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Could you rec me some pynch fics? I always have trouble finding ones that I enjoy thanks 💕

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so i broke them down into three categories based on how i have them all bookmarked in my favorites. i’m also sure i’m missing a bunch of other amazing fics but these are ones i’m particularly weak for!

canon divergent

missing moments (mostly pre-epilogue stuff)



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Hi there! Daddy Harry has got me fucked up :) Here is one more fluff. Hope you like it. Btw talk to me about astrology or if you need any help or just wanna talk, my asks are always open. Feedbacks please:).

Word count :: 1470

You were seven months into pregnancy. Having a round belly whilst having two monkeys at home wasn’t an easy thing. The mood swings and hormones weren’t a much of big help as well. Rose and Noah were only 4 and a half and 3 respectively. quite young the babies were. Plus Harry being busy with the movie promotion and new single coming up was difficult, though he always tried to give you time as much as he can.

You groaned siting down on the couch. The soft spongy stuff giving relief to your hips and your swollen feet as you rest them on the coffee table in front of you. You just had gotten Noah to sleep and now you were beyond exhausted. Harry was at work. Rose in school. Harry had told you that he’d pick Rose up from her school the morning he left so one thing was off your list to worry about.

You closed your eyes and laid head back trying to relax when you sudden pressure on your stomach. She was kicking again. It was a weird thing for you to have her kick during a specific time. In mornings she’s calm but as it makes to afternoon, her hype self starts and so does her legs. You rubbed the swell of your belly trying to get her calm down.

“Hype baby aren’t you? ” you smiled to self with the thought of once again having small bundle of joy in your arms in a few days.  Time went like sand slipping through fingers. It’s like you blinked and your babies were this much big. Though they were pain in nose sometimes, you loved them endlessly. For a mother, her children are her everything. She devotes herself to her kids. So did you. Rose and Noah meant everything to you. They were the centre of your world.

“Can’t wait to meet you Snow.” You whispers as a fast tear rolled down your cheek.

When you found out that this one is gonna be a girl, Harry suggested to name her Snow. Beatiful and pure as it.

“y/n!!!!” Harry came running to you where you stood in the bathroom.

“look its snowing! First Snow fo winter!” He said excitedely. He had so much passion and love in his eyes. No matter how old he grew, he still was a kid at heart. But when his eyes when to the thing which had you distracted from him, he teared up. Blinking your own tears away you nodded smilig. Positve the test showed. One more baby was on the way.

“If it’s a girl can we call her Snow?” he asked with hope in his eyes. All you did was nod and embraced him in a tight hug.

And basically that’s how he came up with it and with the name Rose and Noah as well. Rose because, when she was born she was pink as it and Harry found her immensely delicate. So you guys decided to stop on that name. Noah becasue when he was born, Harry though that he looked more like Ryan Gosling. Though you didn’t think like that, to you he looked like Harry only but for his happiness you let Harry name him Noah. All three names were admirable and suited your kids personality perfectly.

Rose was beautiful and delicate like one. She was kind and was just like her father. Gentle and humble.

Noah was much like you. Bubbly, talkitive and had brown straight hair unlike Rose who had curls at the end. But he too had a kind heart like his father.

Harry was no doubt brought upp a gentleman by his mother. And he was doing the same for kids. Along with you, he gave kids the best habbits he could. How you should always brush your teeth before bed, how you should fold your own clothes, carry your plate to he kitchen etc.Though they were bit too young, he wanted to have it from the beginning. And when kids started following his rules, you could see the happiness and pride in his eyes glistening with love for his kids.

“momma?” You heard small croacked voice. Opening your eyes, you saw Noah standing with tears in his eyes. His hair were messy and his pyajamas was scrunched along with his tee. He had his penguin fluffy toy tucked under his arm. His lips bottom started to wobble so without wasting a time you called him to you.

“baby c'mere. What’s wrong?” You cooed as you opened your arms for the toddler to come in them and being momma’s boy, he gladly did so.

