Cold-Weather Accessories

All the necessities for staying warm this winter

When shopping for colder weather, a thick coat and durable shoes are, of course, essential, but don’t forget about the extras. Having warm hats, scarves and gloves on hand will make bitter temperatures much more bearable. Shop the best new styles below, from knit and leather gloves to a twill scarf.

The Hat

ASOS ‘RIO’ Bobble Beanie

SOULLAND ‘Villy’ beanie

3-Gauge Knit Beanie

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi baseball cap

ASOS Fisherman Beanie Hat

DSQUARED2 knitted hat

Blogger Anthony Urbano of Closet Freaks

The Gloves

Wool Leather Gloves

Norse X Hestra Wool Gloves

Selected Homme Black Leather Glove Gift Box Set

ASOS Gloves in Wool Blend

Knit Gloves

The North Face Runners 1 Etip Glove

The Scarf

Ribbed marled scarf

RAG & BONE ‘Macro’ twill scarf

ASOS Vertical Stripe Scarf

Double Face Scarf

Woven Striped Scarf

Border Stripe Scarf


I just got back from Art Basel in Miami Florida.  This was just one of the walls I painted down there.  I cant express to everyone how much fun it was to go down there and get inspired by the artwork that is crawling everywhere!  Definitely make the trip if you like graffiti art and murals, well worth it.  I will be going next year fo sho.

Submitted by Mike Medlock

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A simple urban everyday carry based around ease of use,high visibility for cycling, accessibility and reliability. Equipped for the typical British weather and able to cover most eventualities.

That North Face ETip Write Up & Some Other Views On Running Tech...

I’m running the Goring & Woodcote 10K today (as part of the Peoplerun series of races) and I’ll be doing so packing a reasonable amount of tech related kit, as is my geeky want. Here’s a quick overview of what I’ll be carrying.

I’m by no means a “proper” runner, so I don’t intend to invest in a GPS watch. Instead, I use a smartphone and GPS tracking app and tomorrow that combo will be the iPhone 4 and Nike + GPS app.

I blogged my initial impressions of the Nike + GPS app a while back and I have to say it’s continued to grow on me since then. I particularly like the fact you can set it so that Facebook friends can send real-time cheers to you as you are struggling around a course. That kind of integration is great for encouraging amateur runners to stick to it. I’ve also found it more reliable in terms of GPS connectivity and distance tracking.

The iPhone will be housed in an iGadgitz iPhone 4 armband which I’ve used on my runs since I picked it up a while back. It holds the iPhone 4 snugly, doesn’t interfere with GPS performance and allows you to wear the phone as tighly as you need. You can’t have a bumper on your phone while you’re using the armband - it really is that snug a fit - but that’s no great shakes from my perspective. They produce holders for a wide range of handsets offer good value in my opinion.

Alongside these bits of kit, I use a set of Etymotic hf3 headphones. Some people like listening to music while running and some don’t. I fall into the former category and I’d been getting annoyed by constantly having to adjust or re-insert the Apple buds that came with the phone when I started out. I was then forced to change them once my wife destroyed them with a hoover, but that’s another matter altogether.

The Etys are great for insulating noise and I’ve tried out each of the fittings that come in the box to pick out the best set for my lug holes. In short, they do just the job when I’m playing the Peoplerun Playlist at providing high quality, hassle free listening.

I had cause to put a pair of Arctic 180s over them during December’s colder training runs, and found no problems in doing so. I also suggested to Etymotic that they should brand winter headphones as Yetys. They said it made them laugh, so I’m watching their forthcoming product range with interest.

So, last up in the tech armoury (for now at least) is my new pair of gloves, the much talked about The North Face ETips, designed to make using touchscreen and track-pad devices in the cold possible without losing digits to frostbite or having to constantly warm your hands up!

I’ve used them on a couple of training runs since I got them at Christmas and I have to say I like them very much. Any robot fantasists will also be delighted to know that the power symbol on the back of the index finger will also give you a chance to pretend you’re a cyborg. I wouldn’t do that though. I’m for too mature…

Unlike other gloves I’ve seen/used for touchscreen devices, the entire front of the the index finger (and thumb) tip is covered by so-called “Xstatic” material rather than a blob of silicon which means you don’t need to be as precise to operate the device on the move.There’s a silicon coating across the pal and forefingers too, although that’s irrelevant for running unless you’re holding something throughout and want it to feel secure.

Considering I don’t tend to need to do anything apart from start, pause and stop a GPS tracking app while I’m on the run, the “Xstatic” coating works just fine. It also enables you to control a device through a protective cover, as on the iGadgitz armband, making key mid-run operations easy to perform.

The only drawbacks of note are their price - around £25 for gloves to run in is a bit steep - and that they aren'y specifically designed as running gloves. This means your hands can get a little sweaty during a run and end it smelling like an old sock afterwards. Still, better that than having them go numb or fall off altogether :)

Cheers for reading, I hope it’s been useful.


submitted by Thomas C

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This is my everyday carry when i go for a long walk down in the new forest. After Work its always dark - so I like to carry a powerful torch. The Jackfish credit card holder keeps all my EDC tools flat in my pocket. I use the Victorinox wallet for cash a flat first aid kit.