Alright people I got a story for all of you youngins who haven’t blossomed yet. Do not give up hope.

I used to be an ugly little shit. Like glasses, acne, braces, mini fro, mistaken for a different gender/species type ugly.

I am now 21 and took this selfie today after only spending 5 minutes in the bathroom after waking up. There is no filter.

It can happen for you. It did for me.
Love yourself no matter what.

cute curly ethnic hair

request type: new mesh

category: hair, ofc! preferably female, t-e and maxis match (NOT clayified)

details: ahh okay so i found this really cute hair and i couldn’t help but want it for my sims!! the colors are cute, but maybe all ea colors & rusty nail’s ombres would b nice.

External image