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Light Up Constellation

A bit of the night sky in your own home!

Each canvas depicts a unique starscape, and hidden within each is a light up constellation of your choosing.

Each canvas is 12’ x 16’.

For constellations that are not listed, including fictional ones (Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings, etc.), message me directly.

Sadly I can only ship within the US at this time.




I found an etsy shop that sells texturized spinner rings. You can fully customize the ring. The price of them range from $8-10, which is a very good price for something like this (in my opinion) considering I haven’t seen spinner rings like this before. I’m probably gonna order one (or two) for myself once I go on my next online shopping spree.

(Also, this shop has other really nice fidget/stim items up for sale)


New Wands in the Shop & Major Changes

This is not the same sort of update as I normally do. Just letting all of you know there are going to be some HUGE changes to my shop. I got a notice from Warner Brothers last night that I cannot use anything with ‘Harry Potter’ or content of the book in my work. It was a little discouraging, but I mulled it over and will continue to make wands and just list them a little differently. In a way, this works out better so people can choose a wand specific to their personality rather than anything pre-sorted and I can expand on things more inspired by other books like Lord of the Rings and Magician: Apprentice. I am having to redo all my listings to reflect these changes, but do not worry! I will still continue to do custom orders to your specifications and will have everything re-listed this week.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 2.23.17

theme thursday: alternative engagement rings

unique engagement rings by minimalvs

not all ladies are into your standard engagement ring. today i’ve focused on some rad alternatives, and i’m closing things out with a pair of unique stunners from minimalvs. the cluster style of the top ring catches the light and features a colorful sapphire, and the bottom ring’s lunar phase band turns a simple solitaire ring into something special.


My charms are up on Etsy!

One thing to know if you’re going to order a charm they will be random unless you specify one you’d want, so if you want a sushi charm you will add an order request like “can you give me a sushi charm?”
And the pokemon charms are special because you have a random chance of getting a shiny pokemon! (Unless you request no shiny, i know not everyone likes shinys) same as the first, it’ll be random unless you say otherwise!


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 1.30.17

14kt gold-filled open heart midi ring by castawayjewelryco

this solid-looking yet delicate open heart ring can be a midi ring as shown or a regular ring depending on size. also available in silver! insert heart eye emojis.


{large terrarium ring featuring dry preserved fluted bird’s nest fungi, teeny tiny orange mushrooms, 3 miniature ferns, and goldenrod florets}

this gem of a ring has been marked way down since I first listed it. it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that would make a unique holiday gift! ^_^


etsyfindoftheday | almost-valentine’s finds | 2.13.16

opal trillion ring set by minimalvs

this swoon-worthy engagement ring-and-band set is hella unique - i’m digging the trillion-cut super-shiny opal and the delicate golden lacy band that matches oh so perfectly.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 2.23.17

theme thursday: alternative engagement rings

minimal geometric ring styles by rhoandjo // mercy | abby | artemis

LOVE the geometric + gemstone styles at rhoandjo — i’ve been featuring them for years. the chevron-shaped mercy ring is available in 5 colors, abby combines my favorite opal stone with a moody polite (or black spinel), and the non-gemstone artemis celebrates the warrior woman with an arrow-shaped design. which is your fave?