etsyfindoftheday 1 | 11.22.17

buffalo plaid baby accessories by blueberriesforcall

today i’m featuring a handful of buffalo plaid finds to get us ready for thanksgiving tomorrow — this cozy print is a personal fall and winter fave. blueberriesforcall’s cute baby moccasins and headband hair bows are ready for holiday parties and photoshoots galore!


Pelts are up for sale and listed!  They can be purchased in my Etsy Shop where all of them are listed individually. 

Usually takes me a couple of days to get everything handled with these guys.  Got them in Monday where I begin my process of sexing the pelts which in turn also give me a chance to inspect the pelts for damages, flaws or issues.  From there I tag them according, measure, list lists and price them to their value.  

Tuesday which was when I took these photos was photo day where I take photos of each pelt and their issues.  This takes me about 1 to 2 hours since its a lot of pelts to go through and take photos of.  After that process then I have to type of descriptions for Etsy which is what I did last night and partly today. After all the work I get to the point where I can list them up which we are at the point now!  Hoping for a few sales over the next few days now that the pelts are listed.

Again, you can purchase the pelts through my Etsy Shop!  


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 3.13.17

amalthea // simple silk + lace wedding dress by mywonybridal

mywonybridal’s ethereal dress confections are delicate, airy, feminine and unique. they combine flowy fabrics and super-special textures that would make any woman feel like the princess bride. amalthea here has a low v style and a sheer lacy back that is to-die-for gorg.


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the winter hater | 12.7.16

colorful succulent and tropical flower crown by emilyroseflowercrown

your winter-hating girlfriends are DEFINITELY fans of flower crowns over earmuffs. i know i am! celebrate perpetual spring with a forever-flower and succulent crown from emilyroseflowercrown and bask in a faux-sunny style til … let’s say april ;)


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 7.10.17

detailed embroidered iron-on patches by belsart

adorn your backpacks, butt pockets, and more with a RAD iron-on patch from belsart! they have a ton of styles to choose from, which you can buy individually or in a multipack.


After many hours I finally got all the pelts listed and ready to go!  Had a bit of issues with my internet connection giving me issues but I finally got them all listed for sale.  There is 11 coyotes, 3 red fox, 2 grey fox and one blue mink for sale in my Etsy shop.

Bonus is here all those coyotes I was talking about along with my own coyotes from my personal collection mixed in.  I have a problem as you can see with my hoarding of the yoters.