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Hannibal Playing Cards

Until Nov 1st you can pre order my Hannibal themed playing cards, now with updated art and season 3 characters!

The deck also has custom suits - Antlers, Lures, Hearts and Hogs, and each suit, has individual Hannibal Characters as their picture cards…

As the supplier changed some things about the process, I’ve had to shift my goal and I’m a little further away now than I was, so I’d really appreciate a signal boost if you can!

If I get enough pre orders, I can add some new badges or something to all orders for free!


Howdy! I’m not much for sales, but I’m doing some Fall cleaning to get some space for my new models! So that means some models of specific sizes are 10% off AND ready to ship! Only while stocks last, these are my leftovers from Otakuthon. I have a few Chara and Frisk size small, and Mettaton EX size medium and large, grab them while you can!

I’m also selling a few prototypes, and a unique Mei t-shirt. Those are super cheap because they’re not items that could make it to the shop, but they’re still up to my quality standards. There’s Muffet v1.0 size small-medium, and Mad Dummy size small.

Everything’s on my Etsy here:


Jefferson “The Mad Hatter” Custom Funko

This was one of those cases where I passed over the key part forever but @thatravenclawbitch saw it.  Jefferson uses the body off a Mad Hatter from Through the Looking Glass but I didn’t like any of the mad hatter heads for him because none looked to be like Sebastian Stan to me.  This one uses a Willy Wonka head with his hair painted black and I gave him a bit more distinct colors on his coat but otherwise I’m happy with the general feel.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.

Comicpalooza is this weekend, May 12th-14th! 😆 I’m trying to get organized because I fly out tomorrow! 🛫😊 But check this out! I’ve got a handy new tote for Houston that’s perfect for traveling! 👜✨ Hee hee 😄 Like what you see? 😉 You’ll be able to pick up your own this weekend at booth #42! 😊 I’ll be there all weekend so stop by and check out the new goodies!🙋💕 But if you’re not able to make it to Texas for the show, I left a few for Etsy after the madness of my May the 4th release! ☺💖 I’ll try to make them available on Friday! 😁 But now I’m off to pack up for the show! 😊🛍Have a good evening lovelies! 😙💗
Hannibal Decorative Lunch Box for the discerning Fannibal
Ever wonder how Hannibal brings food from home? Certainly not in a lunch box! Just in case you wanted your very own Hannibal lunch box, I have got you covered. This is not an incredibly sturdy lunch box and is mostly for display. But it should handle occasional use just fine. A great thing to freak out your new coworker with, or surprise a Fannibal friend with! The metal lunch box shows art mostly from the first season of Hannibal. It measures about 8 x 6 x 3. I have made two of these, and I will not be making more after these are gone

Selling two of these Hannibal lunchboxes in my etsy shop!  :)

Don’t Peggy Olson Me M*therfuckers Cross Stitch Pattern

I adore Neko Case and was particularly tickled when she tweeted at Playboy regarding their “compliment” of her essentially saying “she’s pretty good, for a girl”…

I decided it needed to be immortalized AND I turned it into a pattern so that you can stitch it too!

I went with this outfit for Peggy (cause I love me some Peggy)

For $5 you get 3 patterns, a tutorial and shopping list so you can get your feminist stitch on. 

Get the pattern here.  

Happy Stitching!



Finally finished the Cheshire Cat Tail! It is a massive 29 inches in length and 7 inches wide unfluffed! Being a HUGE fan of the original Alice in Wonderland, and I am proud of how this one came out! What do you guys think? <3

Check it out here!