•picking apart my emotions has been draining
•forever unsure of what to do lol
•im indecisive and sad basically
•in other news, I’m excited to train with Angela and Catherine today
•monday’s my favorite comp train day
•I signed up for a lifetime membership with ETP. itll end up saving me $$ in the long run
•I fit a pint of halo top and two servings of cereal into my macros so today’s not gonna be so bad. gotta know high volume days
•I need to do laundry soon
•ill probably see Jade tonight I guess

eat to perform

I’m currently staying weight stable despite increasing my overall calories. I’ll be up to 300g carbs some days (which is insane to me) and I’m going to have a refeed day 1x per week. I’m definitely feeling better in the gym. So even though I’m not really dropping on the scale, it’s nice to eat more and perform better. I’m just trying to accept this. Working on changing my mindset and habits.