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I love you all

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yeah we get it you game. I can see youtr EAt sleep game repeat shirt . I’m so sick and tired of gamers liek yo being like ‘yeah marrio bbaby” and “supper mario baby!!1!” I hate that I I can’t go to the grocery store without the person at the cash register being like “Level up epic win” when I pay for my trail mix, it’’s a never ending nightmare, I know you drink mountain dew religiously sorry I’m just a normie and don’t smoek weed or draw pictures of mario smoking wed take your stupid gamer hat and begone

So, within the past few days, I reached the milestone of 500 followers! The majority of people on this list are mutuals, but there are a handful of blogs that I admire. I consider a lot of people on here friends, and I care about them. So, I want to show that I appreciate all of you, and thank you!

(These are in no particular order.)

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I’m sorry I couldn’t mention more of you, but thank you all!

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❝ It has been a while since I’ve played Mario, haven’t really had the er, chance to play the new ones. But …. Didn’t he have a neck before ? Because I could have sworn he had a neck ….Also, is his, is his body shorter and smaller than usual ? ❞

“Lol too bad fuckers I’m gonna keep shipping lol u mad?”


“Lmao is that the only joke u got”


“Omg stop >:(”


“Lol whatever you’re just a dumb anti just a dumb hater and u don’t affect me lol”