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How would Yamori Eto Saiko react to being threatened by their S.Os overprotective mother to stay away from their son/daughter?

-Yamori: He would peer down at his lover’s mother with a passive look on his face, an eyebrow quirked upwards as they shouted at him to stay away from their offspring. He wasn’t intimidated, not even miffed at their behavior, hearing their words but not really listening.
"You see, it’s not my decision nor yours. It’s their decision and until they tell me to leave, I’m not likely to do so," he would reply dryly, scratching at the back of his head, not appearing very invested in the conversation.
-Eto: She’d view it as a sort of challenge, becoming more and more resolved to remain with them the more their mother yelled at her to do the opposite. A wide, amused smile would stretch out onto her face as her eyes lit up with the adamant decision to irritate this annoying woman further by sticking close to the side of their child.
-Saiko: She would appear a little intimidated by the woman’s yelling, but wouldn’t find herself frightened away. In fact, afterwards, she might go so far as to brush the whole conversation off. It would plague her thoughts for a little bit, but once she was once more safe and alone in the presence of her lover, playing their favorite game and feasting on delicious snacks, Saiko would all but forget about the incident.

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Why does Eto live in a nice house while Kaneki sleep on a couch in the anime ? :,D

At least Kaneki has a coffee set. :,Da

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Magandang gabii kuya! Suggest ka naman poh ng 10 blogs worth to follow. Sagutin mo po ha.

I receive this anon kind of message always. The main reason I’m not suggesting any blogs

•I have followers that are more than ten, put yourself in a situation na kinakausap ko sila pero I’m not putting their names sa list. Masakit diba?

•Tao rin ako, alam mo yung nakakausap ko din naman sila pero bakit wala ako sa list to follow nila. Masakit ulit.

•Masakit din yung sinasabi nila na “Ifollow mo nalang yung hindi nabangit na wala sa listahan pero nilike eto”. In reality I’m always the one liking those list na wala ako, minsan nga iniisip ko, bibigyan ko pa ba to ng puso? Ahaha

•Every blogger ay may nakatagong stories na pwede nilang ishare. Meaning every blogger is worth to follow.

•Minsan din iniisip ko bat ba may ganitong messages na nagkakalat, para lang ba kapag nalagay ang isang blogger sa listahan eh masasabi mong “Famous” sila?

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This theory relies on the theory that Aogiri is attempting to recreate the One Eyed King. Many believe that Amon, Seidou or Hide would have to be the one eyed king considering they seem like they were candidates for kidnapping by Aogiri at the end. But what if they failed with them? What if the quinx are candidates? Only Shirazu and Mutsuki have the kakugan on the correct side. Plus their kagune are quite powerful, just limited. Mutsuki also mirrors kuroneki, Eto wanted to create another kaneki

I think they did try to create one-eyed ghouls with ghoul investigators, but it didn’t turn out as planned. I read a theory about Amon being Floppy (explaining why quite accurately), but the wonderful person who published it deleted the post (a friend of mine reblogged it, but it’s incomplete, sorry. EDIT: For some reason I can access the post now :S Weeeeird. Don’t know what happened earlier. Here you go). Still, I’d say that they could’ve made Seidou, Hide and Amon one-eyed ghouls, but only Amon had the kakugan in the right eye; however, Amon’s arm might have not grown back, thus making him a flop. As for they trying to use the Quinx as a plan B, it could be.

Android Developer/Software Developer  eto ang gusto ko talaga. Magprogram kahit wala ng tulog minsan ganon. Umaga na natutulog. Sulit naman eh, tska mamangha ka sa magagawa mo. Walang impossible sa programming HAHAHAHAHA. Basta mataas ang sweldo eh. Tapos gusto ko matuto talaga gumawa ng app sa android,kaya mag aaral din ako non. Magandang pa graduate na saken e magandang trabaho :)

  • Yo:¡Terminé!
  • Mamá:Puedo leerlo?
  • Yo:*sonrojada * Eto... Mirá que es de dos hombres eh!
  • Mamá:Y que tiene eso?
  • Yo:Nada... No creo que lo entiendas porque es un fic, pero bue *abro word y pongo el escrito*
  • Mamá:... *lee* Gilipollas? *trata de imitar el acento español* Gilipollas! Jajajajaja
  • Yo:SHH! Sigue leyendo.
  • Mamá:*lee* Vegettita?
  • Yo:...
  • Mamá:*a modo de canto* Vegettita! Vegettita!
  • Yo:Mamá! Sigue leyendo!
  • Mamá:*llega al final* espera que te arreglo una palabra... Ya! Pringado? *a modo de canto* pringado! Pringado!
  • Yo:MAMÁ! *me callo unos segundos * Te gusto?
  • Mamá:Lo escribiste sola?
  • Yo:Si... Por?
  • Mamá:Porque esta muy bueno! Luego dime si escribes la segunda parte! Vegettita!
  • Yo:MAMÁ! Mejor me voy a duchar...
  • (El One Shot es el especial 300 seguidores que subiré cuando lleguemos! Falta muy poco para llegar y quería tener todo listo!
  • La única persona que lo ha leído fue mi mamá XD ustedes tengan paciencia! 💙)

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Do you think Ukina is related to someone else besides Eto and Yoshimura and that's why we never saw her face clearly?

As for the moment, I don’t really think so. I haven’t done much thought with regards to Ukina. I was thinking Ishida-sensei censored her face in the manga to make it less obvious that Takatsuki/Eto is their child? ;u;a