“what happened?” you asked tucking him under your right hand and he insantly hide his face in your chest. You rubbed his back with one hand and ran other in his soft hair.

“yeh wove meh no more afte’ baby come” he said. There was a hint of sadness in his voice, how the tiny baby boy was desperately hurt thinking that his mother won’t love him after the new baby. Hearing those words broke you just like every mother. How could you ever stop loving him? But the poor three year old believed that you could.

“oh no no bubba. Momma can never stop loving her precious baby.” you said holding up your own tears. You felt his grip going tight on you. His tiny arms couldn’t reach your back but rested on the swell of your belly.

“b-because new baby is small and need momma more” he said weeping as he oulled away to face you. His nose pink along with his cheek and ears. You cupped his small face and rubbed his tears strained cheek. Collecting the small tear soff his eyes you leaned in to peck his forehead.

“that’s right. Baby is gonna be so tiny and will need mommy but, that doesn’t mean that mommy will stop loving you. Even Rose had to share me with you when you were born. You were so tiny that you need to be looked after all th etime, but that didn’t made mommy to stop loving Rose. now did it huh?” you asked softly still rubbing his cheek. He shook his head sniffling.

“i-i don’t wanna share mommy” he cried once again clutching onto to you and this time, it was bad. He was so innocent that the thought of him sharing his mommy with the new baby was unbearable for him.

“hey hey. Baby look at meh” you said cradling his face. He stared at you sniffling with those green eyes he resembled from his daddy. You smiled softly and put his hand on your belly. His hand small baby hand scrunched at first but eventually flatend on your belly. And soon there was a kick. And taking you by surprise, Noah eyes were wide open and mouth big agaped.

“momma!!! Something happen!!!” he said. Tears now were forgotten.

“yes baby!! It’s your sister. She says she loves you. She just high fived you from momma’s tummy!” you exclaimed gigglng. His face expression changed from surprise to happiness as he sat properly so that he can look at your tummy properly.

“Really mommy?” he asked.

“yed baby!! try again” you said and so he did it again. And once again you felt the kicks. His smiled grew and next thing you knew was Noah kissing your belly.

“I wove you too baby sister.” he said out of love. The heartwarming scene brought tears to your eyes.

“How was you’ day?” Harry asked rubbing your shoulder with your face hidden in his neck. At last you had your man and all you wanted was to have a nice warm cuddle with him. It was past kids bedtime and they were already tucked in beds.

“good. Noah started crying because he thought after Snow is born i won’t love him.” You mumbled pecking the soft skin of his neck.

“really? wha’ happened next?” he asked showing interest in hearing out about his baby. Harry missed spending time with kids so he made uo by hearing to their stories.

“I made him feel the kick a-” you were going on but the loud thud made you pull away. You saw Noah running through your bedroon door and crawling on the bed betweeen you two. Carefully he leaned in and kissed your belly softly and then hugged it.

“love you snowie. I wove you. Always. I am your bwig brother.” He said and ran off to his room before kissing your tummy one more time.

“He fell in love with his sister.” you smiled watching him go and tilted your head to look at harry who had tears in his eyes. You cuddled to him and let him be. Fathers did needed to cry. They’re fathers after all.

Hani derler ya eski insanlar insanın eti ağır olurmuş diye
Son zamanlarda Bana kendi etim ağır geliyor İşte
Adım atarken, nefes alırken, düşünürken…
Vücudumdaki tüm iç organlar birbirine küsler sanki
Herkes birbirinden bağımsız olduğu için de ölüme daha yakın bir yaşam var ben de. Ruhum bedenimden ayrı takılıyor şu sıralar. Hissizim.
Bir o kadar da bitkin
Ayağa kalktığım anda başım dönüyor, gözlerim kararıyor.
Dizlerimin beni taşıyamayacak kadar güçsüz olduklarını fark ediyorum bazen.
Yüz üstü yere kapaklanacakmışım gibi oluyorum çoğu sefer
Belkide omuzlarımda taşıdığım yeryüzü  ağır geldi bana
Rengimde gözle görülür bir değişim var. Göz altlarım çukurlaşmış.
Avurdum çökmüş, omzum çökmüş.. Gözlerimin parlamadığını görüyorum en acısı.
Benimle dalga geçiyor sanki yalnızlığımda
Yanıma aldığım Gölgem

