Dating Harry would include - 21

You on phone: 

- Looking at you  walking across the room while talking on phone, observing your reactions amused
- Trying to not be jealous but look up at you when he realises that you are talking with a man
- Looking at you from the corner of his eye when you walk in front of him a light smile appearing on his lips
- Catching the edge of your blouse to distract you and trying to pull you toward him
- Raising his eyebrows with an ettoned face when you slap his hand for him to let you go
- Asking you in whispering “ Really?” with a devilish smirk coming closer
- Trying to catch your wrist when you walk away fastly in blowing him a kiss, him rolling his eyes
- Following you slowly, observing fascinated the way your hips are moving in front of him in touching his lower lip
- Coming behing you, letting a small space between your two bodies blowing on your hair
- Making the back of his fingers touching your buttocks  his lips caressing lightly your hair
- Laying his palm on your hip in kissing your head, pulling your hips toward his
- His giggles when you try to move away murmuring in your ear “Where you think you are going, huh?”
- Taking your hips with his two hands to make you stay in place against him
- Wrapping one arm around your waist, his face hidden in the hair of your neck
- Holding you tighter when you try to escape his embrace and stay impassible on phone
- Sliding his hand under the edge of your blouse to reach the soft skin of your tummy
- Carressing slowly around your navel, following the edge of your ear with his nose
- Biting gently on the back of your ear to make you moan,  nibbling  on your earlobe
- His smile growing against the skin behind your ear when he can hears a muffled moan
- Placing his index over your lips in whispering inaudibly in the crook on your ear “ Hush little queen, you’re still on phone…”
- Kissing your temple with a smirk, brushing his lips when you sigh exasperated
- Making his hands going up on your side to reach under your left breast, caressing the material of your bra
- Biting your jawline to protest  when you take off his hand from under your blouse
-  Giving you and innoncent face when you turn towards him and murmur him to stop his tease
- Lifting his hands and putting them on his back “ No more touches with my hands, …”
- Waiting for you to turn again to press his front to your back his hands still behind his back
- Brushing the edge of his mouth over your cheek, coming closer each time you move your face a bit away
- Giving your face light kisses, resting his warm lips to you skin moving his face side to side slowly
- His voice whispering raspy “ You said nothing about lips …”

Apres Moi

After me comes the f l o o d ( 20 songs, 72 minutes)


Apres Moi Regina Spektor || Black Sheep Gin Wigmore || The Devil Within Digital Daggers || Secret The Pierces || Fly on the Wall Miley Cyrus || Mz. Hyde Halestorm || Blood on My Name The Brothers Bright || Miss Jackson [ft. LOLO] Panic! at the Disco || Bad Girls M.I.A || She’s a Genius Jet || Serpents Sharon van Etton || Raised by the Wolves Falling in Reverse || Iron Woodkid || Demons Imagine Dragons || Ghost Story Coldplay || Becomes the Colour Emily Wells || Centuries Fall Out Boy || Maneater Nelly Furtado || Destroya My Chemical Romance || The Prayer of François Villon Regina Spektor