It took me a few minutes to figure out what this meant… It’s kind of a disheartening thing to hear from your protagonist, It kind of sounds like he has like some other stupid reason for doing this and he doesn’t care about his friends. For the first few minutes I felt intensely uncomfortable… But then I thought about it…

I think it’s just a symptom of the previous conversation Kaneki had with Hide…

Kaneki is still in his depression. He’s found a reason to stay alive but not a reason to live. His heart isn’t in it. He doesn’t truly care about what he’s doing because currently his only “special reason” for doing what he’s doing is he promised Hide he’d keep on living. And he had the job thrust upon him by Arima and Eto.

He feels empty and like the words he said to Takizawa he has his own “chain to hold on to…” In his case it’s fixing the world.

 He still cares about his friends hell the scene with Amon pretty much points to the fact that deep down he cared more about them specifically than fixing the world…

But I think his interest in the world and fixing it besides going through the motions of "doing the right thing”  will never really be there unless or until he finds a real reason he wants to stay in it.

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Is kaneki really not fighting for coexistance like takizawa said??

Oh, definitely. It’s very obvious even in this chapter alone that Kaneki is disconnected from the perspective of most ghouls. That is why when all the ghouls are depressed because they are losing the media battle, Kaneki is naively thinking this is an opportunity for them. 

I’ll elaborate what I mean under the cut. 

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Kaneki’s and Seidou’s conversation

Just seconds ago, I pointed out the similar statements Hirako and Kaneki made, but for cracktheory’s sake, I think the parallel might be even bigger than I initially thought.

Here Hirako speculates that Arima felt a connection to Hirako, but that Arima at this point, decided to entrust the Garden children to him, which he, in his honour, very much did. 

And here we have Kaneki giving Amon’s chain that was handed to him seconds ago back to Seidou.

Not only does he mention that Seidou and he are indeed similar, but that he wants Seidou to live, to give him a purpose. This could not only implicate Kaneki’s death wish once again and his inner detachment of his role that Eto and Arima carefully crafted (just as Arima’s detachment of his role as the CCG’s ultimate weapon that V, Sunlit Garden and the CCG crafted), but the fact that he entrusts Amon and Akira to Seidou as well. Who knows, maybe not just them. 

I am still very fascinated by the violent display that Furuta staged at the ceremony. By showcasing power, brutality, and probably mustering all of his charisma, he was able to compel the masses into this, almost primal and animal like joy. Like, that move was taken directly from dictators guide book or something. 

Of course since this is Furuta I am not sure if this is all or if he really cares about what he is doing, but still… it was very interesting. It`s like he is partially trying to manipulate the discussion that was woken by Eto`s book. By giving them an common enemy, showcasing them power trough violence, and using his charisma, he probably managed to drown at least part of the rational discussion(all thou I think Eto`s methods were a bit problematic too) that was spawn from Eto`s talk under a primal, irrational ocean or roars. 

Furuta truly is mocking the CCG. 

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That "it seems your objective is not so different from my own" and Kaneki saying "if we don't chain you then you'll die" makes me think that maybe, after all, he hasn't completely regained his will to live

I totally believe that he hasn’t regained his will to live, I think he doesn’t even know why he’s fighting for. I said it the first time and I’ll say it again, I don’t think Kaneki should be the king. He never chose this. He, as many other ghouls like Touka or Yoshimura, also wanted a change for the world, but that doesn’t mean he’s suitable to wear that crown. He never said he wanted to change the world, it was Eto and Arima the ones who gave him the throne, and he accepted it because… it’s Kaneki, he accepts everything from everyone without thinking of himself first. 

I don’t see in him the passion that Eto had, she was a revolutionary, there was a fire in her eyes whenever she would talk about the world, freedom, her own twisted vision of justice. She had that spirit of leadership in her veins, she was born with it, for it. Kaneki is just doing what he’s been told, and just because he’s kind and understanding and knows how both worlds work, that doesn’t mean he’s the one who should do it. He’s barely holding on, and now I’m 100% convinced that the reason Hide told him that he was going to find, his reason to live… it’s not going to be related AT ALL with this king/change-the-world thing, because it isn’t something personal for Kaneki’s character, it’s a job, something he has to do because he doesn’t have another choice. 

Funny fact, he’s kinda touching his chin.

… so I seriously have no idea what he’s up to. I’m just feeling extremely grateful because THIS revelation of Kaneki “hiding” something + touken talk possibly happening in chapter 120 is not, by no means, a coincidence. If there’s someone who can dig into that crazy head of his and reveal his secret plans, that’s Touka. So if Kaneki has a “different motive” or he’s planning his future death or whatever, i really hope they can bring that topic in the touken talk. I see no better opportunity than that one, touken talk or amoneki talk, one of those.  

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Damn... that text about the conversation between Kaneki and Seidou... Goddamn i love you. I still have some points about all this, like... Kaneki is living for the sake of Arima's (and Eto's) wish, that is to bring peace upon both worlds, and also for the ones that he loves (damn Harém). But he is empty inside, and he has only one will to live... This kinda makes me worried because it lends me to think that he will certainly die in the end (Sorry for the text and for the bad english haha)

Thank you for the love and your english is great. As someone who has depression and finds themselves relating more to Kaneki with every chapter it is very concerning. Kaneki right now only has a meaning of life that will end up with him dying something that reflects his in part 1 where he wants to keep everyone safe. As someone who has felt what Kaneki is feeling, it’s not a bad thing to live for others and for the possibility of a good future. I think when Kaneki said that during the Cochlea arc he meant it. However with Arima dying so soon and filling Kaneki’s meaning to live also killed it. Which Arima obviously didn’t mean to happen, he wanted Kaneki to take up this mantle as the one who killed him and try to fix the issues that Arima saw with the world. Which in that goal became what Kaneki is living for, which is someone else’s goal one in which he didn’t want to take. Kaneki wanted a normal life and is feeling more empty than ever. I feel like Kaneki will be fine once he realizes that he has more to live for than Arima’s goal, he has people who care about him and want him to be happy. It’s just Kaneki doesn’t realize it and the people who are the most vocal about how much they care are not the best at showing it. I do feel like Kaneki will find a meaning to live, one that makes him not as empty and will be able to push him to live as full of a life as he can. I still hold on to this great hope of Kaneki learning from his mistakes and his life not ending in tragedy.

