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Eenie Meenie Minie Moe (Taehyung Imagine)

Can I request an imagine…? I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Taehyung but you have a child… I was asking since Tae really likes kids.

Genre: Fluff

Rating: G? PG idk

Word count: 1,474

Summary: Taehyung meets your kid for the first time


Taehyung’s POV

He was so unbelievably nervous. This day was the deal breaker and it needed to go smoothly. He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans as you sat in his car outside your house.

You had been honest with him from day dot, before you had even started dating, when you had first become friends that you had a daughter. And you were surprised at how graciously he accepted it because in the past many men didn’t. He was actually excited. At the moment he was nervous, but excited nonetheless. He adored children. He just wanted everything to be perfect.

You’d been dating for three weeks now and he couldn’t believe he hadn’t actually met your daughter throughout your friendship. It made him all the more skittish. He thought it might have been a sign that your kid didn’t want their mum seeing anyone. No one could replace their dad. But the kid was five and the father walked out on them when she was two. Taehyung felt that three years was long enough and he didn’t want to wait anymore. Even during your friendship, he imagined himself marrying you one day. Forget the parents, he wanted your daughter’s approval first.

He slapped the sides of his face and released a taut breath. Psyching himself up, he stepped out of the car, locking it and padding up the steps to your front door. Before he could lay a hand on the door it swing open to reveal you grinning, paint smeared on your cheek.

“I was wondering when you’d get out of the car” you giggled dragging him by his sleeve into the house, kicking the door shut. His face flushed in embarrassment, his hand scratching behind his head. “I’m just kidding, one of the kids saw you come up the stairs.”

His body froze. “Kids? As in plural?”

Your face dropped. “Its my day care day today, Tae. I thought you knew that!”

He did know that. You did volunteer day care for your childcare degree on Saturdays and Wednesdays. “Guess I forgot, sorry.”

“Well” you clapped your hands together, standing on the tip of your toes to peck him on the lips. It was over too soon for him. “I don’t want to keep you away from the munchkins cause I know how much love kids more than me. Come and meet the gang!”

You intertwined your fingers together, the warmth of your skin calming his anxious pulse. You led him to the big room where toys, papers, pencils and paint were strewn about the floor and the large table in the centre. He smiled shyly at the kids, ten that he counted, watch him in half curiosity half scrutiny. He had interrupted play time for some of them being distracted by his etremely tall frame.

He clutched onto your hand and you thought about how adorable he was acting. They were just little kids after all. “Guys” you began “this is Taehyung. He’s going to be helping me out today with handling all of your naughtiness.”

Taehyung internally laughed at your way of telling them they were all a bunch of little devils. They all complained about how they were all good and showed her what they painted, you happily giggling at their attempts for her attention. He saw how you interacted greatly with them all and it only made him, deep down and secretly, love you more.

A little girl padded up to him with a bright smile. His skin pickled at the thought of if this could be your daughter but she didn’t look like the picture that you’s shown him a few weeks ago. The little girl twisted her body back and forth bashfully.

“My name’s Alice! And I want to show you what I painted this morning” she said in a matter-of-fact tone, pulling at Taehyung’s hand toward her spot at the large table.

Taehyung followed along and peered behind him at you, offering a hesitant smile. He’d be fine. After all he loves kids.


Your POV

You watched him fondly as he played with all the confident little munchkins, bounding up to him and asking questions. It all came so naturally to him and you couldn’t help but think about how he would make a fantastic father.

Your smile faltered a little at the remeberance of why he was here. He was so unbelievably nervous that it practically radiated off his body when you opened the door. You knew he wanted to make a great first impression on your little girl.

He beamed a grin in your direction as a boy had climbed onto his back and was now receiving a free piggy back ride from Taehyung. You quickly shot two thumbs up before taking a step back and leaving the room. He could handle himself surely.

You climbed the steps to your daughter’s bedroom and knocked a couple times softly. Her curt voice sounded and you opened the door wider, her curious eyes staring at you from her floor. She was playing with her dolls.

“Honey,” you began and propped yourself next to her on the carpet “why don’t you want to play with your friends down stairs?”

“Because I didn’t feel like it today” she said bluntly making your face drop. Truth be told, it wasn’t like she got along with the other kids anyway. You brushed her fringe put of her eyes and tilted her chin so she’d stare back at you.

“I have someone I want you to meet downstairs.”

“Is it that boy that always makes you smile when you’re on the phone?” she asked with wide and curious eyes.

