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Why I Love Toronto Reason #233

Humber River Trail - Biking Through Humber Marshes Park, Kings Park, Etienne Brule, Magwood Park, Lambton Park, Lambton Woods, James Garden to Scarlett Mills Park

So I decided to try a new Bike Path as opposed to the path I usually take along the Lakeshore. Like I said in the previous biking post I like to start at Stephen Drive (not because it’s my name, but because it is a very scenic path that leads to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge. Now I noticed that Stephen Drive had a bike lane on it that went further north. I decided to follow the path which led me to this strip mall and to a bike trail sign which I decided to follow. It took me to this route which was very different from the Lakeshore and for the most part very secluded. Unlike the one on the Lakeshore which is prone to bike traffic this one was very peaceful.

Now my journey began going down a few hills (which going back was the biggest bitch of my life). Anyways after passing some guys 4/20ing in their car I eventually got to Old Mill Station. Now remember in my romance post I had mentioned the glass part of the station where you look down at the bikes and people below? Well I became that biker below! After passing Old Mill Station, I got to go on the Old Mill Bridge, which is really narrow/ cute structure. There were no sidewalks on the bridge so people just walked on the side of the road…for some reason it reminded me of Ireland. Afterwards I went on the trail. It was cute, little waterfalls every once in a while and you got to see these houses on the edge of this hill with these amazing decks where the homeowners could peer over at the people below.

After a while the bike path ended and there was a sign that said continues 150m away. Of course I got lost, but then I saw this place called the Lambton House which was once a hotel and tavern. I loved the building because I felt it was so misplaced among the high rises. Then I found the path and continued under this graffiti covered bridge, until I got to this little wooden bridge that I had to cross. It was narrow, and some of wood panels would move as you walked on it, but it fit in perfectly with what lay ahead. Above this foot bridge was a taller bridge which I thought was for cars, however I was mistaken for the bridge was actually a CP rail bridge and as I was sitting there taking a break a train passed right by me.

As I continued I went into this wooded area, where these chipmunks kept on running in front of my bike and I kept on having to make sharp turns to avoid killing them. I went along this wooded path and then I saw a golf course separated by a river. Now of course I got to see people golfing and I also saw some old guys fishing. I eventually ended at Scarlet road and Eglinton.  

This bike path is a nice path if you don’t want to deal with bike traffic and such. It’s relatively quiet and secluded. Now unlike the Lakeshore Path there is not a lot of places to sit and I’m the kind of person who likes to take a break and read a book for a little while before I continue to bike. But regardless, it was a peaceful ride that made me feel like I had left the hustle and bustle of the city and

That is Why I Love Toronto.