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Hi guys! I have some kind of cool news to share! I just recently made a Redbubble store, which is admittedly still very tiny and mostly for stickers, but which now Actually Exists! The link is here

I’m hoping to eventually get some Plance content on there for my fellow shippers, and I do want to make content for all of the individual paladins, but in the meantime, I just wanted to tell you about it! (You know. Shamelessly self-advertising and all that.)

If you guys have any feedback or specific characters you’d like to see stickers of, I’d love to hear from you–I have a lot of ideas, but a few more never hurt anyone! <3


I’ve started to add some mini art prints to my Etsy shop! The first ones up are these Supernatural ones I did, sold as a set of three, but I have more on the way!

Go check these out now!


So thanks to the inspiration from @parentaladvisorybullshitcontent , (link to her shop right here! You should check it out she has some awesome patch designs). I’m considering making an Etsy for my cross stitches and I had a couple of questions. (For anyone who doesn’t know what Etsy is, it is an online selling site - much like eBay - that people can sell homemade crafts on).

First off, would anybody be interested in buying one? I wouldn’t be charging much for the a couple quid at most. The main cost would be the delivery cost. If you have haven’t seen any of my cross stitches before please feel free to have a look at my cross stitch tag! I would just start off with a simple cross stitch, probably just a single coloured one, however, I’m sure I’ll be happy to take requests.

Next, I’m rubbish at thinking up names and was wondering if anybody had any ideas. I would like to keep the MonsterMunch name in there somewhere, whether its just keeping the Monster or the Munch/Munchkin (because yes the munch is actually short for munchkin). But also have something sewing/cross stitch/crafts related in there. Something catchy hopefully. I have zero idea’s so anything would help!

Maybe an icon too cos once again I’m unimaginative

Thanks for the help!


Alright everybody.

I’m doing a giveaway to try and kick off my etsy store.

The winner will be announced on August 12th. (My bday)


1. you do not have to be following me to win, but it’s nice.

2. You Must reblog. Likes do not count

3. You may reblog as many times as you’d like, but don’t spam your followers.

4. Do NOT tag this as a giveaway. I’ve read things on other giveaways that state that this is a bad idea.

5. Tag your reblog with lobotomy-zombie, lobotomyzombie etc.

6.Go favourite my etsy shop. (and Or my Facebook page

7. your ask box must be open. I will contact the winner and if I get no response within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen. 

8. NO giveaway blogs. I am going to check.


-a copy of The Astrology Bible by Judy hall.

- 3 small candles, black, pink, white.

-1 medium/large drip candle. Black.

- 2 small bottles of crushed herbs. (Rose petals and lemon balm)

- 2 raw amethyst stones

- 1 protection rune, hand made.

- 2 pendulums. (Blue sandstone and clear crystal)

- 1 pentacle pendant necklace

- 1 celtic knot trinity charm/pendant

- 1 goddess charm/ pendant

- 1 rose quarts stone pendant

- 1 sodalite stone pendant

- 1 bronze cicada pendant

- vanilla rose incense packet

- 1 faux silk dress, size 3 ( if you want it)

Winner will be announced on August 12th (my birthday) I will check to see that youve followed the rules.

Thanks a bunch everybody! This is my very first giveaway, so im sorry its not as that neatly presented as many of the others.

Free Gifts for the Holidays!

From now until January 1st every jewelry or print order from my Etsy Shop will come with a free gift of one pin featuring some of my original art, and a crystal or tumbled gemstone. 

I will be giving away a huge variety of stones including quartz, prehnite, amethyst, carnelian, agate, jasper and a few lucky customers will even receive labradorite. Both the stone and the pin will be randomly selected.

Happy Holidays! ❄️


Re-posting because I combined the listing. Now the Fatalis set has the option to select Kirin and it’s subspecies as well as Lao Shaun to choose from as well. 


I’ve dug out all my dolls as the one that sold last week was in the very bottom of suitcase at the bottom of a stack. That doll is now parcelled up and about to go to his forever home where, hopefully, he will be loved.

The last few weeks have been mentally tough, but I’m sitting on the bed looking at all these things that I made with my own hands. I made them, and yet there is a sort of surreal detachment to them because they are better than I remember. Better than I see myself most days. That I can create these dolls is a bit of magic as well as therapy in the making of them, and all the ones that have gone off into the world before them.

I suppose I best put them away again and go make myself a cup of coffee. But I’m trying to be more positive and get things done this afternoon. Coffee first though.

P.S. Scarlett wasn’t sure what to make of me setting them all up. She just side-eyed me something fierce then curled up tighter and went to sleep.



•This giveaway is open to everyone!
•Reblogs and likes count!
•One lucky winner will be chosen May 1st!

What you’ll win…
*One adorable necklace with a flower in a glass bottle~
*One hemp bracelet (winner will choose colors;I have every color except pink)~
*One green and white bracelet with a rose glass bead~
*One drawing by me(its a surprise!)

Good luck cuties <(^.^

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Let me give you things to make you smile!  

These are just some of the goodies you could take home with you–the choice is totally up to you! :)

Reblog, share, have fun!  Good luck, gang!

❤ tea

Note:  Shipping rates still apply.  Only good for orders of $20 or more.  Only valid on current listings.  Only reblogs that follow the instructions will be qualified entries.  Any questions?  Contact me!