Academy Award for Best Actress:

65. Emma Thompson // Howards End (1992, James Ivory)

Will you forgive her as you yourself have been forgiven… you have had a mistress; I forgave you. My sister has a lover, you drive her from the house. Why can you not be honest for once in your life? Why can’t you say what Helen has done, I have done!


fangirl challenge = 5/10 actresses ♥ emma thompson

“I never expected to be a film actress and I wasn’t terribly ambitious about it. And film acting and stage acting are not the same thing. In the theater, you have to wear all your energy on the outside in order to project the character to the guy in the back row, but if you do that for film, it’s too much. You have to internalize because a thought can be translated by a muscle in your face, and a film audience will be able to read that.”