Deception: A Frozen Story: Chapter 22

Here’s chapter 22! Enjoy :-)

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Summary: Set a few months after the events of Frozen Fever, Prince Henrik Westergard, older brother of Hans Westergard comes to Arendelle to negotiate peace between the two kingdoms. At the same time, Kristoff Bjorgman, Arendelle’s Ice Master, prepares for his last ice harvesting trip before the colder months begin. Henrik’s presence in Arendelle then sets off a chain reaction of events that could change the lives of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and their friends forever.

Word Count: 2314

Rating: M (overall for violence and language)

Sven followed Kristoff all the way to the ship, grunting questionably the whole way.

“We’re gonna go see somebody, Sven.” Kristoff had told the reindeer, “Just come on.” Sven obeyed, even though the look in Kristoff’s eyes was not a pleasant one.

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