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etsyfindoftheday | 9.9.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: 24-count woodless colored pencils by mightypapershop

COLORED PENCILS, GUYS … my favorite upon favorite of back-to-school supplies (unless you count that plastic crayola paint palette) … and this XL color pack is rad for even more reasons. this is a czech brand, koh-i-noor, they’re woodless, they sharpen with any regular pencil sharpener, AND their pigments are high-density for hella bold color. you can get the whole set for under $25!

severussnapesucks  asked:

do you know of any cool online witchy shops?

I know a bunch! 

  • Etsy has a ton of options for crystals, incense, candles, and more. The number of witchy shops on there is endless. Just type witch shop into the search feature and you’ll find tons.
  • Bekkathyst has amazing crystals and also makes gorgeous jewelry.
  • The Magickal Cat has witch resources such as crystal correspondences as well as an awesome shop.
  • 13 Moons ships worldwide and also has a good selection of everything witchy. They have a feature on their site that filters various supplies by intent.
  • Raven and Crone has some witch resources as well as a shop. I’ve never purchased from them but I know a few people who did.

I made sure to include some of my favorites and ones people had recommended to me. I get all of my witch supplies on Etsy and almost all my crystals from Bekkathyst. I hope this helped!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | FALL FRENZY | 9.29.17

halloween confetti balloon and tissue paper circle confetti by paperboyparty

punch up your halloween party with some rad spooky-hued confetti — in both tissue paper circle and in-balloon form!! so fun!

Witch Supply Shops

The witch supply shops tag is for - you guessed it - places that you can buy witchin’ supplies. Herbs, spices, candles, decor, jewelry, you name it. If you can buy witchy stuff there, it counts. 

A few standard places are etsy, Z Gallerie, Crystal Cactus, La Creeperie, and White Witch Parlour.

On a related note, the witch on a budget tag has lots of ideas of where to buy inexpensive witchin’ supplies, or what to do/use/substitute when your budget is tight. In witchcraft, there are always options!