while I was doing a history assignment...

Our assignment is about how all these museums around the world have other countries stuff and if it should be returned or not. so while I was looking for local artefacts I stumbled across a “significant artefact” mentioned in some journal from 1927 that is in the Danish National Museum. So I went delving into record and all this stuff and I couldn’t find it in the Museum achieve because, they weren’t in English (Ikr shocking). Anyway, I procrastinated for two hours trying to find out what this Significant artefact from my home in north Queensland Australia was. I burned in curiosity forever searching for this majestic object and found a  a letter from Mjöberg (the guy that *acquired* the object) detailing how he wanted to give it to his friend at the museum in Denmark and I found out what it was. 

 "I take the liberty to send you 12 etnografica. Number one is the original [underlined in the letter] of the phallic figure reproduced in my book…”

Wait what? Phallic? As in a penis?

Ladies and gentleman, the part of my home and local history that sits somewhere in Copenhagen is:

A penis made of of beeswax.

AND then, get this, Mjöberg got a knight hood.

“Soon thereafter, the director received a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying that the Danish king had knighted Eric Mjöberg (Ridder af Dannebrog).

this Swedish dude comes into Australia fucks up shit with the Aborigines, takes their Beeswax Dick then donates it to the Danish national museum and gets a knight hood for giving them an stolen wax penis.  WTF?!?!