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I always buy neutral colors (black, white, cream, tan, and all shades of brown and grey) that would suit my basics: simple tops, trousers, cardigans, etc. Make your outfit look 10x better with something as simple as adding a leather jacket or a nice cardigan, paired with some black or nude heels & simple jewelry. Try finding a pair of black or blue jeans that are comfortable and hug your body in the right way. And for date nights I suggest you get a little black dress and a nice pencil skirt with a button-up.


I tend to relax more with my SD but when I’m going on fine dine with my POT I’d make sure a few things.

1. Phone off on silent
2. No eating and talking simultaneously (chew with your mouth close).
3. Take part in the dinner conversation, charm your date.
4. Eat in smaller portion (cut them in smaller pieces).
5. Eat together, wait for his meal to come before eating.
6. Always pass salt and pepper together.
7. Instead of reaching across the table for something, ask for it to be passed to you.
8. Avoid slouching and don’t place your elbows on the table while eating.
9. Never show stain from your napkin.
10. Napkin on your lap or chair when you’re using the washroom. Napkin on table means you’re done with meal.
11. Careful with lipstick stains on teeth or on your cutlery.
12. Always excuse yourself after meal to fix your lipstick and check your teeth.

PS: feel free to add-on if I missed anything.

Sometimes something can seem really obvious to some people, but not obvious to others. I’m going to start sharing various art tips I’ve picked up or been told over the years that I really REALLY wish someone had told me sooner. You may already know this, but in the event that you didn’t - now you do.

“Tu” vs. “Vous”

Disclaimer: this post is about interactions irl, in Metropolitan France. Online or overseas, you’re on your own. :)

All right, so I have a Japanese test tomorrow morning, but instead of revising, I’m going to write about the French ‘tu’ and ‘vous.’ Why? Because I saw one too many articles/blog posts getting it Really Wrong. They annoy me because they vastly overstate the prevalence of ‘tu’ over ‘vous.’

Also, some of you might be coming to France this summer, and if you’re like me, you’d rather be Extra Prepared for social interactions. 

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to assume that you’re a teenager/young adult (this is tumblr after all), who never spent any significant amount of time in France, and has no French family—family members are automatically ‘tu,’ though not in-laws. (Rules are a bit different for children and older folks, and if you’ve spent a lot of time in France, you already Know.)

In brief, informal you is tu, formal you is vous. That being said, a lot of people online seem to think that unless you’re talking to your crusty old boss, you can use ‘tu’ with just about anyone. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. And before anyone comes at me with comparison with “tù” and “usted(es),” it’s not the same. 

So, what are the rules? Basically, it’s the reverse of what I often read online; you should always use ‘vous’ with strangers, except in those cases:

1. you’re talking to a kid;
2. you’re under 30-ish and you meet someone your own age or younger in an informal setting (party, really relaxed workplace, friend’s house, cafe, etc.);
3. that’s it. Easy, right? 

Otherwise, you can start with ‘vous.’ From there, it’s safe to leave it to the French person to decide when to switch to ‘tu.’ (You can also ask, if you’d rather: “on peut se tutoyer?”)

Always, always use ‘vous’ (and the holy trinity of ‘bonjour, merci, au revoir’) with people working in the service industry. 

In some cases, people will immediately offer to use ‘tu,’ (and you should probably accept), but it costs nothing to be overly polite. On the other hand, an unrequited ‘tu,’ even with the added tolerance accorded to a non-native speaker, will leave an impression of rudeness and over-familiarity (if only unconscious.) Also, it’s awkward af, and not in a cute way.

Hope this is helpful (it’s really simple, I swear)!

tl;dr: please do not use ‘tu’ with strangers, unless they’re way younger than you, or you’re both under 30 and wearing t-shirts.  

Cosplay Tip #50

Don’t let someone else’s cosplay of a character stop you from cosplaying that character.

Just because someone else cosplays a character well doesn’t mean that you should stop cosplaying that character or give up on making your cosplay of them. You can always look for ways to improve your cosplay! If you love a character, keep cosplaying them.