Dün Gece kalktım, aynada kendime baktım. Odama dışarıdan hafif bir ışık sızıyordu, onun sayesinde gördüm eskiyen yüzümü
Korktum bir anda
Hemen geri döndüm yatağıma ve çektim yorganı kafama.
Uyuyamadım ama.
Kalktım, müzik çaları açtım.
Yani denedim en azından ama açılmadı.
Bir hırka geçirdim omzuma balkona çıkmaya yeltendim ama gürültü çıkarmak istemedim. Huzurla uyuyanlar vardı evde.
Dalıp gitmiş olanlar vardır diye düşündüm mutluluğa
Yaşayarak öğrenilebilecek bir şey mi acaba bu yalnızlık?
Bir süre sonra alışabiliyor mu acaba insan kendi kendine konuşmaya?
Ya da ne bileyim Kafayımı yedim artık siz karar verin
Nefes almakta güçlük çekiyorum bazen. Ciddi manada çekiyorum.
Tüm havayı ciğerlerime doldurmayı planlarmış gibi soluk alıyorum ama tek nefeslik oksijen gitmiyor ciğerlerimi doldurmaya
bundan eminim.
Son bir çabayla, tekrar deniyorum ve kesik bir nefes almayı başarabiliyorum..
Yetmiyorya o da ayrı bir muamma tabi
Yıllardır duyduğum ve her duyduğumda beni büyüleyen bir müzik sesi duyuyorum.
Ardından çok sevdiğim bir kızın sesi..
Beni tanıyan bilir
Hayatta bu derece etkili olabilecek çok az şey vardır üzerimde.
Düşünüyorum da, bu sabrederek bekleyerek atlatılacak buhranlı bir dönem değil. Hayatım bu benim!
Ne kadar çok köprü ya da yol sahibi olduğum hiç önemli değil, benim şehrimde tüm yolların sonu aynı yere çıkıyor.
Her köprü aynı nehrin üstünde.
Kaç sorum olduğu hiç mühim değil kafamda neticede hiçbirine verilebilecek bir cevap yok!
Umursamıyor gibi görünüyorum lakin
Kimselere söylemeden
günden güne
Ölüyorum aslında
Dedim ya bu benim hayatım.
Ama etkisi en az olan benim.
En önemsiz ayrıntı..
Hem önemsiz, hem ayrıntı.
Sensizim işte sensiz daha ötesi varmı


Iwaoi - Hip Hop AU
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Song used: “Forget me” - Eyedea feat. Slug
The song lyrics are written cursive. The other text is written by me.

For Tanaka and Iwa’s relationship see here

o gece yere çöküp ağlamaya başladım
dizlerimi kendime çektim kendi dizime sarıldım.
tırnaklarımı etime geçiriyordum.
saçlarımı yolluyordum.                                                                                             o gece ölmeliydim.

,,I neeVR, mmeant; TO make i,,t such A..MesS
i  nnev,,vEr tHo.ught ,THA..t ,,i..T  woUULd ..GO ;thiS f af  R

SO II  jusTs ;;tanD herrE h,,sO soRrYY

..SeaRCH.ign f;;f,,Or s s;meTHinG ot,s  ,,a,y,,
So, to,, s.AY
W,,o  RD;s faiL  , wordds fa,iL
thhe,Re’ nnot,hiNg  i Ca..n sayy  
i gu,,Ess I ttho,ughT I, c,,CoulD be  ppaR,t ,of ,THis
I ;neVEr haad  thIs kkind,, oF  tHInG beFORe

