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🎵— hello!! first of all, how is college?? honestly I can't wait for college i feel like it's going to be such a great experience. and do you know what schools in the us have good music and astronomy programs because I wanna double major :D hope u have a nice day and i love your blog btw <3

hi there! college has been quite exhausting and stressful, but overall it’s been a great and rewarding experience so far. i’ve definitely learned a lot more than i did back in high school! 

i guess i’m a bit biased here, but uc berkeley (which is where i go to school, btw) has aMAZING music and astronomy programs. the music department really allows you to choose your own path and what specialization you want to pursue and focus on. for example, i’m working towards becoming an audio engineer, but i have friends who are more interested in composition, conducting, performance, or (ethno)musicology. the professors and lecturers are super knowledgeable, and there’s no need to be afraid to talk to them outside of class because they want you to succeed! as for astronomy, i can’t say too much about it because i’ve only taken introduction to general astronomy to fulfill my physical science breadth requirement (fancy way of saying general ed, lol). however, my astronomy professor was very passionate about the subject, and i know that there are a ton of cool research opportunities that you can look into!

i’m sure other uc’s like ucla, uc san diego, uc davis, uc santa barbara, and uc irvine have nice music and astronomy programs too, and perhaps schools on the east coast like nyu and princeton have good programs as well!

ahh sorry this answer is super long, but i hope this helps! good luck! and i’m glad you like my blog; it means a lot to me! ^_^

compliment: your icon is so cute, and i love the bright and happy yellow on your mobile theme! your reblogs are also lovely. keep on keepin’ on!

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