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Let’s Talk Fire Safety

As witches and pagans, candles are a big part of our culture.  Oftentimes we use candles in a nod to our predecessors that we honor.  However, we often forget they used candles because it’s all they had, and that they were as familiar with safely using them as we are with safely (hopefully) using kitchen knives.

Quick Refresher: 

1. Never ever leave candles/burn bowls unattended especially if you have familiars or kids
2. Put candles inside of glasses, bowls etc, so that if they burn low nothing surrounding the candle catches fire. 
3. If you have Carpet, do your burn bowls outside on the driveway, or in the sink. 
4. If you’re lighting paper strips or anything else on fire, do it in the sink, or on the driveway, or over/by a body of water. 
5. When burning loose incense with charcoal make sure it is on a hot pad, and away from flammable items that floating ash/embers could ignite. 
6. In your alter room or wherever you are burning candles, have a heavy, non-synthetic weave blanket to put out any emergency situation.  If you are working with chemical items like charcoal, oils, etc, water may not do the trick.
7. Be aware of what you are using as a candle holder or candle decor… does it have anything that is flammable on or near the candle (decorative ribbons, herbs, flowers, sticks, paper, etc).  
8.  BEWARE of the most common ritual candles sold in etsy shops and events - the ones with HERBS and FLOWERS in them - the flowers/herbs WILL IGNITE!!
(personally I avoid them, but if you definitely want to burn them, watch them CLOSELY, it only takes a second and the dried herbs are highly flammable)

Dream Snake No. 13

Dream Snakes are cunning little friends who love to sleep near your pillow and snack on any bad dreams that might be coming your way. They use their feathered bodies to swim through the air at night, snapping up all those nasty nightmares. You couldn’t ask for a better companion!

This particular dream snake is wearable, meant to act as a faithful familiar in your travels!

This doll is not for sale; she’ll be available at the New York Faerie Festival this weekend. Any dolls that don’t sell will be available on Etsy after the event!

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What: Gold Opal Birthstone Ring $29

This ring was a gift from me to Holland at Wolfcon since we share opal as a birthstone and I’m very happy that she liked it enough to wear it. It was specially made for her, so I talked to the seller & she’ll be glad to make more if any of you are interested, she also has other lovely birthstones!

Where and When: Tyler Shields’ Historical Fiction Exhibition, 16th May, 2015

Worn with:  Brandy Melville Irene Knit; Brandy Melville Aspen Tank; Brandy Melville Keira Shorts; Botkier Bag & Eijk Booties  Leonard & Church watch

Arolo No. 11

Arolos are sweet, sleepy little friends who love to keep you company at your desk, bookshelf, or anywhere else hey can catch a quick nap. They’re great listeners, and always happy to encourage you when you’re hard at work. Not looking for a desk buddy? Your Arolo will be just as happy reading over your shoulder or sharing a nice cup of tea, but watch that she doesn’t steal any cookies off your plate!

This doll is not for sale, as she’ll be available at the New York Faerie Festival next month. Any dolls that don’t sell will be available on Etsy after the event!

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