eugen tong

The most stylish Asian men in fashion. From L-R: Daisuke Ueda, Noma Han, Eugene Tong, Danyl Geneciran, Tae Hwan Kim, Hyeong Seop Park, Paolo Roldan, Kim Won Jung, Sang Woo Kim, Sung Jin Park, Do Jin Kim, Dao Yi Chao, Young Jung Koo.


Eugene Tong is Details Magazine’s style director. The restrained palette of his clothes reveals discipline and maturity I wish I had. There are apparently ways to make black, grey, navy and khaki look dynamic. I’ll look at my basics with fresh eyes now.  

His wrinkles and crow’s feet though make me glad I moisturise and stay away from the sun.

But yes, it’s so refreshing that he’s not one of those #menswear-loving fashion editors. Suits, brogues and bowties – à la Nick Wooster – are hilariously passé.