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I always buy neutral colors (black, white, cream, tan, and all shades of brown and grey) that would suit my basics: simple tops, trousers, cardigans, etc. Make your outfit look 10x better with something as simple as adding a leather jacket or a nice cardigan, paired with some black or nude heels & simple jewelry. Try finding a pair of black or blue jeans that are comfortable and hug your body in the right way. And for date nights I suggest you get a little black dress and a nice pencil skirt with a button-up.


GM tips with Matthew Mercer of Critical Role - RPG Etiquette

Out of Context Group Chat sentence starters
  • "May the dancing chicken watch out for us all."
  • "I'm pretty sure her only thoughts are - I hate you, I hate you, I must hump my brother, I hate you, but she'll allow it."
  • "Netflix is judging me."
  • "My mom asked me to explain 'basic' to her because I told her my sister is basic."
  • "Vagina worth dying for."
  • "Dick worth being shamed for."
  • "Yes, I locked him in a cage for a year."
  • "She is a strong, independent woman who pays for her own nachos."
  • "What's the etiquette on tipping a stripper for talking World of Warcraft with you?"
  • "I'll get you neutered if you do that."
  • "Pick your fetishes carefully."
  • "I'm on a fetish wiki for you."
  • "Welcome back, we're talking about fetishes."
  • "I am sexually turned on by sandwiches."
  • "Only best friends offer to help you wax your junk."
  • "Let's mom the shit out of this place."
  • "Who gets to raise your spawn when you die? She'd rad as fuck."
  • "You can be the royal dog petter."
  • "Apparently it's not nice to tell my husband I'm going to name a fat ginger cat after him when he dies."
  • "Bro, you can court my gay vote any day, but in the most heterosexual way."
  • "I was just taught the art of taking a selfie by my teenage sister."
  • "Does throwing up on an altar get you excommunicated?"
  • "I can also beatbox 70's porno music if that will help."
Cosplay Tip #50

Don’t let someone else’s cosplay of a character stop you from cosplaying that character.

Just because someone else cosplays a character well doesn’t mean that you should stop cosplaying that character or give up on making your cosplay of them. You can always look for ways to improve your cosplay! If you love a character, keep cosplaying them.

anonymous asked:

Is there a preferred method for tipping servers? Like, should I try to tip in cash, even if I'm paying for my service with a card, or is electronic preferable?

Cash is preferable for tips for a few reasons. The first is that cash is king and the money immediately goes into the server’s pocket. Some restaurants aren’t able to get tips to a server right away and there could be a few days’ delay while all the credit transactions are being processed. When you work a job that is very dependent on tips, that delay could cause a lot of problems.

Additionally, restaurants pay a small fee on credit card transactions in order to process the payment and sometimes the company will charge the server that percentage (like 2%) on the tip. It’s kind of shitty and even though the percentage could only be a few cents, that’s a few cents on every tip, which could add up to quite a bit at the end of the night and especially at the end of the month when rent is due.

Finally, if you tip in cash, the server is guaranteed the full amount and knows what that amount tipped is. If it’s written on a credit card, the server doesn’t always see that receipt and has no idea if the restaurant is giving them the correct amount or not. Cash gives them the peace of mind that they’re employer isn’t screwing them over.

I know not everyone carries cash (I personally carry very little) and it’s almost always easier to just tack a tip onto a card, but if you have both on you and can easily leave a cash tip, it’s better. Your server will appreciate it.

Cosplay Tip #99

Understand that not everyone’s cosplaying situation is the same as yours.

Not all cosplayers can go to a lot of cons, buy expensive products, afford photoshoots, have the time to do commissions, ect. Before asking why a cosplayer doesn’t do these things, remember that they may not have the option to.

Gym Etiquette Reminders

With the New Year comes new gymgoers! And while I applaud anyone who wants to become stronger and healthier, sometimes a friendly reminder on gym etiquette is needed.

  1. Please re-rack your weights! Put all of your dumbbells back in the correct place when you’re done using them, and unload all plates from you barbell or machine.
  2. When resting between sets, please do not sit in the machine either on your phone or doing nothing.  By standing near the machine instead of sitting in it, you are allowing other people to get a set in while you are resting.  
  3. If you are uncertain if somebody is still using a weight/squat rack/machine, ask them.  Don’t just take it and possibly ruin the rest of the person’s sets.  If you both need to use the weight and there are no more available, you can share it like I mentioned in the above bullet.
  4. Please remember there is a correct place to do certain exercises.  Meaning, please do not curl in the squat rack!.  
  5. If you leave sweat on the machines/bench, please wipe it off with either a towel or wipes the gym provides.
  6. If somebody has their headphones in, then please respect that and do not try to start up a conversation.  While some people in the gym love to chat while working out, most people are there to get in the zone and have some “me time”.  

I hope this was helpful!  Work hard and have fun on your journey to a stronger version of yourself!

PSA to my con friends/customers/lovelies

I know met like 99% of you guys at conventions! I’m forever grateful and looking forward to seeing everyone when I do. But it came to my attention that some people genuinely didn’t know they were expected to Tip! I just wanted to let you know when you guys are hoteling at conventions (whether in a large group or not) Please tip the Housekeeping! Just leave a dollar or two (hopefully from each person in a room if it’s a particular mess) for them! Housekeepers are grossly underpaid and they have ALOT of rooms to clean and manage per floor. They also keep alot of secrets too when we congoers are being… economical. (i.e overstuffing rooms). 

Once they even made the weird cushion bed and blanket set up I had on the floor all clean and ready to be slept on despite the fact that 4 to a room is pretty standard. And they dont hesitate usually to send more towels when it’s obvious there’s alot of people! They clean the room after messy cosplay emergencies and that 3 day old Chinese food/ pizza you tried to stretch across the convention weekend.

so yeah! Please just leave a smile pile of dollars on the dresser or in front of the TV.  

Tip your waitresses~ Tip your housekeepers~

Monster Hunter Survival Tips and Etiquette for Newbies

Allllright! Generations is finally here!!! I made one of these for MH4U so I decided to update it for MHGen. A few minor, but necessary changes here and there.

1) Welcome to Mushroom Hunter Generations: 

Unlike the demo, the full game does not spoil you with all these great, useful items in your pouch for a quest. At the start of the game you’re expected to gather A LOT of materials and buy what you need. Yeah, it does break the mood and action, but you can’t survive if you’re not prepared!

Here are the most essential:

  • Herb + Blue Mushroom = Potion
  • Potion + Honey = Mega Potion

A little more advanced, but useful nonetheless:

  • Godbug + Blue Mushroom = Nutrients
        Nutrients + Honey = Mega Nutrients
        Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool = Max Potion
  • Honey + Bitterbug = Catalyst
        Catalyst + Dragon Toadstool = Immunizer
        Immunizer + Kelbi Horn = Ancient Potion

You can carry 10 potions, 10 mega potions, 2 max potions and 1 ancient potion at a time, don’t just stick to one or the other. The more, the merrier!

Whetstones, antidotes, cold/hot drinks, and ammo/coatings will be available for sale. These are the crucial items for most of your hunts.

2) Everyone loves Lifepowders (well, the vast majority do):

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