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Trademark Transfer of Names

On 15 May 2017, representatives for 1D Media Limited petitioned the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) to transfer the trademarks of the names Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan to each of them as individuals. The petition was granted on 23 May 2017.

Additionally, they each added two new trademarks under their names for recording and writing related business. The new trademarks were also registered in the UK, and as far as I can tell, the EU Trademark application releasing the names to the individuals is also relevant to the UK.

One Direction as a trademark remains under the ownership of 1D Media Limited and that company remains under the ownership of Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam.

The name Zayn Malik was not released to him as an individual. I assume it is because his attorney needs to file the paperwork, whereas the other four had the same representation to file on their behalf as 1D and as individuals.

As previously noted, in the US you can not trademark a person’s name, so there were no petitions filed in the US.

Thank you to @redorangeandwhite for the heads up about the trademarks.

Code: Realize: Afternoon Tea Time 

There is nothing like taking some time to relax with friends & family during some Afternoon Tea, and what better way than to spend it with the bachelors from Code:Realize, right? This illustration was featured in B’s-Log to promote the upcoming port to & release of both Code:Realize ~Princess of Genesis~ and ~Future Blessings~ on the PS4, with the release date for Japan on the illustration itself, followed by a NA/EU release in 2018.

And while Lupin is running away with the one chocolate-chip cookie on this illustration, I am seriously jealous of Impey’s mad cake cup decorating skills. Just check out the details on those trays, and not to mention the beautiful rose-shaped merengues (?) each featuring the signature color for each bachelor. If you zoom in on Vans’ newspaper, you’ll notice:

- The headline “a rainbow-colored bouquet releases!” which is translation of the PS4 game’s name.
- This is also the reason for the rose-colored merengues.
- The newspaper uses background illustrations from the games.
- Newspaper title: “The Royal Society of London”.
- “God Save the Queen” for obvious reasons…is written on the right side next to Queen Victoria’s logo.

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Calling All Danganronpa Artists!

To celebrate the release of New Danganronpa V3 in the west, I’m hosting a big collab! A meme collab that is. If you’re familiar with the animation meme community, you might be familiar with the Trypophobia meme (don’t worry it doesn’t have actual trypophobia triggering things unless someone who did it actually did but that’s besides the point). This particular one would be inspired by LadyTeelia’s version, in which it cycles through the characters. So, here are the rules!

·         This is not first come, first serve. If you apply I’ll peek through your art to see if you can get a part. However, I won’t be too picky and I don’t bite so please don’t be afraid to ask!

·         One artist per number! 34 and 35 are the only exceptions due to having two characters instead of one.

·         Make sure you can get it done on time!

·         Digital art only (sorry traditional artists! ;A; )

·         Canvas must be 1920 x 1080 (1080p on youtube)

·         Image must be transparent! I can’t stress this enough!

·         Have a Discord! (so I can add you to the server)

·         Have fun, naturally!

Due date is September 23rd (extension due date is September 26th (US release)) and the meme will be released on September 29th (EU release). The list of characters are located below. A * means they’ve been taken, so please make sure you check the op to see if the list updated! If interested, shoot me a message (not an ask or submit please) with the following application:



Character desired:

Example of your art (i.e. art tag, blog, twitter, etc):

Additional Comments:

And that should be about it! Signal boost this if you can and let’s make this collab a great one!

Characters Available:

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anonymous asked:

Looking at reylo from an unbiased perspective(I choose not to ship anything SW, I trust writers with what they give me) there's alot of evidence to suggest it will happen eventually. I say this as a longtime SW fan. The people against it need to open their minds a bit &consider that these films build things up for twists and turns. Assumptions without looking deeper into things will leave people disappointed (1/2)

First, thanks for your messages! I really appreciate the sentiment! Being a Reylo is dangerous territory, and I’ve only JUST started talking about it online despite being interested in the dynamic since Dec., 2015.

Yeah, I agree with you - but then again I’m a dirty, filthy REYLO, so what do I know…. riiiiight?

Joking aside, I think people get heated because these stories are so personal. I, too, have been a lifelong fan (since before I could remember), and they are near and dear to my heart - as they are for many.

When we form attachments to characters, we take the readings that we and others make very personally.

