Swan in the Curse Part One

There are things about demons that never make it to the stories. Like the fact that there are demons who are good and kind and try to help when they can; these demons do not have the strange colored hair and eyes of that other more vengeful kind—they look like ordinary people and they love as ordinary people do.

Kasamatsu Yukio is one such good kind of demon.

Kise Ryouta is the other kind.


They should never have met, not ordinarily. For as everyone knows, the other kind of demon is stronger and more powerful and often without mercy. The eudemons keep their heads down and try not to draw the attention of their more powerful brethren, for those demons have no kindness in their hearts and are quick to rage.

And demons, by their nature, are territorial. They keep to their forests and rarely venture out unless it is to create some mischief on the nearby human villages. Kasamatsu keeps to his woods near the sea and does not expect any trouble. He and his brothers make up a small clan and if they do venture out it is to help and to guide any lost human who might need aid.

When Kise Ryouta comes to their woods he is like a hurricane; sudden and forceful and a harbinger for terrible things.


He says, “This place looks nice, I think I will make it my own. All of you must leave now, or I will destroy you.”

And Kasamatsu’s brothers all look at each other, cowed and nervous and ready to flee, because if this yellow-haired, yellow-eyed demon is giving them the chance to go, then they should go and pray he does not change his mind.

In the span of three seconds, Kasamatsu makes a decision. It is reckless and dangerous but he does not regret it. With a flying leap he kicks the yellow-haired demon in the back, knocking him to the ground, and says, “Show some respect.”


Respect?” the yellow-haired demon repeats incredulous from his position on the ground. The blow is not wounding; Kasamatsu is sure that he could not have actually injured the other demon. If the yellow demon remains on the ground it is only because he is too surprised to move. “In what way are you worthy of my respect? I am stronger than you a thousand times over; I could kill all six of you without ever breaking a sweat. I am stronger and better and more noble than you in every way imaginable, who are you to demand respect from me?

“I am Kasamatsu Yukio,” the eudemon declares, “And this is my land, and this is the land of my brothers before me. We have lived here and built a home here and served the land. If you wish to claim this place as your home then you must give us the respect we are owed for caring for this land so much longer than you.”

He will battle; he will lose, but he will battle all the same. Because this is his home, and no one will chase him from his home.

Something unreadable flashes in the yellow demon’s eyes. “Brothers? You have no brothers. Demons do not have families.”

“We are tied not by blood but by the land and the sea that we share,” Kasamatsu insists stubbornly. “These are my brothers. If you wish to live here, then I will call you brother, but you will respect me and you will respect our home.”

Demons are territorial, and they do often live in clans, and if this yellow-eyed demon does not have a forest of his own or others he calls comrades, then it is because something terrible must have happened. If he is looking for a new place, it is because he lost his own.

Kasamatsu is not sure why the demon changed his mind; perhaps it was only a whim. But the yellow-haired demon says, “Alright, Brother. I will obey your rules for now and live in your land. I am Kise Ryouta.”

He says the name like he expects Kasamatsu to recognize it, and Kasamatsu does. He is one of the most powerful demons in all the lands, and Kasamatsu has just kicked him to the ground.

But he refuses to be impressed.

“Stay then, but behave. I can’t stand undisciplined brats.”


A/N: It begins!!! I FINALLY figured out how I wanted to approach the KiKasa fairy tale AU. Anon-friends and friends who gave me these prompts or messaged me a million years ago; thank you so much for your suggestions. I really thought about them very carefully but nothing really inspired me the way that the previous stories had all fallen into place together. “The Six Swans” is one of my very favorite fairy tales so I selfishly wanted to use it, and I’m really excited by how I’ve decided to approach it, so I hope you enjoy!

