Estonian Independence Day aesthetic
  • ETV is constantly playing in the background. You thought you’d turned it off 10 minutes ago, but somehow it’s still playing. You’d turn it off but you know result will be redundant.
  • Everything is suddenly 1000% more blue-black-white  than on a regular day and you are high-key enjoying it, but think there could be even more blue-black-white. Did you dress in blue-black-white on purpose or was it an accident? You do not know, not that it matters.
  • Cookie cake everywhere. Mountains of cookie cake.
  • “Mr and Mrs So and So”  your TV blasts as people in fancy clothes shake hands. Ah yes, that’s the good stuff, you think as you sit down to low-key judge the dresses.



そんな昨晩、ETV特集「小野田元少尉の帰還 極秘文書が語る日比外交」という









chrisfrancis1210  asked:

On etv live with Sasha and Mar kind of had me thinking there's no Spencer twin... When asked about twincer she didn't deny it but she didn't like act any different? She didn't seem to be cagey. She did make a funny face when they asked if any siblings are coming. I think the interviewer meant Jason or mike but Mar looked at Sasha weird. And they said THE MOMS WHO ARE STILL ALIVE are in the finale. She could mean Jessica who's dead but what if someone else's mom dies in the year time jump?!

Yeah they were reaaaally cagey about Twincer. Like totally neutral. No reaction at all. I’m probably being biased now but I feel like no reaction at all, is actually a big reaction? Almost like they’ve trained themselves to act natural when they hear correct theories! But idk, I don’t trust anything anyone says from interviews anymore. Heck, a couple weeks ago Brendan said that the AD reveal has clues back in season 2 yet Marlene confirmed today that seasons 1 and 2 have absolutely zero clues to AD’s identity. So what lies is Brendan feeding? They’re all confused. This is so damn convoluted. I don’t think Brendan intentionally lied, he just got his season numbers mixed up. But still, doesn’t matter why he ‘lied’, point is it’s safe to just not trust anything anyone says!

I interpreted the comment about the mums as a joke, because they’re never on the show and the last we saw they were trapped in a basement and never escaped. But that’s a possible interpretation too!

On 16th April 2017, the centenary celebrations for Republic of Estonia will start with a 400km long trek on the border of Governorate of Estonia and Governorate of Livonia to symbolically erase it as it was done 100 years earlier.

The entire event will be broadcast on ETV and everyone can follow along how the hikers are doing. The very moment last group of hikers crosses the finish line, the border of Governorate of Estonia and Governorate of Livonia will disappear on the screens and contour of Republic of Estonia will appear. 

In the evening, all Estonians are invited to light bonfires to mark the start of the centenary celebrations and to light the way for XII Youth Song and Dance Festival through the Spring.

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Do you have any recommendations for learning Estonian? I know the best way is immersion, but I'm still a few years out from getting to move and would like to take advantage of that time to learn the language. Thank you!

I’m sure you’ve already checked all the language resources listed on our page but if you haven’t, go ahead and do that. Our #eesti keel tag has a large variety of posts relating (some more, some less) to the Estonian language, maybe take a look at that too.

Aside from that? My suggestions:

Watch as many movies and TV shows as you can, learning Estonian works the same way as learning any other language. 

There are some Estonian movies on youtube (not the newer stuff though) and some series and movies in ERR’s archives.

On this page there’s programmes with Estonian subtitles (although if it’s not a 100% Estonian production then it’s not available for foreign users). You can also watch the one national TV channel live (and ofc ETV2 and ETV+ although idk if there’s stuff worth watching). The TV guide on the right shows you which programmes are geo blocked and which ones aren’t.

Change your phone’s language to Estonian (if possible)

Try reading the news in Estonian. I personally prefer to all the clickbait-powered sites but from a learner’s perspective, clickbait headlines are maybe more interesting.
Some sites like that are Õhtuleht, Postimees, Delfi.
Less click-baity, more subscription content: Äripäev, Eesti Ekspress.

Try listening to Estonian radio. There’s four radio channels available on ERR’s site. Other radio stations are SkyPlus, Power Hit Radio (these two play international music too, mostly pop and such), Raadio Elmar (your grandma would have this station play in her kitchen).
When you listen to Estonian music and hear a song you like, try to learn the lyrics and sing along.

If you encounter a word you don’t understand, try to guess what it means based on context and check with a dictionary. Like in all languages.

For flashcards, there’s Quizlet and Memrise. 

Do you have a textbook or are you just using online resources? I bought my SO a book from the Saame Tuttavaks -series, they have the same book for English and German speakers and probably others as well. I took a look at it and it seemed good enough, so that’s one option if you have someone who’s willing to buy and send it to you (since I don’t think our online stores ship all over).

Wow, this is long. Hope it’s of some use to someone.
Good luck with your studies and feel free to come to us with any further questions!

CASTING CALL | Lonely Planet (Sims 3 Machinima)

Hey hey! Use a good mic in a quiet space, no pops please (aka play back your audio before you send it in! Make sure you think it’s good…I probably will too!).

This film follows the afterlife of a girl who ended her life in vain.

Please read each line 2-3 times for characters that you are auditioning for and send your recording to ASAP. :)


Lead | Ghost | Female | Emotionless

With no life left in you, what use is there in holding on?

I wonder what her lonely planet looks like.

“(panicking, crying) I NEED this, I’m beautiful, I HAVE TO BE BEAUTIFUL, I’m nothing, I’m nothing–”


Ruler of the Dead | Unspecified Gender | Powerful

Your mind is all you have left. Why not have some fun with it?

How does it feel, to have existed as if you were a ghost, and now to truly be one?


Micah’s Sister | Female | Selfish

Micah hated Eggo waffles. Maybe that’s why she did it. We always have Eggos.

Shut up, you’re so stupid.

I hate you.”


Dorky | Male | Aloof

I’m a medium, you know. I bet I could talk to your sister right now.

I’ve got roots in Louisiana, we’re all about that kind of stuff.


Touchy | Female | Forceful

You were this close to being too late, Lilly almost got your waffles.

It’s not funny, Allie. Text me when you get to school.

DOCTOR OR NURSE (read both lines for either role)

Extra Roles

Do you have the cause of death, doctor?

The patient is an organ donor and her heart is listed to receive further dissection post-autopsy.