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What makes me angry is how who loses the war is the bad guy, and who wins the war is the good guy.

Nazi Germany lost the war and everyone (at least everyone with basic human decency) agrees that what the regime did to Jewish people, Roma people, queer people etc is terrible and horrifying! Antisemitism is bad! Racism is bad! Homophobia is bad! Invading countries is bad! Eugenics is bad!

The United States won the war and what they did (and in some cases still does) to Native people, Black people, Japanese-American people, queer people etc is cool. Hitler copied eugenics from the United States but who cares? Anti-black racism is bad if it’s Italian fascism killing Etiopian people. Genocide is bad if it’s the shoah or the Armenian genocide. Colonial violence is bad if it’s made by the Italian regime…

History condemns those who lost the war but the genocide of Native Americans, slavery and segregation of Black Americans, persecution of Japanese-Americans, eugenics perpetuated in the United States, the treatment of queer people, what the British did to Indian people etc are bad things that happened but democracy and freedom right

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