.

more to the point: eugenics is still happening and targeting (predominantly woc).

but also in terms of history if all you point out is how (white) disabled ppl were impacted by eugenics in the 1980s or some other recent time, again you’re signaling your ignorance about eugenics and the fact that you don’t care the decades of eugenics that poc had experienced up to and including that point in time.

in conclusion: you cannot (and should never) discuss eugenics without also talking about race. eugenics is and always has been primarily a tool of white supremacy. the ableism involved in it cannot coherently be separated from this.