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etsyfindoftheday | leap day finds: OOAK | 2.29.16

mid-century bar cart by propagation

a special day calls for a theme featuring special items: these one of a kind gems will make your knees weak all day, i promise :) LOVE the cool, mid-century look of this bar cart. want. need.


More custom nerdy cross stitch in the Etsy store! I really wanted to get this done by N7 day. Garrus, your proportions are crazy hard to render in large-size cross stitch. The Shepards I tried to figure out are my Jenna and @theherocomplex‘s Eliza, and after trying those out, I think I’ve got the hang of customizing them.

The whole idea behind my Etsy shop is nerdy cross stitch that you can look at and feel motivated to take on whatever challenges you’re facing, be it vexing bosses at work or aliens invading the galaxy. I couldn’t have one and not have a place for these two. This game has brought a lot of hope, joy, and positivity into my life.

spartanq185-deactivated20160702  asked:

I love making plushies, but I'm not very good at it and I'm just starting to figure out how to make my own pattern. One day I want to sell on Etsy or something. Do you have any advice for people like me?

Check through my tutorial tag for useful tips!

I know you must have heard this before but PRACTICE!  You don’t get better unless you keep at it.  When it comes to sewing, focus on being strong and even in your sewing. Get good at your ladder stitch (which is used to close up where you invert your plush cleanly, or to attach parts together)   Invest in a good sewing machine.  Also my must have tool is a hemostat!

Look at manufactured plush you like and see how they shaped and sewed the pieces, also look at other artist plush for inspiration.  Download some free patterns (Deviantart has lots of free patterns) to practice with and learn how patterns go together.  (Stuff like gussets, darts, etc). If you want to make original designs you of course must doodle and experiment to make your own unique things too!

This artist has tons of super useful tutorials and info!  I am kinda jealous of how much great info is on her blog. <3 ,


etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOPS | 1.29.14

my featured suggested shop tonight is lettersearring, suggested with a stellar review by follower tenpercentbatteryremaining. she purchased the gold crown and the spider – i love so many things in this shop! these would make dece valentine’s day gifts, hint hint. thank you SO very much for your awesome review!!

other suggested-by-you shops:

  • rubyrobinboutique, suggested by kika-guerrero. check out all the botanical specimen jewelry, like these sweet dandelion seed studs, and much more :)
  • elmuseoshop, suggested and run by elmuseoshop here on tumblr. this shop features cool and colorful hand-painted jewelry – i love this necklace!

all these shops are so awesome, i can’t thank you guys enough for sharing them with me and with the followers of EFOTD :)