◤Ultimate SebaCiel FanFiction Post◢

⊰So I decided to make a summary of the best kuroshitsuji /sebaciel/ fanfictions I have read so far. Obviously this is just my opinion and you may not agree. I just thought that such a list would be kind of helpful or cool? (considering that a lot of people asked me about good ffs) So I did this and of course I share it with my dear followers :) If you have some more go ahead and tell me!⊱

 [italic= not complete]

less than 5.000 words

Stormwing | Carry On Dancing | Demon’s Eyes: becoming the best of butlers |  Ribbon | Four Ways to Spell I Love You | Unending | Surrender | His DevotionIn the arms of the devilThat Butler: Vain Hope | Playing With Your FoodUnsisting |

5.000 - 10.000 words

Opium Chrysalis | Dinner, Dancing And Zombies | No restrictions  | Desire | Birthday Wishes of the Rich and Famous | Savior | Urban nightmares | His Butler, Intoxicated | Mirror,Mirror | Dress meThat Butler, Sick |

10.000 - 30.000 words

Heart of the Curse | Eye of the beholderSweets | His Butler |  Lust in the Air | As you wishConfessional | Demon of the Mediterranean |

more than 30.000 words

Funtom of the Opera | Bitten | Letters of goodbye | Caym | The Reaper´s Bookshop | Mending ties in paris | Classroom fantasies | Eudemon Everlasting | Immortal | Black Tokyo | How many miles to babylon? |

more than  50. 000 words

Sickly Sweet | Of Gods and Monsters Sugary condoms | What May Come | Mark of the beastRobin and Tutor | The secret nameA Magnificent Depravity | La petit mort | Diamond in the RoughPomme des Luxure | Pet Shop | The thief | Behind the barbed wire fence | a lingering sin |

more than 100.000 words

Falling in the Rain | Seeing in the Dark | Relapse | When the lights go down | Simply meant to be | Crescendo |

more than 200.000 words

Inertia creeps | a slow and steady seduction | As a rule | Revelations | The devil´s canvas |

anonymous asked:

do you know any good sebaciel fanfics?

do i?

Originally posted by pixotri

i’ll start with some great ones i have read idk it won’t let me link them into words all well


Long Works:

Devilish Impulses 

by KittyGetsLoose: (probably my favorite)

The Devil’s Canvas 

by Akiruchan, DisgruntledMinion (AU)

A Rose By Any Other Name

by PotatoButt

A Slow and Steady Seduction

by AnimeCujo (AU)


by AnimeCujo (AU)


by BlackRoseEden (AU)

Inertia Creeps

by Cennis (AU) (the sebaciel in this isn’t very strong, just to warn you)

The Body Shoppe

by robovacation (AU)

Simply Meant to Be

by BlackRoseEden (AU)

Popular 1-6 Chapter Explicit Works:


by: Silverwing26, soulless_lover

Seek Me

by: Silverwing26

Wash me Filthy

by: Silverwing26

Sink or Swim

by: Silverwing26

Persona non grata

by: Silverwing26, soulless_lover

and now for an actual masterpost; 

all credit to petitmaitre-et-soncorbeau for compiling this list!!!!

[italic= not complete]

less than 5.000 words

Stormwing | Carry On Dancing | Demon’s Eyes: becoming the best of butlers |  Ribbon | Four Ways to Spell I Love You | Unending |Surrender | His Devotion | In the arms of the devil | That Butler: Vain Hope | Playing With Your Food | Unsisting |

5.000 - 10.000 words

Opium | Chrysalis | Dinner, Dancing And Zombies | No restrictions  | Desire | Birthday Wishes of the Rich and Famous | Savior | Urban nightmares | His Butler, Intoxicated | Mirror,Mirror | Dress me| That Butler, Sick |

10.000 - 30.000 words

Heart of the Curse | Eye of the beholder| Sweets | His Butler |  Lust in the Air | As you wish | Confessional | Demon of the Mediterranean |

more than 30.000 words

Funtom of the Opera | Bitten | Letters of goodbye | Caym | The Reaper´s Bookshop | Mending ties in paris | Classroom fantasies | Eudemon Everlasting | Immortal | Black Tokyo | How many miles to babylon? |

more than  50. 000 words

Sickly Sweet | Of Gods and Monsters | Sugary condoms | What May Come | Mark of the beast| Robin and Tutor | The secret name | A Magnificent Depravity | La petit mort | Diamond in the Rough | Pomme des Luxure | Pet Shop | The thief | Behind the barbed wire fence| a lingering sin |

more than 100.000 words

Falling in the Rain | Seeing in the Dark | Relapse | When the lights go down | Simply meant to be | Crescendo |

more than 200.000 words

Inertia creeps | a slow and steady seduction |As a rule | Revelations | The devil´s canvas |