‘Gear-Me-Up’ of the day!

Hide Your Geeky Secrets With These Lockets

“These geeky lockets by Etsy Store ThreeTwelveTrinkets are a perfect way to keep your secrets close to your chest and still let your geek flag fly. The shop covers many fandoms like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel and Minecraft and even offers an option for a custom made version, so you’ve likely to find something that’s just the right fit.”

Product Page ($18-$21)


I recently made a list of gifts for book lovers, so thought I’d make one for writers, too! All gifts are from Etsy.

Lined paper ceramic necklace by MangoTreeCeramics

Crossed pencils scout badge by TheScoutProject

Sylvia Plath quote journal by BookishlyUK

Personalised pen nib necklace by KriyaDesign

Writer’s motivation pencils by thecarboncrusader

Just Write button badge by PookaCreations


Cozy Cats Club

watercolor illustrations

Stickers, prints, postcards and sets of my Cozy Cats Club are now available in my etsy store  <3



Featured Etsy Store: StarlightDecoDream

Owned by Candy Melange and based in Houstan, Texas, the store sells top quality acrylic cosplay jewellery based on magical girl oriented manga aswell as other cute accessories sold at reasonable prices. It has proven to be rather popular with Etsy users as it has an average review rating of 5 stars and 3,452 sales to date so there’s no arguing that the products and customer service are outstanding. So if you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Ojamajo Doremi or Tokyo Mew Mew, I highly reccomend checking this store out! 



new hand screenprinted stickers now in my new etsy shop:




Plugs, Belly Rings, Accessories, Jewelry Supplies, Art, and Vintage

Plugs from $2-$5 a pair! I add new stuff all the time. Take a look :)



2 new watercolor portraits now avaiable as print-set in my etsy store: 


I also made a process Video of the second portrait and answering some questions while painting. :)


New lip balm flavor over at http://GeekFireLabs.etsy.com

★ COOKIE CAT★ Smells like a delightful FUSION of chocolate cookie and strawberry ice cream! And you don’t even have to wage an interstellar war to enjoy it!