courfeyrac calls enjolras angel-face sarcastically and teasingly and one day enjolras realizes that he actually thinks the nickname is adorable as long as it’s coming from courf. oh my god he has a crush on courfeyrac


Rick Perry and the Dakota Access Pipeline: Conflicts you need to know

  • On Monday, Trump picked Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy.
  • The pick is a curious one: During a Republican presidential primary debate in 2011, Perry completely blanked on the department’s name.
  • Perry’s interest in the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline has also given some reason to pause.
  • Perry is on the Energy Transfer Partners board of directors.
  • ETP is the company that is attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Perry has also been instrumental in getting legislation passed that benefited the company. 
  • In 2015 Congress passed a bill that lifted a decades-old ban on crude oil exports.
  •  Perry did his part in helping ETP to lobby in support of the bill.
  • He also once vowed to dismantle the agency he will now lead
  • While the gaffe in which he forgot the name of the agency is making headlines, it’s the context of the statement that raises the real red flags. 
  • It was while answering a question about which departments he would dismantle as president that he fumbled. Read more

romeo having a new years eve party and inviting everyone and having drinks and everyones a little bit tipsy borderline drunk and the countdown starts and benvolio is standing in the kitchen doorway looking at all of his friends and smiling bc theyre all so happy and its like 5 seconds until midnight and he sees romeo and juliet kiss almost chastely and paris has escalus pushed up against the wall and surprisingly rosaline is seeing how many drinks she can down before new years and mercutio is now standing next to benvolio and ben doesnt expect it since theyre best friends and its just hes never even thought about it this way but once mercutios lips are on his he knows he realizes all the times that hes maybe looked for mercutio in a crowd or maybe watched mercutio like he was the only one in the entire room like he is now while mercutio pulls back from their kiss that was tentative and sweet and benvolio has a light dusting of red on his cheeks and his heart is beating very fast and he hasnt had that much to drink hes probably only slightly tipsy at the most but when mercutio looks away blushing and shy benvolio just lunges at him and kisses him more backs him up against the wall and bites mercutios bottom lip and its probably safe to say they stayed like that until the party was over where they could go home

What happens next at Standing Rock?

  • On Sunday, a historic victory was declared when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers declined the permit request for the Dakota Access pipeline.
  • Energy Transfer Partners, the oil company behind the pipeline deal, has been vocal in their public criticism of the Army Corps’ decision.
  • With a stroke of a pen, Trump could allow ETP to continue with their pipeline construction plans.
  • This is precisely why Standing Rock Tribe Chairman David Archambault II has taken the initiative to arrange a meeting with the president-elect
  • Now, the Army Corps of Engineers has to submit another assessment — called an Environmental Impact Statement — of the pipeline before any further action.
  • The statement is made up of three phases — scoping, draft and final — and is open to public input before the statement becomes finalized.
  • This process could take several months past Trump’s inauguration, according to Andy Pearson, an environmental activist. Read more

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Oh boy, guess who’s online! Now let’s sit and watch every valid argument against equi’s lines (or even just general comments in favor of yul’s) get deleted because it’s “spam”.

But these will stay because they’re totally on topic and contributing to the conversation you guys:

  • “its just my opinion but the old lines were better and you can have an opinion but my opinion is that it shouldn’t matter that the lines were traced cuz in my opinion theyre still beutiful and don’t forget it’s just my opinion but yeah art theft is okay cuz cs didn’t do anything about it and yeah that’s my opinion”
Ti as a dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior function

Ti as a dominant function:

ITPs use Ti as their dominant function. They identify patterns based on logic and have a good eye on spotting logical inconsistencies. ITPs apply their talents to outer world by spotting connections and prefer hands on approach. They are collecting pieces of a puzzle to understand the world.

Ti as an auxiliary function:

ETPs have Ti as their auxiliary function. It supports their dominant function by using the logical systems that their dominant function spots from the environment and then manipulating them to ETPs advantage. They use their auxiliary Ti to turn the situation to their favor.

Ti as a tertiary function:

IFJs manifest their tertiary Ti as backing up their decisions with logical format. They can use their Fe/Ti pairing on spotting inconsistencies from their Fe values. They use Ti to find proof to back up what their dominant function has picked up and judge that information together with Fe.

Ti as an inferior function:

EFJs can find their inferior function hard to cope. Ti uses its skeptical nature to find sometimes hard truths from people. In healthy use EFJs can use the information that Ti picks up to help others rather than manipulating them. Ti makes observations from other people for EFJs.

More about Ti:

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Ti vs Fi

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"Speedwagon - chill." Says the stone monster jean. Hes a gargoyle mad etp ward of evil font worry. "Please calm down..."

 “…Sweet Joseph and Mary…You are a huge bitch…” This, in hindsight, was not a good thing to say. But He is still relieved that He is not being attacked.