One big thing that I can’t stress enough is that my interest in Kylo Ren and his role in the saga is INFORMED BY the subtext and text/visual cues/history of the franchise and my opinions on the trajectory of the overall narrative are based on my understanding of those things.

Many people accuse Reylos of just wanting to project our own desires for the characters into the story but - for me at least - it’s the opposite. I saw this strange dynamic happening on screen, analyzed what was going on based on subtext, literary devices, and knowledge of the franchise and because of those observations found Kylo Ren to be an interesting character.

I am NOT a villain person, normally. I don’t gravitate to characters like Vader, Palpatine, Maul, etc. I never have put a Star Wars villain at the top of my list of favorite characters.

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IS LUKE. If that doesn’t tell you how I normally am drawn to certain characters, I don’t know what will. I am a sucker for the soft-hearted, awkward duck who has transformed by the end of it for the better.

Which is why I like Kylo Ren. Because - from what the film makers are giving us - you can certainly read a likely trajectory of redemption. I’ve said it time and time again, and there are posts that articulate this better with evidence - but I believe Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is in an inverted/reverse Anakin plot line.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong in TLJ, but… the promotional materials lead me to believe otherwise.

As for the Reylo dynamic itself - it is exactly the same. My interest in it lies within the information GIVEN TO us, not my own projections of fantasy. I BECAME interested in Reylo BASED on my interest in story writing and story telling. I didn’t invent what’s being presented in the story, and the changes in the SW databank, other EU canon materials released after the film, and recent promotional materials are all supporting what many Kylo Ren Redemption fans and Reylos are saying.

So… we are just using the evidence given to us, people! Don’t hate the messenger - we are simply telling you what we see given to us by the creators!

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"Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, it humbles my heart, for You are everywhere." (Also the 'making of' book is gorgeous. A++, would recommend)

I have a slight urge to tattoo this quote on my body. (Ahh, I pre-ordered it months ago but they keep on shifting the EU release date, hopefully it’ll be here in a few weeks.)

I keep getting variants of this ask so I’ll just make a nice, clean list of all my issues with Nintendo of America to direct people back to.

They’re not very interested in localization.

NoA has never been especially interested in localization. Whether this fact is due to the make-up of the Treehouse (they seemingly have very few actual translators, which is why they have to hire out help for text-heavy projects like Fire Emblem) or is corporate culture that comes down from above I don’t know. Chris Pranger’s attitude during his podcast appearance last August kind of cemented the fact, but you could always tell just looking at how many more games were localized by Nintendo of Europe. They’ve always localized more games than NoA but during the latter half of the Wii generation the number ballooned extensively. The Treehouse is a localization department that doesn’t seem to actually want to localize games, so of course someone like me who wants more games to be available has issues with them.

I hate to bring up Sony because I can already FEEL people getting ready to write me nasty asks for doing so, but Sony understands that even if a game is only a slight success, diversifying your platform’s library leads to a healthier platform and more loyal customers. Sony helped get Yakuza 5, Yakuza and Tales of Hearts R over to the west, and the first and last of those games are on dead or legacy platforms. But they did it anyway because your non-mainstream customers are also likely to be your most fervent supporters who talk nicely about you. For a company like Nintendo which has flat-out called their frothing fans ‘Brand Ambassadors’ their decisions are very confusing.

They’re not very interested in non-mainstream games.

Did you ever play Hotel Dusk? It was a pretty neat little adventure game on the DS. Fairly good writing, unique art style. It has a decent fanbase, too.

Did you know it had a sequel? A lot of people don’t, because it wasn’t released in the United States. It was however, released in Europe. In English. For whatever reason, Nintendo of America deigned not to simply use NoE’s english localization. This is doubly baffling since Hotel Dusk sold SUBSTANTIALLY better in the United States than it did in Europe. It was sure to make significantly more than the relatively low cost of printing and shipping copies of the game, but Nintendo of America still passed, presumably because it wasn’t mainstream enough for them. Is that really the reason? I don’t know, but there’s definitely a pattern to be found in the decisions NoA and the Treehouse make in passing on games NoE localizes into english. Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland, Daigasso Band Brothers and Disaster: Day of Crisis were all similarly passed on. Disaster: Day of Crisis even voice work done on NoA’s dime, and they still passed on it.

It’s extremely embarrassing when two second-party games localized by Nintendo of Europe (Last Story and Pandora’s Tower) have to be published in the west by XSEED solely because NoA has their fingers in their ears going LA LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA.

