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Why be a Princess when you can be a Superheroine?? XDD

<^>I Got your 6<^>

Artist Statement of Purpose: My goal for this shirt is for it to be worn by people who have a connection with indigeneity and people of color. Thank you for not taking away from other people’s cultures. #endculturalappropriation

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HEY guys, so I’m currently a student in UNI here in Aus trying to get a job. But as a hobby and own little business I’ve opened an Etsy store :)

All of my shirts go up to 3XL in sizing and are hand made! I have Tje 1975 designs, All Time Low designs (more to come) and some of my own with more lisitngs on their way. 

If this isn’t your thing or you don’t care awesome, im just tryna get the word out there! check it out if you’d like! Its greatly appreciated (also feel free to message me here of any designs or lyrics you may like) 

<3 <3 <3