II ever HaD. Thh,At Perfe,c t girl
..WHo s..OmeHOw  ccOUUld s,,see ,, ,,hte  ;;good dpa.r,,t oF nm
,I n  e hvad, tEE  d..d w..ho St,,cuk  ,,t,, oUttN
 o ;CorNy;; joK eSS ,,or rraBseb  Alzl Gloves
No ;Mokm whO  jjuust waaSS teH,,R,e
;’  Ca,u..see moM ,,was aalLL,  tH at sHHeh. a,d to bE
Tha'Tsq n,,OT a  Wort  Hy expl;an;;tasiiOns
I k,Now t  h..Ere , iS   NNOnE
NOTTHiNg  c AN; ;MAke s  enSe of.. al,l t;;HEssE thI,NG,s I;‘ev   dOne

W  Ords fai;;l,, wORdS ffa,,a,il
T.her.e'ss nThhing I ..can. afsey
E;;xCEPTsom  etim   jUS,,tes, yy,ou see E.very  thi,,in;;g ou ; wannTE;DA
nd SOm;;mE  tim juS.tES, ,,y  ou,, see everytHi.Ng .. yOu, ..wiss,,h y,ou H,,Adc.
ANd ti’  s r  ighh.t  ;;T..Here,  ,riGht thER,,Re,,, rihG,,t  theRRe
In fRooNt ;of yoU
An,d Y,,ou ,wAn t TO .beeLIeeVhe iitt,’S ,t,rUe
So Youu… mmaeKi t,t t RU.e
;;And yyOu   think m;;ayy,,b E ,,Ever.yb..O..dyy ; w.AntS iiT
AAnDD ; n,,ee;;d;s .ii..,, a lItTle, biiT.o… too

this wAs Just  a sAD, i;;NveNptiOnI
t, wasny’t  R,,Eall,,, i   k,,noW;;
BUt wE ,   Ha;;apPy
.Ig uE  ss II ,coUldn’t,, llet t..ha  att go
I gU  Ess IcoUUldn’t,, G;;iv  e htat uP

I gguEss I wAntE,,Ed ;;to ,be;;lie..vee
'Cause  if I jU;sT beL,I.evvE

tthEn    Idon’’t , To  WHATT’,s R..EAllL.y  tHeree.

N o, I’D raTher, px,re tevndq I’ m sg..oMEth,i,,ng ,bee,Tte.r Thhan
These   Brro ken PaRTs

Pr.eend I’.m someethIIng OTh;;er thzAn,,
T’;;his;m es S,, Thla,at  I Am
'caUUsE theN  I DD;o,,N’t hhav,,ve to ,l,,ook A;t,, it
an.d n,,no  OnEg eets t;;O  llok AAtt, it
NOO,  ,,no,, o enn cAnn  r,,e;;alLLY s  sEeE

'C'asue ;;’vE LEarned ,T,,o Sllaam; oN h,T,e  ;;br aK,,e
BeFOrE ;i ve.n t..urn    thh eKe;;y
Bt..efOre I /mmAke they mi..STTa.k e
Bef,Ore  IleAd Wi,th thE ;;worsst of M
ee. i.neVe,R . let th  hEqM seE  the w,,oRst oof ,,me

'caUse wHabTT IIf evE,ry..yone saW.W?
W[haaT If evE..r,,yooNNe kneW?,,
W.ou  ld Th;;Ey lIkpe whh,,at they, Saw?
Or  r W  oxuld t,he; YhA;te itt tOoo??,
wiLl ,,i  .just.. KKeep o,n run  niinG Awa,,y frmvO what'St ruue?

a,,l..l i.. Ev  ez,r , ..Do is rUUn
SO, hoW,, D ;OII step In..
StEp int  o tHe s,,U  n
STe,,p INttoo tHe sun

Aklıma uzun zaman sonra mavi diş macunu kullanmaya başladıktan sonra macunun bıraktığı maviliği diş etim çürüyor olarak algılayıp milleti ayaklandırdığım geldi. Ben 20 yıl iyi yaşadım yine ya.


Annen seni inkar etmişti aldım etime dokudum