But most famously was Nintendo of America’s adamant, stone-like refusal to let anyone play Xenoblade.

Xenoblade. Just Xenoblade.

Xenoblade came out in Japan and was moderately successful. Then NoE announced they were localizing it. The whole time, NoA refused to say they were bringing it to North America. It released in Europe. They continued to say this. It really looked like they were going to completely ignore the (larger than normal) group of people who wanted to play this ALREADY IN ENGLISH WITH FULL ENGLISH VOICEWORK game. But finally they said 'yeah okay, sure’ and agreed to release the EU versions with absolutely no changes whatsoever (which is good, for reasons I’ll get to later.).

Then they cheaped out. NoA was so cheap they didn’t want to pay to have the game printed and shipped. So they gave it to Gamestop. Gamestop pays for production and shipping of the disks and gets sole distribution rights in North America for Xenoblade Chronicles. And then the game sold more on Day One in North America than it did lifetime in Japan, so despite all their whining and moaning and refusal to spend a bent nickle on the game, it was a success immediately. Except it wasn’t nearly as big a success as it could have been, because the game immediately became rarer than hen’s teeth because surprise, Gamestop is composed of scumbags!

After the initial launch print-run, Gamestop using Xenoblade to dishonestly bilk money out of people who wanted to play it. They 'found’ boxes of 'used’ copies they priced at 80 USD, 30 dollars above MSRP due to the game’s demand and supposed rarity (despite them being in charge of how many copies there were!) And this isn’t a conspiracy theory, they were caught. First-Run copies of Xenoblade use the original Wii DVD Case. After the WiiU’s launch, Wii games came in similar cases, but that had a colorless 'Nintendo’ logo above the disk, sticking out of the plastic. All those 'used’ copies had this, indicating they were clearly not 'used’ but rather games Gamestop had printed, opened, and sold for a significant mark-up. They created an artificial scarcity.

And what’s worse is that due to this deal, NoA can’t even release Xenoblade on the WiiU’s virtual console. That’s why it’s available in EU on E-Shop but not NA.

Maybe they just should have had some disks printed themselves.

Generally Sub-Par Localizations

NoA isn’t very good at localizing.

Their localizations get multiple things wrong, they regularly change characters drastically rewriting their dialogue, they add memes. And yeah, people get very hyperbolic over that last point, but it shouldn’t be noticeable enough for anyone to get hyperbolic about in the first place. Did we really need a 'doge’ meme in a game in 2015? C'mon.

But what bothers me more is just how samey their localizations are, and how completely inept they are when it comes to any character that doesn’t have a single defining trait for them to latch on. Play multiple NoA localized games in a row and you’ll see my point on the first one. Everyone talks in a very casual, 'quirky’ manner, regardless of what they spoke like originally and how fitting that tone and candor is. It’s very noticeable and jarring, especially since it’s every single thing they do.

And as for the second point, whenever faced with a character that doesn’t have a single defining characteristic to focus on, NoA is completely lost and has to make one up. The most recent casualty of this is Hisame in FE:Fates, who is obsessed with pickles for some reason now, I guess. 

The Assassination of Fatal Frame 5 By The Coward Nintendo of America

Nintendo of America drowned Fatal Frame 5 in it’s bathtub.

And while there’s no real evidence that it was done deliberately so NoA could point to it as a failure when asked to localize other, future niche titles, it’s very curious that it happened almost immediately after Chris Pranger’s 'screw localization and screw people who ask us for localization!’ rant last august (that he was fired for, but I’m of the opinion he was fired for saying the company’s internal process, rather than being an angry nerd).

Fatal Frame 5 was requested by fans for ages. Then NoA said they’d localize it.

Then they said it’d be digital only. The game is too large to fit even on the deluxe Wii-U model, so to even purchase it you have to have an external HD attached to your WiiU. Something almost no WiiU owners do, and are unlikely to do for a single game.

Unsurprisingly, the game hasn’t sold very well. That’s what happens when you cut out 99.9% of potential customers. The sting is worse considering they deigned to release Devil’s Third, a universally panned title, physically only the next month.

There’s other stuff since, but I’m not really interested in the Fire Emblem Discourse and most of my problems with NoA are significantly larger than what they did to that game.