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Where do you like to buy crystals?

Where do I personally like to buy crystals?

I got a lot of mine from Green Earth, in the beginning, honestly. Haven’t had any issues with them.

I enjoy going to weekend farmer’s markets, they tend to have booths that carry them. I went to one just this past weekend and got amazing pieces of raw fluorite, raw tiger’s eye (I had never seen it before), and an awesomely shaped quartz point. I am in love.

There’s this amazing Rock Shop in a city a couple hours away from me. Like, seriously beyond words phenomenal. So many specimens, and so well priced. Like, ahhh~

I don’t tend to shop online too much, because I know it can be easy to not get exactly what you see on screen. There was one shop I found (that happened to be based out of my old city, so I got local pick-up and no shipping charges, woo!) and that one I really liked, but they were “closed” the last time I checked, and I’ll be damned if I know the name anymore, and I found them again! They were called [Coyote Rainbow] on Etsy, and I’ll have to see about getting my friend to pick some up from them for me some time. :D

Some online sites others have recommended:

I hope that helps you!


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