etsy vest

Get a load of that jacket!  It’s so cool.  I got it at that sale I got some other vintage bits at, but I haven’t worn it with An Actual Outfit until now.  It looks super Elizabethan, even more so when I have the front buttoned up.  I feel like a stagehand at the Globe or something!

Also every time I wear a dress over jeans, my inner middle-schooler rejoices.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with pink hair in a very short bob.  The front part of one side of my hair has been braided back from my face.  I am leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a slightly sheer, orange-with-a-hint-of-brown dress that hits at about mid-thigh.  Over it, I have on a brown vest–a little of the dress is showing at the neck.  Under the dress, I’m wearing dark wash skinny jeans, which are cuffed at the bottom.  I have on patterned red socks and light brown hiking boots with black soles and dark red accents.  I’m wearing a black, yellow, white, red, green, and blue plaid shirt tied around my waist.  I have on a short, grey-brown leather jacket with sleeves that are a bit puffy at the shoulder and tight at the wrist, and a wide collar.  I’m wearing red stud earrings, big dangly gold earrings, and dark red lipstick.  As always, I have on my round, black glasses.]


Your very own (me lol) has started making and selling punk patches on Etsy! My store (feministpunkpatches) only has three items in it right now, but I’m making more and adding them soon. :) If you could, please check it out and SIGNAL BOOST this post! You can get your patchs without supporting big business!


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✨💧 Flower of Life vest .:. Blue Ocean of Love .:. Handmade in crochet with love & vegan yarn. 💧✨

Inspired by the waves of the sea, the softness & grace, the infinite precious value of all the pure water in this planet that nourishes us & allows us to live. In the deepest of gratitude for the Water Element. 🐬🐳🐋🐠🌊💦🙏🏼✨

Available on my Etsy shop. ~ All my deepest love to all!

Damn, that’s a good photo.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very short pink hair.  I am leaning on a metallic, pink cane that I hold in my left hand; I’m up on my toes with my right arm above my head.  I look like a beautiful statue or something.  It’s great.  I am wearing a sheer, long-sleeved black floral print shirt over a sports bra that’s mostly electric blue, with some grey bits.  The sheer shirt is tucked into a pair of short, high-waisted black shorts.  Over that, I have on a draped black vest with a white skull print on it.  Under the shorts, I’m wearing light pink-orange tights.  Over those, I have on a pair of mismatched-but-meant-to-go-together socks with differently patterned stripes in electric blue, neon green, fuchsia, dark purple, and dark blue.  I’m wearing black sneakers with silver and electric blue accents.  I have on a black snapback with a green underside to the brim, various mismatched earrings, dark lavender lipstick, a choker made of loopy black plastic, and a bracelet with round rainbow beads on it.  As always, I’m wearing my round black glasses.]


I’ve been working on this vest for almost a year and it’s finally officially finished. A lot of the “working on” means gather pins and such, but it still counts.

Thinking of putting up a listing for a custom themed vest or jacket. As I’ve done at least three and am helping my girlfriend make one herself. I also have at least four more planned for myself. 

Would anyone be interested?

Now that I’ve realized this hat and these shoes go together so well, I’m coming up with all sorts of outfit ideas!  I actually wore these shoes because I went to an anti-Muslim-ban protest (it should be interesting to see what’s happened with that by the time this posts) and I needed to wear shoes I could do a fair bit of walking in.  I did change the outfit up a little for the protest–I added more warm layers, took off my jewelry, etc.

The shoes were a really good idea–I ended up standing on top of a fence to get a better view of some of the speakers!  I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I was wearing anything other than these shoes or my hiking boots.  I still ended up in a lot of pain–more from the standing than the walking–but I probably would’ve been on the ground and unconscious from the pain if I’d worn less practical shoes.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very short pink hair.  I am holding a metallic pink cane in my left hand.  I’m wearing a red-orange V-neck T-shirt under an unbuttoned black vest.  I have on dark blue skinny jeans that are cuffed at about mid-calf; under them, I’m wearing orange-and-green striped socks.  I have on black sneakers with silver and electric blue accents.  I’m wearing a black snapback that says, “I got dressed today” on it in rainbow letters, although the words aren’t really showing; it also has a green underside to the bill of the cap.  I have on mismatched earrings; a choker made of loopy, black plastic; an amethyst pendant on a short, black string; and red-orange lipstick.  As always, I’m wearing my round black glasses.]


“Never send a rose unless dyed black as a warning. And if one is sent to you, destroy it along with the sender. Emotionally of course. It’s not like we kill people……on purpose.”

Custom Jawbreaker vest by me. 

I feel like when I wear this dress I should listen to nothing but The Baseballs.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very short pink hair that’s kinda sorta in a bob.  I am leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a sleeveless red dress with white polka dots–it has a fairly full skirt that goes to a bit below my knees.  Under it, I have on a sheer black long sleeved shirt with little burnout velvet plants on it.  On top of the shirt and dress I’m wearing a plain black vest.  Under the dress, I also have on black tights.  I’m wearing silver boots with black laces.  One side of my hair is held back with a silver clip shaped like two stars.  I have on bright red lipstick and little red earrings.  As always, I’m wearing my round black glasses.]


It’s that time of year again. Give them birds some sweaters! “Fall Fashion Line: Sweater Vests for Sparrows”, ink and watercolor, 2016.

You can buy a print of these babies over at my shop on Etsy! Guaranteed to make you smile. 


My battle jacket got too small for me earlier this year and I was really sad about it. I was without anything like it for a long time, but I recently decided to make a punk vest. I used some denim and flannel scraps from other projects to try this motorcycle jacket style vest. I’m doing a red/black/white theme with the patches, to go with the plaid. I’m really thrilled with how it came out.

Fashion Credits: Vest, Skirt and Shirt by me, Insane Jellyfish necklace, Vintage  DK pin, Bowie cat by DanielleVGreen, Talking Heads pin from Etsy.

M/L Colorful Geometric Vest Handmade Vintage

Now that the cat’s out of the bag re: me having an Etsy store (hoo boy that’s some pressure to clean it up and list some more stuff right there) I figure I might as well post some of my listings!  Here’s a cool vest I found at the rummage sale this summer.  (I didn’t take photos wearing it because I’m allergic to wool and I can tell just from touching it that there is definitely wool in the material.)  Assuming I set it up right, you can get 10% off your order (anything from the store, not just this vest) with the code “FAIRYPRINCESS”.

[Image description: a photo of a vest on a hanger–the hanger is dangling from a tree branch.  The vest is made up of mostly-red fabric, with orange, pink, brown, and grey bits.  They make up a bunch of patterned horizontal stripes.  The vest buttons with three chunky mismatched brown buttons.]