I have a ton of Infinity Train stickers! I made them for fun in December, but now they’re taking up valuable shelf space. They’re thick, vinyl stickers, that you can use on just about anything. They can go on your laptop or on your car or maybe on the space shuttle for all I know. They’re pretty tough.

I’ve set up an Etsy shop for them and all proceeds will go to the ACLU!

Also, I have no idea how etsy works, so please bear with me.

I don’t know if this will even work, or if anyone but me is interested in these, but I’m experimenting with adding pill bottle candles to my Etsy shop. The idea is votives that fit inside little pill containers and come in unscented or custom scents and custom colors. Plus I have about seven million pill containers and a neverending supply, I might as well use them as candle molds and containers.


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.14.17

DAY ONE: traditional wedding finds
featuring: personalized stamped cold-press soap wedding favors by viceandvelvet

Asexual Whale

- A few days ago I found a rainbow-coloured whale sticker on Etsy. The idea stuck with me and I got inspired. Since the asexual community is so lovely, I believe it deserves a whale of its own!

I apologise if the colours aren’t 100% right, my scanner is a bitch

This is dedicated to all ace people, but especially to @seasonsofjohnlock and @shakespeareatbakerstreet. You two are amazing, thank you for your company!


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.16.17

DAY THREE: all things bridesmaid + bachelorette
featuring: artisan bath bomb gifts by apothecarynoir

Bethany-sensei's "I'm Screaming Internally" commissions price list

The tragic backstory: 

 My dad is getting married in May. I have to drive through three states to get to the wedding. Thursday night (4/27) the plumbing in my house decided to call it quits. A blockage in the main drain pipe (FUN!). Today we learned that said pipe was replaced with the Cheapest Materials In Existence at some point, and it’s cracked and could collapse any time in the next six months (DOUBLE FUN!). 

 So this is the standard artist’s cry for help. Hire me to draw for you so I can go to my dad’s wedding AND have functional plumbing! You get art. Everyone wins. 


Image version of this post (looks better on mobile???)


 Minimalist: $10 

 Monochrome ink wash sketch, 2-3 characters (you’ve seen a lot of these if you follow me): $15 

 Full color ink sketch, 2-3 characters: $20 

 2-5 panel comic (monochrome) from your script: $30 

 Monochrome sketch from your photograph: $35 

 Color sketch from your photograph: $45 


 Additional characters: +$5 each 

 Simple background: +$5 

 Detailed architecture: +$12 


 All art in digital. Prices in USD. I will take payment via PayPal or Etsy. Have an idea what you’d like? Interested in something not listed? Feel free to message me. 

 Also message me if you’d rather I write something for you. We can work out word count/pricing/etc.

Again, click here for visuals.