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Tumblrrr I have failed you!

I forgot to mention I’m having an Etsy shop update today, April 2nd, going live at 12 pm central time.

Instagram seems to be my main platform these days, so if you’d like to get the scoop sooner perhaps you should pop over there and follow me at @mudanddeanna ?

All that being said I miss my days of Tumblr scrolling so I need to spend a day here with wine and icecream and enjoy all the feelz of what I’d have to say is still the best social media platform.



etsyfindoftheday 3 | 1.11.17

planter pokes by hernameismud

these decorated ‘planter pokes’ are little stick-in decorations for your plant pots … i SO need the one that says, ‘don’t you die on me.’


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 2.15.17

clay drinkware by michelleluupottery

  • speckled ceramic blush stripe cup
  • nightfall black ceramic stoneware mugs

i couldn’t decide which of these michelleluupottery pieces to feature … so you get ‘em both!! the speckled clay looks awesome with the colorful glaze stripes in the top cup, and i dig the varied designs of the black-and-white stormy mugs in the bottom photo.


Fun and functional little form

From @shamblinshop - Throwing match strikers on the wheel 💪🏼 #shamblinshop #ceramics #pottery #clay #artist #studio #decor #homedecor#shop #shopsmall #diy #smallbusiness #etsy #etsyseller #handmade #rva #virginia #style #happy #wheelthrown #follow #craft #photography #gifts #potteryvideos #throwing

#potterymaking #wheelthrowing #wheelthrown

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.2.17

theme thursday: animal friend finds

sloth planters by minkymooceramics

i love animals, as i said in my first post today … and my twin sister’s favorite animal of all time is the sloth. so slow, so cute, so mossy :) this ceramic planter by minkymooceramics features three different brown-hued sloth options! need.


How to throw a complex form.

From @jacksonfyfeceramics - Making a decorative version of the bottle from the other day. This form was quite challenging to achieve as the shoulder had to be able to support the “mini-vase” that served as the neck. My other cat named Murphy decided to sit on the stool at the end of the video. I thought it was too cute not to share :) Enjoy!
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Happy Easter egg cup with chicks by Heidi Burton
Via Flickr:
The egg cup can be used as a tea light candle holder, tiny succulent pot, or little ring bowl if you prefer! They make cute ornaments to spread smiles around the home. Each piece is lovingly drawn by hand, so is one of a kind!


Can we talk for a moment here about Lolo Kokochaka’s work? Unreal. It’s so vibrant and playful, and I’m so envious of how seamlessly she meshes color with shape. It’s something I struggle with a lot in my own work, and it is such an inspiration to see someone work so seemingly effortlessly between the two. She creates really nice, simple forms, enhanced by color scheme. Lolo appears to work predominantly by hand-building out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

At this time, she does not have her own website, but work can be purchased directly through Etsy


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: your secret santa  | 12.1.16

colorful drops + white ceramic mug by fyofyo

secret santas can be tough to buy for if you aren’t really close with your person, but a rad coffee mug is always a good idea … especially if you include some cocoa or good beans or a stirring stick, too.



Looking for a fun and unique Christmas gift? Or just in need of a one-of-a-kind piece for yourself? Need a nifty pencil holder or vase for flowers? Check out my handmade ceramics! Pieces are wheel-thrown, the texture carved/added by hand.

All pieces are $20 (plus shipping and handling: approx. $10 for a single piece in the US)

If you are interested please contact me! If you wish to purchase one of the pieces I will list it in my Etsy store at your request. If you’re interested in purchasing a piece at a later date we can discuss setting it aside for you!

size reference images below:

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