Small tip if you want to reblog a post with its tags

Okay so a lil thing that happens once in a while is people wanting to keep my tags comments on my posts when they reblog (I do tend to rant a LOT in my tags haha). While it’s not a big deal and this is in no way meant to call you out if you do it, as the creator it can be a teeny bit disorienting because the tags are where I often talk about my personal opinions/feelings while creating the piece.

So if I see someone reblog it and they copy all my tags into their tags, when I read the tags of the post (which I do pretty much all the time), I get a lil shock bc I see someone who isn’t me talking about the art piece like they drew it (in my own words).

AGAIN, not a huge deal but here’s a tiny tip on how to keep those tags in your reblog without freaking out the artist, that also gives you a place to put YOUR comments and differentiate the two ^ ^

First, copy all the tags.

THEN, instead of pasting them into the actual tags section, copy them into the text comments section of your reblog. They’ll still show up with hashmarks and it’ll be very clear that they’re originally tags!

After the tags, add who the tags are from, your source. For example, just: Source @yukipri works for me, or if you want to specify that I’m the original poster (instead of just someone else’s cool comments you found) Source OP, @yukipri etc. You can also add tags from people other than the OP!


​​#YukiPri rambles#Tumblr tips#reblogging#tags#Yep so just like this I'mma ramble in the tags as I always do#Like no seriously this isn’t a big deal so please don’t feel bad if you’ve done it before#It was confusing for me at first too#and there’s no handy full guide to Tumblr etiquette#I’m not even saying this is in the universal tumblr etiquette handbook either#just what I personally would prefer you do in my posts ^ ^;#and is also just nice on any posts so if there’s something cool in the tags i can see it#even if you just reblog#and so I can also find out who said it#this is important haha#it may not seem like a big deal but please credit comments <3  Source OP @yukipri

This leaves the actual tags section for anything YOU want to add, and it’s very clear whose thoughts they are <3

Anyway it occurred to me that not everyone may know/have thought about reblogging tags this way, so hope this was helpful to some of you ^ ^;

Thank you so much to all everyone who reblogs my content and adds comments in the tags! <3

Cosplay Tip #164

If you want to cosplay a character’s design from a piece of fanart, ask the artist’s permission first!

Nobody likes having their designs taken without their permission, even if you mean well. And be respectful if they say no!

OCD etiquette pro tip (or maybe it's just me):

I promise I’m not vaguing anyone, and feel bad that the idea for this post came up around the same time an incident like this happened but seriously, you are FINE, I’m fine, we are GOOD

That said though:

Idk about other situations and can only speak as someone with OCD but, as someone with OCD: if you bring something up and I say “oh hey I cannot have that talked about around me it’s an OCD trigger,” you’re going to probably be embarrassed and apologetic, but the thing to do is start a new topic. Like you don’t need to say “sorry for talking about [the OCD trigger],” you don’t need to go “hey I know I messed up that one time with the [OCD trigger] but I won’t again-” you don’t need to. It’s a brief “sorry,” and it’s okay if you forget that, and then we never touch the topic with a ten foot pole until I maybe one day go oh hey I’m ready to expose myself to that particular thing now.

Tl;dr The Bad Topic never needs to be alluded to again, and I won’t think you’ve forgotten or aren’t taking me seriously if you move on without acknowledging it

Tattoo Tips

1. Make sure to eat something before coming for your appointment. Once the initial adrenaline expires, your body will be working overtime in response to the pain of getting tattooed. Eating beforehand can reduce your risk of lightheadedness or dizziness due to low blood sugar and will keep you more comfortable during a long sitting. 

2. Stay hydrated. Drinking water is a no-brainer to stay comfortable. Sugary drinks can sometimes help keep you alert, but avoid consuming caffeine or sugar in quantities that could make you jittery. Make sure to use the restroom before getting started. 

3. Shower before your visit and avoid using cologne or other perfumes on your skin. Being clean and refreshed will not only make the experience more pleasant for you, but for your tattooist who will be getting up close and personal with your body. 

