etrian odyssey untold: the millenium girl


my scanner is working again!! but i’ll probably be too lazy to use it so i’ll upload mobile camera photos of my pages lmao

but this is some stoof i havent uploaded (I was also accepted into a zine so i cant show that yet!!)

Hey! If you play Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Etrian Odyssey, you should do this and reblog with your results!

The Island Scan function in Sun and Moon will read QR codes and give you a pokemon assigned with the code. If you have Etrian Odyssey 4, Untold, and Untold 2, you have a QR Code associated with your Guild Card! By uploading a screenshot of your Guild Card QR code to your Miiverse screenshot albulm, you can scan your Guild QR code on the Miiverse website and find out what Pokemon is associated with your guild! Here’s my Guild Card and what pokemon it is!

Honestly though, Elgyem was not what I was expecting.


so back in the spring, a friend of mine came to me with an interesting proposition: etrian odyssey cosplays for katsucon

and the outcome is absolutely incredible

(frederica is me, and the highlander is the very awesome kilgamayan!!)