“I used to have Tim Burton’s Batman stuff and used to like that a lot and it was my favorites And I used to have the Spider-Man outfit when I was six and Wolverine, I used to run around with needles sticking out of my knuckles and stuff. I found metal kebab skewers and then I plastered them onto my hand. I think I must have put a couple of holes in the door, which my mum had them taken off me. It went down not too well. I was like eight or nine.”

Happy 25th birthday, Aaron!


Aaron Johnson’s Wild Paintings.

Wow.  Check out the wild and creative paintings of artist Aaron Johnson which often find socks and discarded clothing added to them to create an impasto like effect to his wide range of outlandish characters.  The scenarios that these scenes lead to in my imagination go from comical to dark to dizzying and back again, and that is truly exciting to my visual cortex.

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