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Supergirl coloring page, first time trying out Illustrator. 

Feel free to steal, print out, color, send to me.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.9.17

theme thursday: valentine’s day gift ideas for kids

giant coloring poster: cats! by atelierruetabaga

happy thursday everyone! today’s theme will focus on finds for the little ones in your lives — fun activities and gifts perfect for kids. atelierruetabaga’s giant coloring posters are available in several themes. as a kid at heart, and a former art major, i’d LOVE to get my paws on this bad boy and start scribbling!



// You heard it here first, folks! Introducing a very cute and colourful line of mollusk creatures that were carefully crafted by the ever talented and amazing SRSilver! Aka @asktheseastars / @4-of-a-kind

These are for sale RIGHT NOW on my etsy page (Permission was given to sell these) and you can visit the listing here!

Please be aware some colours are EXTREMELY LIMITED (especially elite octoling) so PLEASE PM ON ETSY TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY OF A COLOUR DESIRED. 

With the hype of the Switch possibly bringing splatoon to the portable word, what better way to show off your inky side than with a charm? Until Saturday January 14th 2017 you can use the DISCOUNT CODE of “SRSILVER” for 10% off your order!!

Thank you and I hope you are able to snag one of these lovely charms!!


Introducing Temporary Tattoos for Cosplay!

Just in time for conventions- Steven Universe Gem tattoos! You can wear them as part of your cosplay or just because you love the show!

Check them out and purchase them through our etsy below;

Individual Gem Tattoos

Pack Gem Tattoos

Fusion Tattoos

Special Effects Tattoos (with real gem textures!)

(note; we DO take temporary tattoo commissions! Please message us off anon, or at our etsy or facebook page! )



So I finally finished the pre-order bonus. You will be getting one randomly assorted sticker sheet with any of these guys on it. (Not necessarily these two assortments but similar) You will have to cut them out yourself tho! And they are vinyl! So decently waterproof! Because I got these out so late Im extending the pre-order window to the end of the month. Remember that bonus stickers and pair order discount is only available for pre-orders! I should be getting the charms in very soon so look out for pics of them!

More info on these on the etsy page here!–

I’m running a sale on hematite(a grounding crystal that draws your energy to the earth through your root chakra) and white quartz(a cleansing crystal to remove physical and spiritual blockages) to combat erectile dysfunction and impotence during Mercury’s upcoming retrograde(April 9th - May 9th).


blush pink theme for some notes i made today for my online advertising and pr class! lowkey hate the class because the prof puts all the slides in comic sans which hurts my heart ://
also don’t forget to check out my etsy page for super cheap washi tape samples! (only 50-75 ¢ per foot!)