Hilariously Translated Signs For All Occasions By Sign Fail

Quirky puns, suggestive innuendos and sarcastic jibes are the rage here at Sign Fail, the online Etsy shop that creates hilarious signs, cards and magnets. Dubbing their unique phrasing as “Chinglish of Engrish”, Sign Fail takes inspiration of oddly translated signs from all over Asia and dresses innocent attempts at communication in the most funniest and diverse ways on the sign-making market! 

Built on sturdy acrylic perspex, the lettering is applied with gloss vinyl making them more durable than usual.  Their ridiculously translated signs with certain caution can be used at professional gatherings, home and parties to bring a few tears of laughter when your guests or customers are looking for the toilet. At Sign Fail, they strongly believe that even a wrongly placed word on the blandest signboard can make your day! Find them on Etsy.

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Stunning Macbook Pro Decals Capture The Rustic Texture of Wood

Engineer Denis Orlov’s biggest dream was to set up his own printing studio. With the support from his interior architect and designer girlfriend, he conceived Skin Lee. He began Skin Lee with a passion to create unique and exquisite designs to customize our handy electronics.

Inspired by the rustic texture of wood, Orlov’s high-quality wooden decals beautifully emulate the imperfections and vintage quality of wooden surfaces. Completed with a matte finish, the wood Macbook decal stickers. Find these decals and other designs in his Etsy shop.

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Educational Hand-Printed Scarves & Neckties by Bethany Shorb

Creator of The Cyberoptix, Bethany Shorb began her online boutique in 2005 when she noticed a void in creative, yet sophisticated neckwear. Paying an homage to chemistry, literature and the classroom, Shorb’s pieces contain quirky anecdotes full of education. From the periodic table to the vintage check out library card scarf, there is a trace of nostalgia of the elementary classroom in several of her work.

Geeky and highly customizable, Shorb aims to offer a hundred and innovative options for her fans. Find more of her neckwear pieces in her Etsy shop.

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Hey guys! 

So I’ve finally opened up my etsy shop after talking about doing it for months. I’m selling Dan and Phil Perler bead keychains and pride friendship bracelets! It is in the beginning stage right now. I will be adding more as I go along and the aesthetic will get nicer, I promise. 

For those of you who don’t know, I spent the last year going to different therapies and getting my mental health in check. During that time, I started to make crafts! It really really helped me and so I figured, why not sell them. Because of this, I am going to be donating 10% of all monthly profits to a mental health charity of my choosing. 

Please take a look at my shop. I am not a professional photo taker so I’m sorry about the quality. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Thank you!


Butterfly & Moth Fiber Fashion & Sculptures

Lyon-based artist Laura Jacquemond from Blue Terracotta has a profound love for Mother Nature. Inspired by the untroubled summer days of childhood, she created a set of fiber sculptures modeled after the anatomy of butterflies and moth. The textile sculptures are produced in a set of several colors and designs, ranging from brooches to hair pins.

The stunning pieces function as surreal and magical reminders of the woodland forest. Their fairy-tale-like purpose is to adorned your hair or even your shirt with their ethereal sight. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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Okay y’all, I only have two of these, but they’re up on Etsy. If you want one, grab ‘em fast because I”m out of the fabric. They’re $50 - sorry that’s a bit higher than my totes usually are but that toile is expensive and because of the way the design is laid out I can’t get that many bags out of it. Also I redesigned the panels a bit and there’s more seaming involved.

ETA: And wow they’re both sold. That was fast! Stay tuned, I may have other things available soon.