Educating the Victim - Act III, Chapter VII

Pairing: Rose/Pearl, Yellow Diamond/Yellow Pearl

Rating: Teens and up

Warnings/Tags: none for this chapter!

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Insert 3 (after Act 3 Ch9)

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Film about South Carolina’s Gullah history picked up by PBS
A film produced in the Lowcountry about the origins of Gullah culture in South Carolina was recently picked up by PBS stations nationwide.

I’ve made plans to watch this when it airs on SC ETV Monday evening (10/5/2015 @ 7pm EST).  

Keep an eye out on this special on your PBS station since it’ll air nationwide throughout the country at various dates & times.


Cosplay Demon Horns Tutorial by SASi Seamstress

View the full tutorial here:

CatNAさんのツイート: “NHK・ETV「関東大震災と朝鮮人」を見ました。また酷い偏向報道ですね。プロデューサーは、その種の反日番組ばかり作っている塩田純。強制的に視聴料を徴収し、こんな一方的な番組をばかり作るNHKって、やっぱり民営化すべきですね。”