Wear your heart on your wrist instead of your sleeve. by KatsCreationKorner
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Hello, my name is Katherine. I’m an 18 year old queer Canadian girl and I’ve opened an etsy store called Kat’s Creation Korner! 

I make earrings and beaded bracelets, with a focus on pride flags, including optional letter beads! My store is also aromantic and asexual inclusive. 

Some things you can find there are:

With many flag options! I also have a stealth option where every second bead is black, so the pride colours are broken up and look less like a pride flag.

You can also find OTP braclets, such as:

Every bracelet is made with pony beads, bamboo cord or stretch cord, and glue to hold the ends. Custom orders are available too! 

Why support my shop? Any income I make from this will go towards things I need like university, food, and keeping my animals happy and healthy - and this way you get something from it too, instead of just donating. 

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Thank you!

Can’t wait to see these kiddos again for Season 2! I’ve re-stocked on my Stranger Things stickers at my Etsy shop!

Please see the link below to my store:


Commission sweater made for the amazing @roterwolkenvogelbjd, based on the reference photo she gave us! Who doesn’t love 80s fashion? This is made in Dollshe Fashion size, with the measurements she gave us.

Find us on Etsy as #MusumeOkasan:

And check our recent update!


can we have ‘classicists against white supremacy’// ‘classicists against patriarchy’ // ‘classicists against eurocentrism’ // patches

because we’re actually at the ground of what the hate groups and right parties are trying to claim as their own and use as a weapon against others - so it’s time to take back that narrative. 

Witchy Etsy Store!

*update* please check out my shop! I have it up!

So I am putting together things to start selling my $5 bundles of divination kits! I want to start off with something somewhat small. I’m thinking each kit will have

- your choice of small crystals from what I have in stock

-2 small glass cork bottle

-dried sage

-purple ribbon with a wing charm

-your choice colors of 5 mesh fabric bags used for spell work (can be used for herbs and dream spells or whatever)

-your choice color pendulum with whatever I have in stock (all will be blessed and cleared through sage smoke before I send)

-10 assorted incense sticks

Every package will be discreet for my closet witches as well! All for $7 (that’s including shipping)

If anyone will honestly buy this please REBLOG and LIKE this! That way I can start on working on these and opening my shop! It would mean the world to me! 💗 I want to be a budget friendly store as well. 💗 LET ME KNOW your thoughts below and if you are interested in purchasing! 💗

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My Overwatch Animal Pins are finally ready!!

This is has been quite the project, I’m so happy they’re exist and I can hold them now and pin them everywhere YAY. You can get them yourself at my >>etsy<<, if you get the whole set you save $5 too >w<

NOTE: If this item is out of stock it means i’m out of D.VA Bunnies (due to a high number of defective pins) and that I am asleep. Please wait till Friday for me to reconfigure stock. Sorry Etsy is not good for this scenario!
Custom Magic Sigils, Witchcraft and Wicca
Sigils are something of a passion of mine, so I have decided to offer custom sigil commissions! This can be helpful for magic users who don't have the time to create their own, or feel sigils are not their strongest suit but would still like to use them in their life.

I did it guys! My Etsy store is up and going, and the first thing I am offering is custom sigil commissions! 

Soon, these will be offered on custom amulets, which I’m also thinking about adding herbs into for added intent!