ett: tip30

Day 5 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. That people still order from my shop even though I’m not putting 100% into it, it’s still a side project. It makes me happy to get a notification in my email saying someone has made a purchase. My customers are the best.

2. I made high waisted shorts today from jeans I bought at Goodwill for $2. It’s the best when you can recycle fashion and make something old into something new.

3. My boyfriend described a picture that would illustrate his life and it literally made me laugh out loud. I told him it sounded like an awkward family photo. 

Day 11 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. My boyfriend left me alone without food, but left me his laptop (since mine died and I left my charger at home) and wifi (thank you based boyfriend) . And he’s like I forgot to leave you breakfast I’m the worst boyfriend ever, I’m so sorry, don’t break up with me, I love you. So he brings home carne asada fries and got me extra cheese from the fridge and utensils when I could've got it myself. I wasn’t even mad haha, just hungry. The little things that he does for me makes me happy.

2. On the drive home I put my music on shuffle and told myself I can’t skip songs like I usually do. 7/9 songs were by Senses Fail, my favorite band from middle school. I have a signed CD too from when I met them at Warped Tour a few years back. People were driving slower today for some reason, but the song selection was perfect. It allowed me to listen to these throwbacks fully, cause I skip over them to get to my recent music. 

3. I told my mom about how I got my job interview at three dots, and I showed her the website. We were looking at the clothes, and they are really expensive, because they’re made in the US and they’re super high quality. She instantly saw a dress she liked and told me to buy that once I get my employee discount.

Day 10 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. I got a call today asking for an interview! It’s a full time graphic design position for a fashion company, and it’s located in Orange County. What surprised me was that I applied on LinkedIn and it showed me insights of other applicants. After I applied it said I was not in the top 50% according to my experience and education. And out of the 200 people that applied, I got an interview. I guess I caught their attention. 

2. I taught my boyfriend’s dog Jackson how to shake hands in a few minutes. Even though it’s useless compared to stay, it still makes people smile. He’s getting smarter than my dog… I’m so sorry Shamu.

3. I saw the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars before I started reading the book. Having this visual of what the characters look like and how they act makes the story come to life when I read. I really like that on my kindle version of the book it shows how many people highlighted a certain line. 11,500+ highlighted “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” We all can relate.

Day 6 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. When I walked into Souplantation today, there was a sign that said Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese Dippers for the month of March. My favorite combo of food. We used a coupon to get drinks for free, so I completed the perfect meal ever with a cup of Strawberry Lemonade.

2. My boyfriend and I had a heart to heart talk tonight. It started with the continuation of our questions game, but ended up talking about our past, present, and future. It got super deep and he said this one particular line that made me smile and tear up. 

3. I got a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee from Almond Haus, and all the memories of my San Francisco trip came back.

3 things that made me happy today

1. one of my coworkers is finally moving out of her parents house. she’s been searching for the right apartment, and today she closed the deal on a property really close the beach. the price was a steal! seeing her just be all happy and carry on her happiness throughout the day made me happy… and also motivated to work my ass off in order to move out lol

2. my boss came back from a meeting and gave me a churro and this super yummy apple pie pastry. You know when you taste something so good that you say “mmmm” outloud even if no one’s there? That’s how amazing those pastries were.

3. destination got a new hotel added to its portfolio. it’s in san francisco, and i’m so glad we have a property there now! can’t wait to use that associate rate.

Day 30 | 3 things that made me happy today

1. Got my eyebrows done today, and decided to stop by Roadium Open Air Market cause it was just a street over. There was a booth with a TON of jewelry, I’m not joking, tubs full. Each piece was only $1, I spent half an hour digging, even if it was windy, and my hair was getting in my face. I got 10 necklaces and feather bands, totaling $10, and if you saw my picture on ig or on here earlier, you can see how much of a steal that is. I love swap meets!

2. I took Shamu to Averill park today to get him used to not being leashed. I ran up a steep hill, and it was so funny watching him behind be struggling. The geese were so loud, that Shamu was afraid to chase them. I wish I lived right across the street from that park, it’s so serene. 

3. My boyfriend accepted his job offer from County of LA Public Works. I’m very proud of him! He was on the fence with his offers, going back and forth, but his decision was wise, I don’t think he’ll regret it. 

Day 18 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. Izzy hosted a BBQ for his civil engineering crew to celebrate the end of winter quarter and the start of spring break. Even though I’m not engineering, it’s always a good time with this group of people. It was fun to hang out with old and new friends. That intense game of rage cage though!

2. My boyfriend received a full time job offer from County of LA, Department of Public Works in the mail today (along with other things, as usual). He has been working so hard all these years, and it’s finally paying off. He deserves it all.

3. I got a message from the Showcase Director of RAW: natural born artists saying that she would like to donate to the magazine and collaborate for future issues. She also is sending us complementary passes for the the next showcase! Last time we got in for free because we knew one of the artists and they wanted us to write an article, but this time they noticed our magazine and want to work with us in ways I don’t even know yet. The opportunities are rolling in! 

Day 17 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. At work my boss told me the eBook we made will be published by Balboa Press. This means that my design will be in print and sold in various stores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I wish she had enough money to hire me full time.

2. I got a lot of design work done today. Resizing the ebook to print size and getting some editorial spreads done for Archaic Press is time consuming, but I don’t find it boring at all. I love designing :3

3. I dropped by a friend’s place to give them my magazine. Hearing them say how beautiful and amazing it turned out, gave me proof that all this work was worth it. 

