Voxman Teacher AU Ch 1

Notes: This is an AU where both Lord Boxman and Professor Venomus are teachers at a highschool. It’s meant to be a lot more realistic and slice of life then the show so some things are different. Venomus is not the tall purple snake boy he is, but probably a tall jewish boy now. Boxman has a prosthetic arm and glass eye from a collage accident. And all the other fun sci fy fantasy cool stuff will be translated as such. Hope you all enjoy!

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Ti as a dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior function

Ti as a dominant function:

ITPs use Ti as their dominant function. They identify patterns based on logic and have a good eye on spotting logical inconsistencies. ITPs apply their talents to outer world by spotting connections and prefer hands on approach. They are collecting pieces of a puzzle to understand the world.

Ti as an auxiliary function:

ETPs have Ti as their auxiliary function. It supports their dominant function by using the logical systems that their dominant function spots from the environment and then manipulating them to ETPs advantage. They use their auxiliary Ti to turn the situation to their favor.

Ti as a tertiary function:

IFJs manifest their tertiary Ti as backing up their decisions with logical format. They can use their Fe/Ti pairing on spotting inconsistencies from their Fe values. They use Ti to find proof to back up what their dominant function has picked up and judge that information together with Fe.

Ti as an inferior function:

EFJs can find their inferior function hard to cope. Ti uses its skeptical nature to find sometimes hard truths from people. In healthy use EFJs can use the information that Ti picks up to help others rather than manipulating them. Ti makes observations from other people for EFJs.

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kelpforestdweller replied to your post: One of the things that scares me a lot is that…                

   do you have any tips on how to get better at it?    

Just off the top of my head…

-So, there’s the fake news problem, but then there are also news sites that are not fake, but that are very extremely partisan.  (OccupyDemocrats, for instance.)

So I see Facebook friends post these links, and comment “Not the Onion!” or something.  And, no, it isn’t the Onion, but it also isn’t a responsible news source, either.  These outlets have a specific motivation to make headlines sound as outrageous as possible.

-Science…if you can, when a scientific study is reported on, read at least the abstract and the methods section of the actual study, not just the article about it.  Sometimes news outlets are vastly oversimplifying what was actually found.  Sometimes the researchers themselves did not find what they think they did, because their study design was so messed up (in autism science especially).

-Sourcing of information… Tonight I saw Sarah Kendzior link to a Twitter post, on Facebook, and comment “Giuliani going down!”  The tweet was only a partial screenshot of a press release, reporting that a complaint had been made to the FBI about Rudy Giuliani’s possible knowledge of Russian hacking of DNC e-mails.  The tweet began “BREAKING,” but was over a month old, and was from someone involved in the organization that made the FBI complaint and also wrote the press release.  So there was just no verification at all that the FBI was actually conducting this investigation seriously or that it had come to any such conclusion.  The information came from a self-interested party.

Or like, the past few days, I made multiple queries on social media about various rumors I was reading with regard to DAPL.  People just kept linking me to a statement released by ETP as if it were a refutation of what was being reported in the mainstream media.  But again, ETP is a self-interested party; in no way is a statement made by them a piece of objective reporting.

-If something doesn’t seem to add up, chances are it doesn’t.

-If quoted sources are making claims about their adversaries’ or detractors’ beliefs, often those claims are allowed to stand as fact without question or verification.  (We see this a lot in reporting on the neurodiversity movement.)  If you see an article do that, wonder why.  (This is a form of the “begging the question” fallacy.)

-If a seemingly major piece of news is only being reported in a fringey source…look for a corroborating source.  They could well be either totally misrepresenting something, or just blowing it out of proportion.

-When someone is telling you what another source of information says, if possible, go look at that original source.  Sometimes what it actually says and what somebody else says it says are not the same at all.  (A couple of nights ago, I saw multiple people on Facebook claiming that the DSM-5 says things that it actually just does not say at all, for instance.  That you can verify it does not say by looking at the relevant entries yourself.)  Practically whenever someone is making a claim about what someone else said, go look at that person’s actual words, in their original context.

