i find the lack of rush on your dashboard disturbing so i will help out 


greatest rap song ever

questions that have been tagged into answering by roger-waters-ears

alrighty here i go:

1. hair color?
dark brown
2. how do you get such a nice music taste?
awesome parents
3. the song of your past?
rush natural science
4. present?
blind guardian- and then there was scilence
5. future?
rush 2112
6. are you in love?
7. favorite instrument?
bass or drums
8. did you were in love with a band member?
i have many man crushes
9. do you like short or long hair on a girl/boy?
i like long hair on girls and i dont care to much about guys long or short
10. how do you feel?
11. are you a crazy diamond?
1) last song you listened to?

rush subdivisions
2) last thing you ate or drank?

coffee and breakfast sandwich
3) how many roads must a man walked down, before you call him a man?

4) do you ever listen to pop music from this generation?

5) favorite female singer?

mhhmm janis joplin was good
6) what color is your eyes

7) favorite candy?

pop rocks
8) if you could bring one person back to life, and only ONE person who would it be?

 keith moon
9) what do you like to do in your free time?

play drums
10) what band got you into classic rock?

the beatles
11) favorite tv show?

trailer park boys