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I’ve been looking for an alternative to necker knife style carry and belt carry knives. I don’t like the looseness of the necker knife or the bulk of the belt knife. Here is my take on a wrist carry knife. It provides easy access on the off-hand while staying within the boundary of a fashion wrist cuff.

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I’m packing up orders this weekend, so if you buy something now, it ought to ship by Monday (barring disaster/mishap/zombie apocalypse)!
Bell Jar Stacked Steampunk Necklace
This one of a kind pendant features cogs in various colors and sizes with a faceted glass cube, stacked under a clear glass bell jar. The pendant has been sealed closed and comes with a 30 inch long antique gold chain. Its the perfect accessory for any air ship captain or time traveler! Combined shipping when ordered as an add on to any other item in my shop! When ordered alone, shipping fee will still apply.

Bringing out that fire!
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TWO NEW REPAINTS FOR SALE IN THE SHOP! The bluest Lagoona Blue and a gilded-gold Robecca Steam are looking for a new home. Won’t you take a look and see what else I have in store? 75 items for your viewing pleasure, including other lovely repaints, doll/BJD jewelry, props and accessories, and faceup/repaint services for only $20!

Hey all. So I was out of work 3 weeks with this crazy contagious eye infection so money is really tight right now.  If anyone is in the market for some jewelry, clay mermaids or fairy doors please feel free to check out my etsy.  I can also do custom orders. I don’t have any of the mermaids listed yet but will try and get them up soon. Please reblog if you’d like. 

Lunalightandco  <————link to the shop

here are some items I have listed.