10/08/2012 LAY's message on the official website


Translated by:樱子@小光(EXO-E.T.TEAM)


My dear fans~ When you see the following words, it is supposed to be the end of my birthday^_^
First of all, thank you for the special celebration of my birthday. It makes me feel happy, and it’s really unforgettable. You must have had a hard time.

I know all of what you’ve done for me in silence, and I’m very grateful for that.
What I can do for you are not enough, so insufficient, or, even nothing.
However, I don’t know how I’ve got such plenty of love, and I try to keep my promise, always smile to you no matter what happens, because you like the way I smile.
I’ve seen what you’ve done for me: those LED screens, the surprises and best wishes for my birthday, and the charity activities. You hold a large stretch of light boards for me, regardless of your sore hands and aching shoulders. In order to see me in person, you come all the way from all corners of the world and get together. Sometimes, we cannot even meet each other.
I fight back the tears and smile to you, but I really feel sorry. However, there are no other alternatives for me.
The only thing I can do is to respond with a smile to you when you call my name, and to remain in the state longer when I bow to show my gratitude.
What I can do for you is probably standing on the stage and keeping performing for you, smiling to you happily, and reading your letters one after another.
Everyone is very considerate. You care about my health, and it makes me feel warm. Besides, I figure out that all of you are good at writing, and let me make it as a reply to those who love me~ I’m extremely grateful for my mother who has brought me to the world with pains on the day when I was born, and takes care of me for so long. Thank you, mom!
On my birthday, I want to say thank you to my fans particularly. Because of you, a common child’s dream is recognized and he can get supports from the public. Because of you, I, who was ordinary and not outstanding, become an extraordinary person. No matter how many months and how many years had passed away, even a whole life had passed away, my grateful heart would never change. Because of your love, I’ve got a unique birthday, such a wonderful birthday. It is you who have given me a quite different life. Thank you, and I love you !

Again, the same words: “I would give it all away for you, and you are the greatest driving power for me to stick to the end.”



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