3 things that made me happy today

1. today i visited a farmer’s market! I got some pita bread + dips, candy cakes, and kettle corn. tried some samples of various foods too. i wish i had all the money in the world to support these local vendors. they were all very nice people and props to them for working hard.

2. my mom went out at 9pm to go buy me medicine for my cough. she didn’t have to, i’m totally capable of buying it myself, but of course she’s still in mom mode. 

3. target dollar section, you kill me with all your cute new diy crafting stuff! i bought some chalkboard paper, new tags, and twine for a dollar each. such a freakin steal

Day 24 | 3 things that made me happy today
1. I got a second interview for three dots!!! They told me a lot of things I needed to know when I asked what I would be doing. They’re gonna test me on design and it seems simple enough. The ecommerce manager sent me more tips too even when I didn’t ask for extra help. I have to watch some tutorials and learn some new techniques this weekend, I finally have a chance to show an employer what I can do. Also in the email it said they’re giving all candidates merchandise as a gift of appreciation. Yay new clothes! The perks of trying to find a job in the fashion industry.

2. I watched Monsters University, and I loved it! We played a drinking game with it, and the things you had to take a shot to occurred way too many times >.< Other than that, the beginning was adorable! After, we played the mustache drinking game to The Wolf of Wall Street. You basically tape a mustache to the screen and whenever someone hits it perfectly you drink. It was too funny, when a character got close.

3. It was my first time at Sake 2 Me, an all you can eat sushi restaurant. I was so full, we ordered a lot! I surprised at the quality and how much fish they serve. They do’t skimp out. It was well worth the $24.95

Day 20 | 3 things that made me happy today

1. My cousins Kayla, AJ, Mark and their parents came to visit today for dinner at my house. My boyfriend dropped by too with his puppy and everyone was so excited to see them both. It was nice having everyone here, our house rarely has people in it. We celebrated Mark’s late birthday, watched short parts of various movies, attempted to beat each others scores on flappy bird, and played with the dogs. After my boyfriend left, he messaged me saying “I love you and your family.” That made me smile.

2. Shamu and Jackson are friends now! I was worried that Shamu would get angry, growl, and just scare Jackson, but once we got back after walking them together, they were perfectly fine. They chased each other around just like how dogs play. It’s surprising to see Shamu like this, it’s sad to say cause he was not socialized as a puppy. His tail was wagging most of the day, until he stole AJ’s chicken bone and everyone was shouting at him. But other than that he did really good tonight, behavior wise, it’s better late than never.

3. My aunt’s bought some of my magazines today; they gave me $20 for the issues. They were really impressed with the quality, and I actually saw them fully reading an article. It makes me happy that they acknowledge my work. My grandparents wanted one too, they told me on facebook, i thought that was so cute.

Day 8 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. Today I just discovered the world of fashion instagramers! It’s filled with so many creative and on point outfits; they know wsup with #ootd. They’re so inspirational. I need to step my game up.

2. My boyfriend and I are planning an Asia trip after graduation to go explore and get away from the real world for a month. I’m so glad he’s resourceful and organized, it’s to the point where he made a spreadsheet laying out the prices for different airfare combinations. If I have him by my side, this trip will be one of the top greatest things I can experience when I’m still young.

3. I want spring break to come faster! Well technically I don’t have spring break anymore but my cousins still in school do. Kayla messaged me saying her family might go to Disneyland on Monday, and Andy and I were invited to come along with them. It’s fun going with little kids there after going with people my own age for a while. It’s a change of perspective, you get to see their own kind of happiness.

Day 4 | 3 things that made me happy today.

1. I opened up Strickland’s flavor of the day email and saw that Thai Iced Tea was on the list. It’s one of my favorite ice cream flavors, and whenever they had it, I got a pint to bring back to the apartment. I lived right across the street. I messaged Andy asking if we could get some, cause I was craving it so bad! We got a quart, but didn’t get to eat it till the end of the day cause it ended up melting. It’s all good though, I’d wait for this ice cream.

2. I had an extra jacket in my car. Today I wasn’t allowed into Disneyland cause I wore my shorts with spikes on them. (From forever 21, not sharp at all) so I walked all the way back to my car to get this jacket so it would cover them. Instead of just going back home annoyed, I got passed through. We got to ride Radiator Springs Racers and didn’t have to wait long, got back seats for Screaming Over California, and free Ghirardelli chocolate!

3. My boyfriend follows multiple Instagram accounts that post baby animals. I love finding more about his soft side, it’s the cutest thing ever.

Day 1 | 3 things that made me happy today.

I recently got to work on an ebook that compiled 31 tips to help you love the body your in, and the life you live. I always try to take value from all the work I do, and with this project, I began to notice the way people were if they didn’t live their lifestyle similar to these tips. There’s this one piece of advice that stuck while I spent a whole month designing, editing, basically staring at the same pages for a whole month, and I want to try it out.

Tip 30: At bedtime, write about 3 things about your day that made you happy. Feel the appreciation of these things and watch your list grow daily.

1. Your pets are always happy to go hang out with you (aka walks haha). They’re also willing to learn new things with the bribe of treats of course, but humans are like that too.

2. All the free product I get from work. They’re honestly much better quality than drugstore products.

3. That after interviews my boyfriend radiates with confidence. I can tell by the way he talks about it, and it motivates me to do better.