영국이 EU 탈퇴한 이유 정리해준다.

일단 탈퇴시 생기는 문제점1.무역장벽 다시 생김(EU탈퇴시 FTA도 안해줄거라고 못박음) 수출 좆망2.EU회원국, 사실상 유럽 전역 국가들에게 정치/경제적으로 왕따 당함3.아일랜드 스코틀랜드 분리독립을 막기 힘들어짐4.영국 - 아시아/아메리카 대륙간 무역도 좆망(이젠 복잡한 영국 거르고 EU에 남은 아일랜드를 통해 EU 전역과 무역하면 되니까)5.군사/안보분야 공조가 힘들어짐6.위의 모든것이 종합적으로 작용하여 영국 자체의 영향력이 떨어짐그럼에도 불구하고 탈퇴하려던 명분1.EU 국가 내의 빈민들이 자꾸 잘사는 영국 와서 눌러앉는다(하지만 EU는 영국에 빈민들이 눌러앉지 않도록 영국만 특별회원국 지위를 허락하기로 합의)2.외국인 노동자들이 일자리를 빼앗는다(역시 1번과 같은 이유로 EU가 예외를 허락했기 때문에 외노자 문제는 없음)3.EU의 무역기준이 너무 까다롭다(문제는 탈퇴해도 EU랑 무역하려면 이 기준에 맞춰야 함 + 각종 무역장벽)실제 탈퇴한 이유저소득, 저학력, 노인층들이 영국은 전 세계를 지배한 특별한 국가라는 이상한 우월주의에 빠짐영국이 힘든 것은 모두 모자란 EU를 커버해야 하기 때문이다 라며 강력한 보수층으로 결집함영국총리 : 설마 아무리 또라이 고무통 틀딱들이라도 이런 페널티가 확실한걸 통과시키겠어? 하고 국민투표 ㄱㄱ그런데 그것이 실제로 일어났습니다.


New Tales of Berseria English gameplay from EGX 2016 via PlayStation Access! Berseria starts at 1:51:20! Game out “super early 2017!”

WARNING: There’s a possible spoiler at 1:56:00 especially if you haven’t watched Tales of Zestiria the X until episode 6!

Eu sei que você tem medo de não dar certo, acha que o passado vai estar sempre perto, e que um dia eu vou me arrepender. E eu quero que você não pense em nada triste, porque quando o amor existe, o que não existe é tempo pra sofrer.
—  Odair José ❤

Getting in Formation at the club

for people who don’t live in britain right now
  • on thursday we had a referendum, which is like x factor but with ramifications 
  • it did not go well
  • 51.9% of people voted to leave the european union
  • so now we are leaving the eu
  • the “leave” campaign promised we’d have more money to spend on the nhs and less immigration if we left the eu
  • a few hours after they won they said this won’t happen
  • they also said they have no plan
  • like, on live tv
  • they said this
  • no one has a plan
  • the value of the pound crashed
  • our prime minister resigned
  • the conservative party, who are in power, are now wondering who should be in charge
  • at the moment it’s looking like a walking wig or a woman who views human rights as a minor inconvenience will be running the country by september
  • the labour party, who are in opposition, are arguing about who should be in charge
  • their leader is jeremy corbyn. imagine a british bernie sanders who looks as if he’s wondering if he left the gas on. that is him. basically he was elected to run for labour leader as a joke and then he actually ended up winning it. now everyone is walking out on him
  • the lib dems say they will ignore brexit and keep britain in the eu
  • do you know who the lib dems are? no, no one does, they used to be a thing but now they have 8 mps
  • their mps can literally share a table at nandos
  • our chancellor of the exchequer gave a speech to try to calm the stock markets down
  • the stock markets calmed down for a bit
  • then it lost its chill and we lost our aaa credit rating
  • this is bad because economy things??? its complicated
  • oh yeah and we just got kicked out of the euros 
  • the euros is football, actual football, im looking at you america with your football that does not involve feet in a significant way
  • so we have effectively left europe twice in one week
  • scotland want to leave britain
  • ireland want to leave britain
  • and wimbledon started today
  • wimbledon, okay
  • normally, the big story
  • the only news story
  • at this time of the year
  • is wimbledon
  • and now
  • the country is falling apart
  • and the news does not know what to do
  • because it opens with “brexit is happening and we’re all freaking out” and ends with “british chances at wimbledon are looking good this year”
  • as if they’re forgetting
  • no one is running the country right now
  • carol i don’t care about the weather for wimbledon i care about THE ECONOMY
  • we are all confused and also the weather is awful

Amandy, Deijah, Quinny, & Tajana fucking it up on the beaches of Barcelona!