Honestly, I think it's fucking ridiculous that the rainbow main gets its own lineart.

First off, we already have WAY too many horse linearts on the website, another for this ~~~speshul~~~ rainbow horse is dumb as shit. I get that its a rares list, people like it, blah blah blah, but why, does it get its own special lineart?

Second, I was talking to Hoof about it today while we were laying in  my bed bitching about dumb shit, and I counted. There are ten linearts that relate back to horses, even more if you take into account the RBM lines, the store horse lines, PPS, EPPS, new lines for the buckskin and roadkill PPS. Really guys? One of the main points of the ETP was to cut down on so many random fucking horse linearts.

Third, why not take the time out to do something more, I dunno, creative? We get it horses, are the shit or whatever, but we’ve seen it all before. We want something new, something fun, why not take the time into making new species to be released  for events? Sure, we got llamas, but those are just edited horse lines. Come on CS, WE WANT SOMETHING NEW, NOT REUSED LINEART.

Now, before you jump down my throat and send me anons to jump off a bridge, think about it.

The rainbow main? Not that special, it;s a white horse with some shitty rainbow paint on it’s mane. “But, its very rare and stuff, durr.” So? There are other very rare horses that are much cooler.

The point of the ETP was to cut down some lineart clutter, adding new lines for no fucking reason is just adding even more clutter then it got rid of.

“But, we just go chickens!” Yeah, it’s Chicken smoothie, who didn’t except that? “And the llamas!” THEY ARE HORSE LINE EDITS that we will probably only see once. “The staff are busy!” Yeah, making more useless linearts instead of doing something, fun, new and creative.

Alright, I’m done.


Shout out to the cornrows without weave attachments. It’s like only the the long and thick ones made a comeback.

Here’s to the cornrows your mom made you wear in elementary school.