I will never forget those words you’ve said. “Board exam nga hindi mo napasa eh, mag memed ka pa? Wag na. Focus ka nalang sa sarili mo”. Hindi man yan ang mga exact words pero yan yung thought na sinabi mo sa akin noon. To be honest dinamdam ko yun, pero hindi ko pinakita sayo kase friend kita. You were hitting people below the belt pero yung sarili mo hindi mo malait. Pero thank you for not believing in my capabilities yaan mo if ever na makapag ipon ako at pwede ko nang pag aralin ang sarili ko for med and if God’s will na makapag tapos ako at mairaos ko yung dreams ko to become a doctor eto lang sasabihi ko sayo. “Uy, yung friend mong hindi pumasa sa board exam noon. Yung friend mong akala mo patapon yung buhay at bobo doctor na ngayon. Kung may time ka dalaw ka naman sa clinic ko.”

Pwede mo akong maliitin at paulit ulit na laitin pero hindi mo mawawasak yung pangarap ko for myself. Never give up your dreams, dream high mga besh. sa totoo lang guys sa mga pag subok sa buhay yun ang gamitin ninyong motivation para mag pursigi at bumangon. Kaya ninyo yan. Ang natutunan ko sa life as a student is that failures may come in your way, hindi para pang hinaan ka ng loob or sabihing bobo ka or di ka marunong sa isang bagay pero failures are made for you to grow to become a better person.

Pero laging isipin na lahat ng bagay nasa tamang panahon. Always pray padin and ask for guidance sa lord kase si Lord alam niya ang laman ng puso natin. Always commit yourself to him kase bukod sa pamilya at sarili mo kay Lord ka din naman lalapit sa huli. Kaya besh laban lang!

Aside from fighting for the coexistence of both humans and ghouls, Kaneki just wants to protect the people he cares about. While he’d like to protect the entire ghoul and human population, his main priority is keeping those close to him protected. The only reason he become the OEK was to carry on Arima’s and Eto’s wishes. Although he wishes the same, he has more important reasons to continue to fighting. However, why he wants to protect those dearest to him may still be due to his fear of being alone. Referring back to the bridge scene with Touka and Kaneki in part one of TG, she tells him “In the end, you’re just afraid of being alone.” While this may or may not be the reason why he continues to fight for equality, Kaneki has grown up and truly desires those dearest to him to stay safe.

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Well, i believe the CCG has both fueguchi quinque now.... and btw, why did akira never go to her mother's grave? I mean, sure, eto scattered her body into tiny unrecognizeable pieces, but kasuka surely had a grave right? An empty grave like shirazu's?

It’s true that Akira doesn’t have the quinques with her, but Goat broke into the CCG once already. Besides, its plenty possible someone else is using those quinques out on the field right now so there maybe a chance to grab them.

I don’t know how she’ll get them - my point was that symbolically and thematically, the gesture of getting those quinques to Hinami would be crucial for multiple threads of Akira’s growth. 

As for Kasuka - I suspect her grave is the one shown next to Kureo’s if they don’t have a family grave situation going on. 

But Akira never knew her mother and would have nothing to talk to her about. Her mother didn’t shape her life directly, only through her effect on Kureo. Kureo raised Akira all by himself, and she had an incredibly strong bond with him. She never had anything of the sort with Kasuka.

I’m sure she keeps up Kasuka’s grave and visits on holidays where such things are done, if only for her father’s sake. But her visits to Kureo’s grave are personal and informative of her character, which is why they are shown.

Sobrang dami ng assignment ko na due monday pero eto ako nanonood ng seklusyon kasama yung dalawa kong kapatid. Yung isa kasi natutulog na. Kaya kaming mga duwag ang magkakasamang manood. Jusko paano nalang ako mamaya nito. Haha.

Nakakaloka. Nananahimik ako dito eh tas biglang eto lalabas sa gc namin. 2012 memories. Yagit pa kami nun di pa chiks (naks joke lang sila lang chumiks ako mukha pa ring yagit), ‘tong sina mark, miggy at rasheed ano uhh gwapings na agad di na dumaan sa awkward stage tong mga to nung nagkrus mga landas namin pota. Pero yun ngaaaa. Wala lang. Natatawa lang ako. Ang qt lang magkasama sila sa iisang pic. Pero mas qt if yung whole team na talaga. Oha. Pero kasi nakadinner namin sila bafooor eh. Ahihi kilig ako wait. Si mark na masyadong smiley laglag napkin ni mars jalen. Si miggy naman na poker face lang always, dami tuloy karibal ni zel. Si rasheed na puro banat korni naman, binabanatan din ni dana ng mas korni na banat sakit sa ulo hoy. Wala sa pic ex bb ko. Ba yan. Pero ang qt lang kasi :—) nakakatuwa. HAHAHAHA 2012 GAGUUUU.