Vibrant and Uplifting Illustrations by Katie Daisy

Based in the Pacific Northwest, artist Katie Daisy conveys the magic of a life lived in harmony with nature through her beautifully hand-painted, inspirational illustrations. The young artist uses watercolor and acrylic paint as well as mixed media materials to create each vibrant and smile-inducing piece. You can find high-quality prints of these uplifting illustrations at her Etsy shop, The Wheatfield.


For Sale!

As these are my first attempts at Bar Soap I’m not listing them for sale in my shop just yet, however they ARE up for grabs!  Click each picture for more details but the prices are as follows:

All 7 Gemstones (Vegan Friendly/Glycerin) - $5 + Shipping Gems are Sold
Red Ombre Bars (Vegan Friendly/Glycerin) - $4 each or $7 for 2 + Shipping
Baby Pink Bars (Goat’s Milk) - $4 each + Shipping Sold

Daddy’s Princess:  Ripe strawberry meets bubbly champagne and tart cassis.  (Pink Bars)
Moon Hymn: Tart cranberries, with cinnamon and clove. (Red Gems/Bars)
Star Circus: Rich, creamy vanilla and blueberry. (Purple Gems)

If you want a combination we can discuss the prices so feel free to send me a message/ask or message me on Etsy.  Look forward to bar soaps being available more frequently in my shop in the near future; however they will NOT be Choose Your Own.  I will only have available whatever colours and scents I make in batches.

Luvmilk @ Etsy


Large Green Leaf Glass Pendants by Is This Handmade

Croatian jewelry maker Željka handcrafts large pendants out of resin and glass that make truly unique statement pieces for your neckline. We were initially drawn to the green leaf collection, but there are a variety of other real objects like: roses, insects, crayons and even bacon that are available for you to adorn and jazz up an outfit with. Visit the Etsy shop Is This Handmade to see the rest of this creative line of jewelry. 


Maneki ♡ Neko hand-embroidered patch // available on lOll3SHOP
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yay!! the right patch for all the cat lovers!!! catify your outfit with a unique, super cute, totally handmade patch!! hand-embroidered with love and magic only for you! *:・゚✧