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eTime, or, the only reason why Internet Explorer is still installed on my computer

Recently, Knox decided to upgrade eTime. I met this announcement with exclamations, cheers, and general flailing, because eTime is an evil program that, among other things, only lets me approve hours in Internet Explorer half the time when I force IE to run an older version of Java, which I must reaffirm that I want to run every time I go to a new page. eTime had also previously changed Mary’s password without her consent and refused to work at all when I needed to approve hours, meaning that I had to use the Mysterious Business Office Computer who is apparently eTime’s best friend, because that’s the only explanation for why it always works with the blasted program.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was assured that the upgrade would alleviate most, if not all, of these problems. Au contraire, mes cheris. I opened up eTime in Chrome, excited to experience an ease of use never before witnessed in eTime’s general vicinity. Not only did eTime not work regardless of which version of Java I ran, but it also crashed my browser. Groaning, I cringed and opened up Internet Explorer. And surprise! eTime forced me to run an older version of Java that I had to reaffirm that I wanted to run every time I went to a new page. And now there’s an added twist: I must refresh each page at least twice in order to get the prompt to run the older version of Java in the first place. Fun! Not.

(Don’t even ask me how to make eTime work on a Mac. I have no idea.)

Dear Knox, I love you dearly, but please find a timecard system that is not stuck in 1996. Please. Please.

Most important part of an organization?

Ask yourself the following question -

What is the MOST important part of a company? 

The Workforce Consulting Group believes its the workforce!  

Employees are the backbone of an organizations vision, success and growth.  

The WFC Group is an implementer-owned workforce management services company specializing in end-to-end workforce management software services.  Our core strengths include implementations, upgrades, integration, custom reporting, training and support.  The WFC Group’s listen, adapt, deliver approach allows us to partner with our clients to help them achieve a self-sufficient state.  Our full service model engages one or more of our implementation experts to help our clients from assessment through training, tailoring the entire project to meet their business needs.  The WFC Group is a registered Minority Owned Business.

Each week we will be posting to our blog regarding topics that we believe will allow customers to use technology and software to redefine an old industry to improve the overall productivity of your workforce.  


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The latest adventure from the land of eTime
  • Anna:If you're by a computer, could you enter your hours right now? We have about a half hour window before we have to do a historical time edit.
  • Gavin:I tried already. It says the system's down and I need to contact the administrator.
  • Anna:The link's changed if you have it bookmarked.
  • Gavin:Sorry. It's all entered now. Again, my apologies! I just couldn't make eTime work.
  • put your hours in the wrong pay period.
Can your service organization ADAPT?

We heard the following recently from one of our customers

Why do client service organization teams work in a box? 

This question has come up many times in the past, why you ask?  Let me break it down.

Service organizations tend to operate with a given set of tools / products that they were handed and trained upon hire.  They are then dispatched to clients to analyze their business pay policies and fit their rules into the tools they were trained on.  Standardize your company’s implementation approach to X,Y,Z for your service team, makes sense right?  Wrong, because the problem with this approach leads to a one sided way of doing things vs. practicing a consultative approach which allows consultants to leverage past experiences and ADAPT to their client’s needs.  

The question posed by our client is simply asking why do service organizations work within these confines and not present more of a collaborative setting that allows everyone involved to be innovative and facilitate out of the box solutions.

The ability for implementation team members to ADAPT to clients needs is critical to the success of the implementation.   The lack of insight shared by your service organization will only lead to the recreation of the wheel effect as implementation may have not occurred correctly in the first place.  

LISTEN / ADAPT / DELIVER = Core Principles @ The WFC Group!


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