Dress for Dollfie Dream commission based on Valentino’s 2015 Prefall collection. I offered to make some changes to the design, and the customer decided to add the Zodiac constellations and provided design of the planets. You won’t see the silver dots that I painted on the previous dress, but there is a tiny silver and golden spraying and more stars that are spreaded unevenly with massive clusters at the bottom and a smaller starts at the top.

A semi-transparent pure silk gause was used for the dress too. The lining is a beige fabric.

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A Pagan altar, homemade cedar incense and black pine candles. All 100% handmade. I have burnt piece 138 of the Havamal into the lining of this altar and adorned it will a beautiful hand cleaned and naturally found skull.

It reads:

I know that I hung on that windy tree

spear-wounded, nine full nights

given to Odin, myself to myself

on that tree that rose from roots

that no man ever knows.

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my lesbian buttons based off the ones in the button archive on are up for sale in my etsy now! I’m covering shipping costs for any domestic orders + just charging for parts basically, so they are very affordable. just trying to spread the love and make these cool old buttons available to my fellow gay girls out there ❤ If these sell well and people like them i’ll probably do a 2nd batch with some different ones from the website and some of my own too!!

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Little dryad Willa and her friend Herbeart have tea. Herbeart’s favorite tea is chamomile, but his special favorite is the tea made from Willa’s flowers. They’re quite wonderful, and the rabbit knows this, that’s why he’s munching on them. The macaroons are actually mushrooms with faerie cheese in the middle.

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