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💎 Melanie’s Affordable Crystal Etsy Shops Masterlist 💎

Here’s a list of Etsy shops I’ve found that sell affordable crystals and stones! These are only the ones I’ve discovered so far, so please add on or message me if you have any more (especially if they sell bulk for cheap!). Who doesn’t love lots of crystals and stones for low prices?!


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.29.17

dramatic talisman necklaces by taxilhoax

dark, mystic vibes permeate from this shop — how rad are their metal-and-gemstone talismans?! these necklace styles look like they carry a hidden power ready to be released. my friend sam’s pal handmakes all of these jewelry pieces in her little cabin in lake tahoe, CA – check out the rest of taxilhoax’s shop today!

“Sometimes life seems to quiet into paralyzing silence, like the moonless dark…”

Definitely needing to soak in these incredible loving vibes emitting from this huge natural rose quartz piece. She is currently listed in the shop, but tonight, she is mine ❤💕 (Don’t worry, I thoroughly cleanse each and every piece with white sage and positive intention before sending to new homes 😊🤗)


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.7.17

marble stone earrings by antomyn

not only are these marble stone earring styles unique and special — they’re SUPER affordable at under $10! the top threader earrings with the long chain are also available in blue, and the lower ball-style earrings feature an ear-hugging look.

Beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Heart Gemstones! This is the picture of the puffier kind I’ve got, 10mm thickness. The colors came out well against the background! Any other picture requests? Let me know!

See more at my shop! I’ve got all kinds. Thanks for checking me out! Coupons in the tags!

Garnet is such a colorful mineral. Although the name means ‘dark red’ in old English, it actually comes in almost every color, including orange, and even green and purple. ❤️💛💚💜 It has been used in jewelry since ancient Rome and Egypt. Also, it’s the birthstone of January. 💎💎💎