4. Dress comfortably. If you are going to be sitting for a long time, make sure the clothes you wear will not be restricting. Depending on where you are being tattooed you may want to wear clothes that you do not mind getting ink on. 

5. Bring ibuprofen. The anti-inflamatory can help reduce the pain and swelling that will occur when getting tattooed. Needless to say, tattoos hurt and you should communicate your limits. If you need to take a break, ask your artist. Taking 5 is much better than squirming, crying and making the job a lot harder on your tattooer. 

6. Be prepared to pay with cash. Cash is our preferred method of payment and we have an ATM in our lobby for your convenience. We understand if a cash payment is not possible for you, but it is easier for our tattooists. 

7. Moral support is fine, but bringing all your best friends and extended family is overkill. While we are lucky to have an open studio space and large lobby, it makes it a lot harder to navigate between stations when there is a large crowd accompanying someone getting tattooed. Be considerate of the space in the shop and what may be distracting to the tattooer. 

8. Know what you want! Whether you have been planning a tattoo for months or decided to get some impulse ink—tattooers are NOT mind readers! The better you can describe your idea, the better our artists can convey it. However, they cannot decide what to tattoo on you or where to put it. Please be considerate of their time and think your idea through. 

9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about aftercare. We sell care products at our shop and our artists are always happy to offer to instructions to first-time clients so that you can be informed of the healing process. 

10. Tip your tattooer. While there is no standardized way to calculate a tip, our tattooers are always grateful for any contribution you can make to thank them for their service. 

11. Be on time or call ahead if you are running late. Because our artists work on rotation for walk-ins, if you show up late for your appointment or do not show up at all, you could be costing your tattooer valuable time and money. We know that life happens so if you need to reschedule a visit please be courteous of your tattooist and let them know in a timely manner.


Secrets - Castiel Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word count: 865

Warnings: None.

A/N: Castiel version! This is it for SPN ones, now off to the Sherlock versions. ;)


Originally posted by subcas

Castiel was patiently waiting at the war room, fidgeting with his fingers as his mind listened absentmindedly to the angel radio. She had been acting weird, and he wasn’t sure why.

True, it was hard to be the girlfriend of an angel who, until a few days before proposing her to be his girlfriend, had no idea what the word meant – less to say what it implied. She had to teach him, not only the meaning but also the correct dating etiquette, manners, details and tips, and whatever they found useful.

She had been patient, more than she had ever been, but humans had a limit and Castiel was pretty sure he had reached her limit.

Maybe he had changed too much. At first, she had fallen for the rogue angel, the badass with the blade and oblivious to anyone and anything around him. But now, after so much time on Earth living with the Winchesters, he had turned into a sentimental being – without mentioning how little grace he had left – and so there was no longer a bad-ass angel but rather a lost baby in a trench coat.

Finally she came back. Castiel got up within an instant and moved fast to face her.

“Back to the no personal space thing, huh?” She joked cheerfully.

“I missed you.” He said mechanically. It was funny how awkward things could get due to his incapacity of human-socialization. Not even after dating her for so long could he find a good line to say whenever she came back home.

“I missed you too.” She said calmly and left a quick peck over his dry lips.

“We need to talk.” Castiel was sure to have heard that line in many movies, and it seemed to have the desired effect on people. However, when (Y/N)’s face fell, he knew he had made a mistake.

“Is everything all right?” She asked, guiding him to sit back at the table in which he had so anxiously waited for her.

“Is it?” Castiel asked back, “You are distant and I know you are keeping a secret from me.”

“What kind of secret would I keep from you? You’re an angel of the Lord.” She snapped back, although her culpability was more visible after being accused.

“You know I respect your privacy and don’t sneak in your mind anymore.” Castiel spoke, “Are you happy in this relationship or do you desire to end it?”

“END IT?” She inquired angrily, “WHY ON EARTH WOULD I WANT THAT?”