“I make you smile on the phone do I?”

You poked your head around and found Taehyung leaning against the door frame with a small smirk on his lips. He was attempting to be confident but you knew how nerve wracking this was for him. You were surprised at the courage he mustered up to even walk up those stairs to follow you.

You laughed awkwardly before standing and moving to the door. “Um…maybe today isn’t a good day. She seems to be a little…” you trailed off not knowing how to explain your for year old daughter’s teenage behaviour. Taehyung cocked his head and jutted out his bottom lip in thought. He smiled suddenly and pushed past you gently, sitting down slowly beside your girl.

“Don’t you well today?” Taehyung asked her and your hands instinctively crossed their fingers in short hope. She shook her head and continued to brush the doll’s black hair. “Is it your tummy? Does your tummy hurt?”

“No” she clipped and slumped her shoulders, putting the doll down in front of her. Her head tilted to the side to gaze at Taehyung. “I don’t like those kids downstairs. They make me feel sad.”

You watched silently, deliberately ignoring your motherly instincts to comfort her. And besides, this was Taehyung’s perfect chance.

“Do they bully you?” he spoke softly, leaning in a little to make the question more sincere, like he was actually concerned. And you knew he was.

She shook her head again. “They always talk about their daddy’s. But I don’t have one, and sometimes they’re always with mummy so I don’t get to see her.”

Covering a hand over your mouth, you watched painfully as your daughter pours her heart out to Taehyung. She hadn’t wanted to speak about her father and it worried you because thoughts of her growing hostile towards others crossed your mind.

“Your mum, see her over there” he leaned in more an pointed toward you so she could follow “will always be your mum. And as for your dad…well, who said that you need one. You’re perfectly happy with just your mum right?”

“But I want a daddy” she whispered and looked back to Taehyung.

Taehyung breathed in deeply an glanced to you briefly. “I may not be you dad, but I can still make you and your mum happy. What do you think?”

She chewed on her lips as did you secretly behind your hand. Your daughter shifted slowly to sit on the back of her legs and face Taehyung. His eyes went wide with anticipation but softened when she held out her small hand to him.

“My name’s Heather.”

Taehyung smiled widely and took her hand, gently shaking it up and down. You swore that you had tears in your eyes.

“I’m Taehyung.”

You quickly joined the pair when Taehyung had begun to play with her, Heather taking a very swift liking to him which you and him had prayed for. You didn’t think it would be that easy. And when you saw the vibrant grin on Taehyung’s face you felt that there was definitely more great things to happen in the future.


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Oh…my…God !!! I’m still trying to figure out what had happend in the latest episode of ‘Gravity Falls’. I mean… have you watched it!? It’s the most incredible episode in the history of Gravity Falls… I never thought that Bill Cipher, an one-eyed yellow triangled guy with etreme powers, might ruin such a funny, beautiful, crazy town like Gravity Falls, Oregon…

Daddy and... daddy? || Alex & Jeff

Thoughtfully, Alex played with his piercing, the titan ball that held the ring in his eyebrow together ticking against his fingernails. Again and again and again. By now, Alex didn’t only behave as if he was home at Jeff’s no, it actually felt like his place as well. They were commuting back and forth between Jeff’s place and Alex’ apartment during the weeks, of course staying at Jeff’s whenever he had Ruby. Just like now as Alex returned from Wrestlemania, relaxing on the couch while the long-haired TNA wrestler was lordknowswhere.

The phone rang. Confused, Alex sat up. That was no mobile. That was the landline. “JEFF!” His voice rang through the empty space, but no one answered. “The phone!” Still no answer. Huffing, the German man got up. Well, then /he/ would answer.

And take the bad news.

Alex hung up again. This time, he didn’t only yell, but ran from room to room as well until he found the man of his desires. “Hospital!”, he ordered wide-eyed. “Something happened to Ruby’s mother. Something about the ER and shit.” Alex English was good, but he didn’t watch enough Emergency Room or Grey’s Anatomy or, heck, even Scrubs to understand all the medical terminology. “We gotta get Rubs.”


Went horseback riding with Ingrid.

Went to a rock festival with Ingrid.

Visited colleagues in Konstanz.

Went to church every Sunday. Sometimes even twice.

Got a new job!

That was one of the most successful home visits I ever did!

Also bought some stuffed animals for Rubs.

And the single most ugliest Mickey Mouse sweater I could find for @x-etreme-lover-x!