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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week shop feature | 6.13.15

shop feature: portergulch

featured rings: moissanite solitaire with pavé diamond band + amazing diamond eternity band


“I started Homestead Seattle in 2009 because I love old furniture. At the time, I was doing a lot of experimenting with my personal design style, which meant constantly switching out the pieces in my home. While traveling around and searching for myself, I noticed an abundance of under-appreciated furniture – most of which would end up in a landfill if it didn’t make it into the right hands. I wanted to get these pieces of history into the homes of people who would honor and preserve them."– MIchele Tansey

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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week shop feature | 6.13.15

shop feature: portergulch

swooning hardcore. check out these four pieces from brooke, all available now in her etsy shop:

>three moissanite gold ring, round-cut
>morganite ring on rose gold setting with diamonds
>round moissanite solitaire in yellow gold with curved pavé diamond band

one more little note from brooke coming up, followed by a few extra portergulch beauts for you to fall in love with.


“I am inspired by the simplicity, efficiency and beauty of bicycles. The joy from riding a bicycle can be the most pure kind: saying hello to your neighbor; feeling the strength of your body propelling you forward; being able to give directions to the nearest fruit tree in season. For me, riding bikes isn’t a sport – it’s a lifestyle. Becoming a cyclist has been the most empowering decision I have ever made, not only because it allowed me a physical sense of independence, but also because it led me to my current path as a small business owner.” — Marina

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“"We love experimenting with forms through sketches and collages in notebooks, which eventually lead to cardboard models and then wooden prototypes. We think about how a child would assemble our toys, which brings an educational value to the process of playing. Finally, we work on the colors, which is a fundamental focus of our work; we believe that the combination of form and color is a strong stimulus for children’s imaginations."— Athina and Jose

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“For us, relationships are everything. Our wedding line celebrates them, our card line nourishes them, and our prints literally proclaim them. We’re directly inspired by our experiences as a family: quirky words exchanged at the breakfast table, places we dream of visiting, nostalgic knickknacks and the promises we’ve sworn to uphold come hell or high water.” — Jessica and Garett

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“Having this business feels like stepping fully into who I truly am – like moving into a house the universe built for me. (Not to go all woo-woo on you, but there you go.) For the first time, at 37, I feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I mean, I have no idea how to run a company – my business card should really say “Educated Guesser” – and I have infinitely more responsibility today than I did in my former career, but I experience so much less daily stress now. Of course, there’s still stress, but it’s different: it’s the stress of growing and learning, versus the stress of spending my life doing something that didn’t quite fit.” - Emily McDowell

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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week shop feature | 6.13.15

shop feature: portergulch

featured rings: pebble ring with moissanite gemstones // petite diamond trio ring


etsyfindoftheday | unique gifts | 12.2.15

leather goods by lowroads

my sister-in-law kaia is friends with shop owner sam from lowroads, an eau claire, WI-based etsy shop featuring some pretty rad holiday presents. these unique bags and pretty little leather coin purse are perfectly giftable.


etsyfindoftheday | 5.17.15

fitted crib sheet in berry kilim print by iviebaby

expecting, or know someone that is? well, be a pal and point them (or yourself!) in the direction of iviebaby on etsy. this shop features nursery bedding and accessories like boppy covers that are so super chic, you’ll want some for yourself in adult-size. srsly. kilims and arrows and elephants and ikat and oh so much more!!


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week shop feature | 6.13.15

shop feature: portergulch

and then i got to check out some of brooke’s wedding ring and engagement styles … oh. my. god. SO BEAUTIFUL. i definitely took hella pics to show the husbo. hint hint.

one of the topics i was most excited to ask brooke about below …

EFOTD: tell me about 1 or 2 stories/anecdotes of some of your selling experiences (wedding-related if possible!) ;)

BROOKE: recently i designed an engagement ring for my sister. we are very close. we even live in the same apartment building and i was so worried that i was going to slip up and mention something about the ring or her being engaged. i am a very good secret keeper but when it’s your sister you are keeping a secret from it’s much harder! on the day her fiance proposed to her i was equal parts excited for them and relieved that i hadn’t ruined it! the best news was that she loved the ring: a gorgeous oval diamond with two diamond trillions on either side set in yellow gold.

i have worked with so many wonderful couples all over the world. one that stands out is a client in fort collins who created a scavenger hunt for his fiancée. at the end he proposed with a custom ring that he had made for her. we had the morganite stone cut just for her!

AAAAAAHHHmazing. i love love <3 i’ll feature a few of the pieces i got to try on next!! stay tuned for more from brooke, too.

shop portergulch now: engagement rings | men’s rings | more ring styles


etsyfindoftheday | SHOP FEATURE | 4.12.15

featured shop: onthefreshcoast
featured items: handmade ceramic home decor

on tumblr: onthefreshcoast

another unique section of amy’s supercool etsy shop, onthefreshcoast, to share with all of you tonight — her handmade ceramics. i’m a sucker for pottery and hand-built ceramic home decor items, and amy’s earthy/hippie vibe only makes her creations cooler. check out this rad ‘phases of the moon’ wall hanging, glazed and tasseled and perfect, as well as her 'green sky’ wall decor ring complete with a gilded-hand-wired green gem. swoon.

amy, i can’t thank you enough for opening your creative mind for me and for sharing some of your sweet bath and body and baked goods with me — i hope this shop feature opens the eyes of my followers to your groovy etsy vibes and your curated tumblr blog! i know i’m loving it <3 one more post is on the way, guys, so get stoked.