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Wear your heart on your wrist instead of your sleeve. by KatsCreationKorner
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Hello, my name is Katherine. I’m an 18 year old queer Canadian girl and I’ve opened an etsy store called Kat’s Creation Korner! 

I make earrings and beaded bracelets, with a focus on pride flags, including optional letter beads! My store is also aromantic and asexual inclusive. 

Some things you can find there are:

With many flag options! I also have a stealth option where every second bead is black, so the pride colours are broken up and look less like a pride flag.

You can also find OTP braclets, such as:

Every bracelet is made with pony beads, bamboo cord or stretch cord, and glue to hold the ends. Custom orders are available too! 

Why support my shop? Any income I make from this will go towards things I need like university, food, and keeping my animals happy and healthy - and this way you get something from it too, instead of just donating. 

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Thank you!


HI I’m Chris and i really need your help

I have a girlfriend. She lives in France. We’ve been dating for about 3 years and I really want to go see her. The thing is, i can’t afford that. And haven’t been able to all this time.

BUT, recently i opened up an etsy shop hoping to make some money by selling chokers and the occasional bracelet. 

A few days ago, i found super cheap airplane tickets that would cost me a little over 100€ to go and come back.

I Still don’t have that money. Obviously, i can’t tell my parents “hi im gay give me 200€ to visit my girlfriend In France” 

But if i can save up the money myself, I Could Go, and be there, in her town, on her 19th Birthday. 

(YEAH, The Cheapest flight i found was Literally On her Birthday) 

My goal for now is 100€ so i can pay for the tickets. But if i can make a little more than that, i could even afford my staying expenses too, which, for now, my girlfriend is planning to pay for.

It would mean the world to me if you reblogged this and maybe even considered buying something from my shop.

TL;DR: I’m gay and i need money to go visit my girlfriend for her bday. Please help me out

- A broke kid that wants to kiss their girlfriend 


Fluorite Flower Wish Bracelet:
Crescent Moon Charm: The Crescent Moon gives your wish a boost of much needed energy. It also helps the wearer with courage to work through negative things.

Fluorite: is a very cleansing stone and helps bring order from chaos. It helps with relationships, health, intellect, and emotional well being. Its good for balancing and protection as well.

Garnet is such a colorful mineral. Although the name means ‘dark red’ in old English, it actually comes in almost every color, including orange, and even green and purple. ❤️💛💚💜 It has been used in jewelry since ancient Rome and Egypt. Also, it’s the birthstone of January. 💎💎💎