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This is a Yang ring I made for a dear friend in exchange for some seriously delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. I think it came out really nice, and he loves it, too!

The ring is stainless steel (so no green fingers!), engraved with Yang’s symbol and the words “I Burn.” The symbol and text are colored with an opaque, enamel-like ink, and the ink and ring are protected with a clear epoxy resin.

If you’d like to commission something similar, check out my Etsy page. These are perfect for holiday gifts! 💛

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here we go again. guys, i’m fucked. i need like $170 for my pain pills, $70 for my other prescriptions, more for my med bills because i fucking got ringworm, and i’m still trying to raise money for my sister’s med bills (she might have brain cancer), which are impending loudly. if you can, please donate and if you can’t, please spread this at least. here’s a page with all the services i offer if you want goods in exchange for your donation. please help me, i’m begging.


Hey everyone! I know I’m a little late on the pride train, but I am here to release these mythological creature pride stickers! All the info is on the Etsy page, but here’s a quick rundown!

3x3 Pride stickers!
If you don’t like the current creature on your flag, you can ask for a different model!
If you don’t see your flag, no worries! PM me and I’ll be happy to try and work something out for you. 

$3 dollars for each sticker! (theres a bit of shipping costs, and if you’re in the US, it seems to come to 4 dollars extra? so theres that)

If you can’t buy at the moment, please reblog and spread! Thank you!
(if the buy button isn’t on the post, click here!)

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My etsy shop Paint Between The Pages is now open!!! I’ll be hand drawing and hand water color painting these gorgeous bookmarks and many more!!! Each bookmark will be accented with real gold such as on Claire’s wedding dress here. Just to add that elegant touch. I want to create an entire set of Outlander bookmarks but I need your help!!! Pleassse go follow my store Instagram @paintbetweenthepages to stay updated! Your support and enthusiasm about these bookmarks will mean everything to me! Share with friends 😄😄😄 (oh I have a Harry potter bookmark on my ig, too)