-Petitions…are they asking someone to take an action that it is actually within their power to take?  I see a lot that aren’t.

-If what someone says they want, and the way they behave, do not match up…what gives?  Something does.

Books that might be useful–Snow Falling On Cedars and The Lacuna are both fiction, but involve themes of just how easy it is to make something look one way when it is actually not that way at all, if somebody wants to badly enough.

The Demon-Haunted World, by Carl Sagan, has lots of explanations of common logical fallacies and how they work.  People tend to be familiar with “correlation does not equal causation,” but there are a lot more.

I dunno, it’s a weird thing for me to try to boil down.  I have a moderate amount of background in science and journalism and debate, but a lot of the time it seems like I have more of a “wait, what?” instinct than most people do, and I don’t really know how to explain how to replicate that…

Choices must be made

from Lee Burkett’s FB page:

Here’s the thing:
Either the owners of the DAPL will win, or the people will win. Either the pipeline will be completed or it will be stopped.

Either the destruction and desecration of Earth will continue or it will be ended.  There really is no compromise. There really is no middle ground.

We, us, the people, must decide now. We cannot leave it to our government or the corporations because we have seen where that leads: Police and National Guard attacking peaceful prayerful protectors of water, serving as mercenaries at the beck and call of wealthy and politically connected billionaires.
Is this how we should let things remain? 

Are these the people who get to decide how our children will live? IF our children will live?

While we focus on the DAPL, President Obama has quietly approved the construction of two other pipelines- The Trans-Pecos and The Comanche Trail, both owned by Energy Transfer Partners, the same corporation that owns DAPL.

Just in this last week a pipeline in Pennsylvania owned by Sunoco (one of the ETP partners) leaked over 55,000 gallons of gasoline into the Susquehanna River. A pipeline that was leaking in Alabama last week exploded yesterday. And a major leak in North Dakota was uncovered over the weekend.
Should we, us, the people accept that this will be how we live?

Wherever you live, you are just miles from a pipeline. As of 2015 there were an estimated 2.5 million miles of pipeline already installed in the continental United States. A leak is waiting to happen near you. And it will happen.

This cannot be compromised. It cannot be negotiated. Our water is being poisoned, our land is being poisoned. That has already happened, and it will continue to happen, not just to others somewhere else, but to you and your children. 

Is this how we should let things be?
Today is a good day to think about this.

Energy transfer statement - “ETP and SXL are fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any

This fight is not over #NoDAPL #nomorepipelines

disclosureguru  asked:

Why aren't you talking about how dapl how no intention to leave? ETP said in a conference yesterday morning that they intend to incur the fines and continue with the pipeline. Where does this leave us as a country when they have a such a horrendous disregard for what human beings stand for in general. The police are supporting a corporation the government supports. Where does that leave the people

We have to continue to organize and fight and resist. Look what has happened here. Millions of people form all over the world have been involved. The faith community has showed in in the thousands, the Vets have shown up in the thousands, the Native people from all over the world have joined in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Standing Rock, this in itself is historical. The Army Corps of Engineers has heard the voice of the Native people and has refused the easement on their sacred land and through their only water source. These are all incredible things. Obama, is the first American President to take the Native concerns to heart, which is also historical. The police are paid to be there, they are really no different than anybody, they want the same things for their families and also care about their people. We have been tricked to forget that we all want for the same things. Every wants clean water. Everyone want their Grave yards protected from vandalism or industrialization. These are simply things to understand. We all want justice, except for those who don’t believe in it like Energy Transfer Partners. You can see they way sicked attack dogs on Native people or refuse to follow the law and stop drilling. This can not continue. We all sense something has gone terribly wrong in the world and now is the time organize together and come out of our fear and hiding and say no! 

When we come together in the millions we simply can not be stopped. We vote them out, we organize, we listen and we follow our hearts. 

The Native people have been living under this kind of world for a long time. There is much they can teach us about resiliency. When you are there you sense and see there love and prayer and kindness and generosity they haven’t given up and now they have made themselves better known to the world we can not undo what we have learned. We cannot relearn out ignorance there is no going back from here. Have some faith.