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My Name is Song Kyung Il, written with the Chinese characters for “happy occasion” and “one.” It really is the character for “one.” It was originally supposed to be the character for “day,” but when my father was registering me, he suddenly thought of “one” but not “day” and wrote that instead. So my name was supposed to mean “a day of happy occasion” but now it means “a happy occasion that only occurs once.” I guess that one time will be HISTORY’s success?

Born on November 28, 1987, I’m HISTORY’s oldest member and the leader. Jae Ho praises me, saying, “Kyung Il hyung’s leadership is good. He has a lot of experience with his age, and there’s a lot to learn from him. He’s hard on himself, but he hides that and leads us. He has a warm heart.”

Our show called “ToryToryBangBang” was actually pretty cringe-worthy. It was like we were forced to act unlike ourselves. The reality program we filmed called “HISTORY’s Panda Plan” exposed my marine boy side, so that’s good enough for me.

(Yi Jeong’s tattle-tale time) Kyung Il hyung is so shameless. When he’s monitoring himself, he actually asks us, “Wow, aren’t I sexy?” When he’s parting his hair, he’ll ask, “Is it better if I part it like this? Or not?” If we say, “Anything’s fine,” he’ll even say, “You’re right, when is anything ever weird for me“!

(Kyung Il’s excuse) I said I was sexy once when I was monitoring myself practicing…Ah, actually, after I shower and look at myself in the mirror, I’m the best.

The two sub-vocals (Song Kyung Il and Kim Jae Ho) always secretly talk. Like how we’re good enough to be main vocals too. (Laughs) I learn a lot from the main vocals (Na Do Kyun and Jang Yi Jeong) since they sing so well. I’m always improving with practice.

I started my survival from ten people. HISTORY was made with five members. Before that, I didn’t really have malice toward anyone. When I was with the members, I thought that I’d have to do really well. This year we frantically released three albums. I have to hang in there and keep going.

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