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💎 Melanie’s Affordable Crystal Etsy Shops Masterlist 💎

Here’s a list of Etsy shops I’ve found that sell affordable crystals and stones! These are only the ones I’ve discovered so far, so please add on or message me if you have any more (especially if they sell bulk for cheap!). Who doesn’t love lots of crystals and stones for low prices?!


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.29.17

dramatic talisman necklaces by taxilhoax

dark, mystic vibes permeate from this shop — how rad are their metal-and-gemstone talismans?! these necklace styles look like they carry a hidden power ready to be released. my friend sam’s pal handmakes all of these jewelry pieces in her little cabin in lake tahoe, CA – check out the rest of taxilhoax’s shop today!


So happy to announce that my Etsy shop is open again and the Philosopher‘s Stone prints are available now! ・*☆
You can get single prints or sets of three, five, ten or a complete set with all 18 illustrations. I also made 50 stickers of the Golden Trio, while supply lasts every order will get a free sticker ♡ You can also buy the sticker on its own or get my three christmas card from last year.


Hello wonderful FFXIV fans! These pictures above are a couple of many glow-in-the-dark FFXIV job stones that have been made by a good friend of mine. The stones are currently being sold in their Etsy shop, please check the store out!

Also, keep a look out for the AST stone! They will soon be releasing it for many of you AST lovers out there ♥

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Heart Gemstones! This is the picture of the puffier kind I’ve got, 10mm thickness. The colors came out well against the background! Any other picture requests? Let me know!

See more at my shop! I’ve got all kinds. Thanks for checking me out! Coupons in the tags!


A friend of mine has finally launched her Etsy shop, offering the same gorgeous earrings and other dice jewellery she’s sold at shows for years. I own two pairs of her earrings and they’re both some of my favourites to wear, beautifully designed and surprisingly lightweight for their size. These are a few other things I’ve come very close to buying in person!

Stone Cold Creations on Etsy