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Rules: Spell your username out using song titles and tag as many friends as you want

This challenging tag comes from @chibiranmaruchan and I’m not kidding - I had to cheat a bit when choosing tracks from my downloaded Spotify library (but i won’t tell you where). Some time ago @martin-jhnsx tagged me on a slightly related topic, but as Spotify doesn’t have a “shuffle” function I was a bit stuck… oh well, there we go:

N.W.O. - Ministry
One - Apocalyptica
Blackbird - Alter Bridge
Echo in me - Diary of Dreams
Elleskudt - Myrkur
Return of Alex - Die Toten Hosen
Rain dogs - Tom Waits
Explorer - Muse
Velvet green - Jethro Tull
Intifada - Ska-P
El sur - Mano Negra
When the kids are united - Atari Teenage Riot
Spielmannsfluch - In Extremo

And for for tagging part i’ll stick to the traditional number of five: @martin-jhnsx @wellville @suzyhazelwood @artinwood54 @auraeseer

U  R  L       S  O  N  G       C  H  A  L  L  E  N  G  E !!

RULES: spell out your URL with song titles and tag people to make it more fun!

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