「REVIEW」 Etude House - Color in liquid lips (PK002 & PK006)

Hey everyone~
Here is a new review of a not so new product. The Etude House Liquid lips.

I have those lipsticks for quite a long time now but there were so many good reviews around so I didn’t do my review for some weird reason. So late as ever here his my review about this prodcut. I hope you’ll like it nevertheless.

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This is the famous revolutionary etude in c minor composed by Chopin in 1831 inspired by the attack of the Russians in Warsaw, he said back then “ All this has caused me much pain. Who could have foreseen it!”

This icon is played here by Sviatoslav Richter really fast, with lots of power and also effortless, what a genius! 

I’m studying it right now, like at 60% of Richter’s speed…practice, practice, practice.