Oh…my…God !!! I’m still trying to figure out what had happend in the latest episode of ‘Gravity Falls’. I mean… have you watched it!? It’s the most incredible episode in the history of Gravity Falls… I never thought that Bill Cipher, an one-eyed yellow triangled guy with etreme powers, might ruin such a funny, beautiful, crazy town like Gravity Falls, Oregon…

Went horseback riding with Ingrid.

Went to a rock festival with Ingrid.

Visited colleagues in Konstanz.

Went to church every Sunday. Sometimes even twice.

Got a new job!

That was one of the most successful home visits I ever did!

Also bought some stuffed animals for Rubs.

And the single most ugliest Mickey Mouse sweater I could find for @x-etreme-lover-x!


Kinematic ENB Southern Light: Extreme by Kyokushinoyama


K ENBはKinematicメインだったので更新は嬉しい♪



じっくり撮影したら、HPのKinematic SS Galleryを新たに更新しておこうと思います♪



DIY The Best Label Gift Idea (via Whorange).

This was for sale at Curiousity Shoppe for $16.00, but the site no longer exists.

This is a really cute gift idea for the right person (I can see a few people being really annoyed by someone sewing something into their clothes). You can make your own labels using colorfast fabric sheets for ink jet printers. There’s a tutorial at Instructables on how to do that here. If you plan on selling an inspired version, there are so many places to order etremely cheap labels online.

The original card measured 6″ x 4.5″ and the label was 1.5″ x .3″.