“Well, considering the regular symptoms of un-satisfaction in a human romantic relationship, acknowledge in that useful book Sam gave me when we started our own relationship, you are either cheating on me or hiding a bigger secret.” Castiel explained as eloquently as possible, “Unless you have killed one of my friends, which is utterly impossible because I have only be-friended two humans, which are Sam and Dean, and they are upstairs, you are cheating on me. Now, the reason as to why a woman your age would cheat on their romantic partner is because they can no longer get satisfaction; not only sexual but emotional, and if so I would like to know if you want to finish this because I’m fully aware of how difficult it is to maintain a lover with an angel as a boyfriend.”

(Y/N) remained quiet for longer than Castiel expected. She was dumbfounded, trying to process everything Castiel said and, at the same time, wanting to find the proper words to explain her behaviour and let him know he wasn’t planning to leave him – less to say cheating.

“Cas…” She spoke carefully, “I’m not cheating on you.”

“All right, then what is going on?” He inquired softly, trying to act like the whole situation didn’t affect him.

“I think it would be better if you… Checked me.” She said.

“You want to have role-play sex right now?” He asked in surprise and (Y/N) giggled.

“No, I mean it. Check me.” The angel nodded and approached her awkwardly; using the bit of grace he had left to accomplish her wishes, as usual.

“There’s nothing wrong.” Castiel said once he had finished, sitting back at his chair in front of her. “Your soul is in place, no demonic possession, the baby is healthy – three months old – and your immune system is working as it should. Your hormones are a struggling to re-organize but that is only because of…” He froze.

“Yes?” The angel took a deep breath and connected his baby blue eyes to her (Y/E/C) ones.

“You have a baby.” He said, almost a sceptic speaking about ghosts.

“I do.” She confirmed with a shy smile.

“Who’s the father?” Castiel inquired curiously.

“It’s yours.” (Y/N) replied calmly.

“That is…” He cleared his throat, “I’m… The baby will look like Jimmy, are you agree with this?”

“Of course I am.” (Y/N) chuckled, “Cas, we’re going to be parents.”

“Me, a father at last…” A soft smile grew on his vessel’s lips. “As long as I don’t ruin it like I did with Claire…”

“You won’t, you have me by your side now, remember?” She extended her hand to hold his.

“Yes, you’re right.”

| Dean Version | Sam Version |


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grandrevans  asked:

I'm super excited for FlameCon this weekend! But I'm also kinda nervous. This'll be my first solo con, all my queer comic book heroes will be there, and I'm sorta kinda maybe hoping to get a couple autographs and maybe a sketch or two. Do you have any etiquette tips for commissioning artists and asking for autographs?

That is an excellent question, and the fact that you’re asking it in the first place means that you’re already on the right track!

My main rule for autographs and sketches at conventions is this: If you ask for something, offer something. Most creators don’t charge for autographs, and many will do quick sketches for free, but I try to stay mindful of the fact that this is work for them. For instance, if I’m asking someone to sign books, I usually try to buy something from their table for them to sign along with whatever I’ve brought (if I’ve brought something).

A few related points of etiquette: 

Don’t haggle. Know your budget, be upfront about it, and if a creator quotes you a higher price, politely let them know it’s out of your range, and move on. By the same token, if someone isn’t sketching at the show, or if their sketch list is full, you can always ask if they’re taking commissions for later dates, but don’t push.

Be mindful of volume. There are people who show up at creator tables with crates full of books for them to sign. This is a huge dick move unless you have discussed it with them ahead of time: it’s super disrespectful of their time, and of everyone behind you in line. Bring one or two favorites instead.

Speaking of time… Most creators at cons are more than happy to talk to fans and discuss their work! But be mindful of lines building up behind you, and of the fact that the people you’re talking to are to some extent at the show to work. If you’re not buying anything, or if you’re having a long conversation, move to the edge of their table so that other folks can have access to whatever they’re selling.

Remember that standard social boundaries still apply. I know, obvious, right? But this one can be easy to forget, especially when you’re meeting someone whose work has been really personally important to you. Don’t ambush people when they’re not at their tables. Never ambush people in the bathroom (this happens). Ask before hugging, touching, or photographing; and respect the answer.

Ultimately, these all basically boil down to one overarching principle: Remember that comics creators are fellow humans, treat them with the consideration that goes with that, and you’ll do fine.