Dating Harry would include - 21

You on phone: 

- Looking at you  walking across the room while talking on phone, observing your reactions amused
- Trying to not be jealous but look up at you when he realises that you are talking with a man
- Looking at you from the corner of his eye when you walk in front of him a light smile appearing on his lips
- Catching the edge of your blouse to distract you and trying to pull you toward him
- Raising his eyebrows with an ettoned face when you slap his hand for him to let you go
- Asking you in whispering “ Really?” with a devilish smirk coming closer
- Trying to catch your wrist when you walk away fastly in blowing him a kiss, him rolling his eyes
- Following you slowly, observing fascinated the way your hips are moving in front of him in touching his lower lip
- Coming behing you, letting a small space between your two bodies blowing on your hair
- Making the back of his fingers touching your buttocks  his lips caressing lightly your hair
- Laying his palm on your hip in kissing your head, pulling your hips toward his
- His giggles when you try to move away murmuring in your ear “Where you think you are going, huh?”
- Taking your hips with his two hands to make you stay in place against him
- Wrapping one arm around your waist, his face hidden in the hair of your neck
- Holding you tighter when you try to escape his embrace and stay impassible on phone
- Sliding his hand under the edge of your blouse to reach the soft skin of your tummy
- Carressing slowly around your navel, following the edge of your ear with his nose
- Biting gently on the back of your ear to make you moan,  nibbling  on your earlobe
- His smile growing against the skin behind your ear when he can hears a muffled moan
- Placing his index over your lips in whispering inaudibly in the crook on your ear “ Hush little queen, you’re still on phone…”
- Kissing your temple with a smirk, brushing his lips when you sigh exasperated
- Making his hands going up on your side to reach under your left breast, caressing the material of your bra
- Biting your jawline to protest  when you take off his hand from under your blouse
-  Giving you and innoncent face when you turn towards him and murmur him to stop his tease
- Lifting his hands and putting them on his back “ No more touches with my hands, …”
- Waiting for you to turn again to press his front to your back his hands still behind his back
- Brushing the edge of his mouth over your cheek, coming closer each time you move your face a bit away
- Giving your face light kisses, resting his warm lips to you skin moving his face side to side slowly
- His voice whispering raspy “ You said nothing about lips …”

Invisible Part 1


Could you please do a o/s where Daryl x Reader are in the middle of a massive fight. Things are said that shouldn’t be. Reader thinks it’s the end for them so she takes off. Daryl comes to her the following day and tells her he’s not going to give up on them. Extra fluff! (can be set pre apocalypse or mid apocalypse

A/N: I’m making this a two part story as its way too long to be one. The other should be out tonight.

Song: Serpents(Basement) by Sharon Van Etton

I really suggest listening to the song while reading.


A ray of light slipped into yours and Daryl’s tent, awakening you from a somewhat peaceful sleep. Your eyelids fluttered open and you turned on your back to stretch out your limbs that had been confined in such a small space.

Daryl was no where to be found, but that didn’t surprise you one bit. Ever since Sophia went missing, he spent less and less time around you. You understood his intentions clearly and knew how bad he wanted, needed to find her so you never complained about that. You suspected something else was going on though, for not only are you continuously waking up alone, but also sleeping on your respective sides of the tent, a contrast to how you use to cuddle up to each other.

It upset you that he wasn’t engaging with you anymore. You always marked it up to stress until you noticed how he still interacts with the rest of the group, even Shane. To you, he says a few words and a quick “I love you” before he’s off again until dark.


You weren’t the only one that noticed the change. Lori asked you about it after you and your group finished eating outside.

You were quietly washing the dishes in the Greene’s house, making sure you did your part in staying there. Beside you, Lori was packaging food up to preserve it for the colder months. Your mind wandered to that night at dinner where Daryl was beside you but didn’t even glance at you let alone talk to you. Tears pricked at your eyes the whole time you ate so you avoided speaking in general in order to control that tightening feeling in your throat. He left as soon as he was done, put his plate in the bucket you would later take inside, and walked to the fields of wheat, not even sparing you a single look.

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