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*pardon future me taking advantage of this old dead account*

I’ve opened up an Etsy where I’ll be selling of my collection of homemade stickers: Lemongellii Store on Etsy

There’s lots of original sticker designs, glittery stickers, and Osomatsu San stickers (for ya weebies<3)

I’m home for Summer break and am desperately looking for a new job with no luck so far. I have to make as much money as I can in the 4 months that I’ll be home so I can survive at college once I move back.

Anything helps, thank you for reading.
Stim Freely Embroidery Patches - Imperfect Prototypes, on Sale for $5 each
SapphicStitches etsy shop

Hey all! To earn money for top surgery, I’ve started working on some autistic / neurodivergent pride patches. I’ve completed two so far, and because I’m working out how to make them they aren’t quite perfect – but the good news is, that means you can get them for a cheaper price than the perfected patches will be!

So check out these two patches or sit tight for the perfected patches, which should hit the store within a few days. 

We all deserve to stim freely – wear this patch on a jacket, a purse or backpack, or anything else you like to remind yourself (and others) of that.

I’d also love some more ideas for other phrases or designs to include on further autistic pride patches – let me know what you’d like to see on a patch!


So I did it, I opened up an Etsy shop! Decided to start off lightly with art prints and postcards, I’m trying to get a handle of Etsy and figure out what kind of a shop I want to build (might change the name too later on). I wanted to ask you art and craft sellers on Etsy: do you think knitted items have a good chance on Etsy? I’m worried about pricing knitted items too high, and too low prices not meeting my work hours… so I thought prints would be an easy start to figure out pricing and such. Take a look and let me know what you think! And any tips on Etsy selling is appreciated, I know there’s a lot of experienced craft sellers in the tumblr knitter community! :) 

I need help.

Short version: my mental health has taken a shit, leading to reduced work hours, but I still need to pay bills. My medications are pricey, I just had a car repair that cost $453, and I’ve racked up credit card debt to try to stay afloat.

My PayPal is:, and there’s a Ko-Fi button on my blog.

Long version: I was hired to a local casino last April and it was the worst idea ever. I’ve developed more anxiety problems than I can shake a stick at, my depression symptoms have worsened, and I’ve had attendance issues as a result.

My doctor is aware and working with me to adjust medications and get me a consult toward the disability process. The fact that she didn’t argue with me when I asked to get started on that road tells me a lot.

Over the past three months I’ve had to use my credit card to keep caught up with my bills. My parents don’t know the extent of my problem and it’s best that they never do.

I can use whatever help I can get.

My PayPal is, and I have an Etsy shop:

Reblogs are appreciated.

Etsy Shop

Hello All

I am now offering my readings and spiritual services on Etsy, I have recently opened up a shop on the website :) You can check it out on the link below:

I will be adding more listings to the shop; such as honey jars, mojo bags, oil lamps, etc. which will be able to be purchased. Currently, I have listed Tarot Reading for General Life:

Click Here 

Be sure to look into the shop, I will keep you guys updated as I add more listings to it. Your support would be much appreciated!



These are TINY hand drawn pieces of art encapsulated in floating glass lockets. The lockets have strong magnetic clasps so you can sort and switch out what’s inside. I drew one with insanely fine pens, watercolor and a lot of patience. I only have one of each so it’s first come, first serve. 

$25 each on Etsy - FREE US shipping <3


Hi there! Do you like the creeping sensation of having made a huge, life-ruining mistake that haunts you nightly, rearranges your furniture, makes your cat whisper all kinds of ominous bullshit at midnight, and turns random condiments in your fridge to blood? Because I do not. Please consider buying one or all of these hideously corrupt and dangerous yet still somehow dishwasher and microwave safe handmade ceramic items, and free me from the ongoing nightmare that is having eight of them lurking on my bedroom shelf, chanting ominously and setting intermittent fires.


Signal boosts are appreciated. I really can’t emphasize enough how much I want to sell these. 


Animal Crossing Felt Badges - For Sale!

£2.50 per badge!

I take villager requests! All information can be found on my shop PocCrossPins, Click the link below! :3🎈


hey!! my name is silas julian. I’m a gay agender 20 year old artist living in mississippi. I mostly make and sell my mixed media collages/paintings!! I’m also pretty broke, so this is a post trying to spread the word about my art and my etsy shop. 

I’d really appreciate reblogs!!!! tumblr is really the only way I have to get the word out about my art and store. reblogs really help me out!!!

if you have any questions about anything you can send me an etsy message or IM me on tumblr!!

etsy shop link 


I made some more overwatch ornaments/ charms based on the recent event sprays!! They look so gosh dang wholesome, honestly.

Also, as it turns out, I have to pay significantly more rent than I expected to this month, so if y’all would like to support me, you can purchase these and other overwatch merchandise from my etsy shop, AlchemistsCrafts.  I’d appreciate it a lot <3 !!


>See these and more LGBTQ+ buttons at the shop!<

If you’re looking to support queer-owned businesses with your holiday shopping this year, check out my shop! I make mostly LGBTQ+ themed buttons to help fund my transition, many of which are customizable. I have a whole section of custom name and pronoun buttons

I’ve got a few holiday specials going, plus all the usual sets of buttons are available as well. The Dinosaur Themed Trans Buttons and Cosmic Pride Buttons are some of the most popular designs along with both pronoun button styles. New to the shop are punk Feminist buttons

As a cyber Monday/small business Saturday type sale, you can use the code “SHOPQUEER” for 10% off orders of $10 or more until this Tuesday. If you’re looking to get presents for a lot of friends at once, contact me; I offer pretty big discounts for bulk orders of pre-made and custom buttons!

Thanks so much for all your support!



Hello! Sorry i’ve been putting this off for so long, but con season was crazy and then Storenvy implemented that fee for shoppers so I spent the last week or two retaking all my photos and relisting on Etsy! 

From now on, Storenvy will basically be for pre-orders and big ticket limited items only, and Etsy will be the main store for regular merchandise that’s ready to ship so you won’t be dinged $1 for a small purchase!

Anyway, yea. Shop away! If there is something you wanted from me you saw at a con but don’t see listed on etsy, please feel free to send me a message via email, contact form or tumblr and i can spin you up a custom order :)

Note: A lot of the charms are limited, what charms are not listed are sold out, and what’s there may be very limited. I probably won’t restock them for christmas etc., this is left over from cons!

Young Justice by Christopher Jones

Great Show, Great Characers, Great Art

This is an art print on 11" x 17" cardstock. This print features hand-drawn line art with color added in Adobe Photoshop. The URL watermark does NOT appear on the actual print, and the artwork will come signed by the artist.

Own Now:


Land of Rapture is back open! //  Free shipping worldwide if you spend over $30 with code FREESHIP16 OR 10% off any order under $30 with code LOR10.

After a semi hiatus we’re back in action with a handful of our most popular items. We also do custom items and custom listings for any previous items listed in the store. Send us a convo on Etsy! 

(Land of Rapture @ Etsy // Land of Rapture @ Tumblr // Signal boosting is appreciated!)